[REVIVAL] My Guardian...Demon? *MALE NEEDED*

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  1. Alright! For some of you that don't know this, I set up a thread for this roleplay, but it didn't turn out so hot. So, I'm bringing it back for another round, to see who's interested! This is kinda like what the title suggests, only I'll put the plot to kind of clear any fogginess about the story. BUT FIRST! Of course, there are teeeny little requirements that I kindly ask for.

    +I'm a teen roleplayer, so I kind of want to stay in that age limit. BUT I will make an exception to a few adults who are really interested X3

    +Obviously, this is in the Romance section, so I'm perfectly fine with the kissing and cutesy stuff blah blah blah, you know what I'm talking about. But one thing I feel really uncomfortable roleplaying is smut and sexual content. Sorry guys, it just makes me feel awkward and a little uncomfortable.

    +Ummm....let's seee....what else? >~<...OH! I'm a really adaptable roleplayer, and I'll adjust to my partner's typing style. But, if possible, I would like my partner to write a minimum of one to two paragraphs. Anything less than that makes it difficult to press the plot on, in my opinion.

    +I AM A VERRRY PATIENT ROLEPLAYER! If you're busy and can't be on sometimes, it's not like I'm going to blow up and karate chop you! XD I know that things come up, as I'm a victim of that, so I'm not going to be a hypocrite and criticize you! So please, don't worry!

    +When making character sheets, I really only use anime pictures because they're so much easier to find.

    Now, if you've managed to read through the boring stuff, I applaud you! Alright, time for the plot line!!*Drum roll*

    Figure A is a simple local girl. She lives every day pretty similar with the occasional event of holiday. But...what if somebody is out to end her life? Above, the angels took notice of this predicament and simply shrugged off the task. Instead, they called for a "lowly" demon to take on their job for them. That's when Figure B comes in. He's a demon, so his personal qualities are...well, the opposite of an angel's. The thought of protecting a simple human wasn't something he had in mind. The two characters meet when Figure A is nearly run over by an on-coming truck...and that's where the story starts.

    So! I hope some of you guys consider this plot, as I've been eager to roleplay it for some time, and for this, I'm going to be roleplaying the female character. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you all have a great day/night!! ^-^ If you're interested in this plot, you can either PM me or post down below THEN PM me! I'm fine with either one :)

  2. Hey! I'm interested, send me a PM!
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  3. I'm up for this ^-^
  4. I'm down, Comrade