INTEREST CHECK Revival (A Superhuman Roleplay)

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  1. Basically this idea was originally for a manga/comic idea that I hope to have published someday. Basically it follows the plot that takes place in a different world (with only slightly more advanced technology than us) and in a city called the Coterie. There's this scientist who's mad with the idea of trying to build an invincible team, and he creates a biotic chip which can enhance the human body, and make it much more powerful in certain areas. Though the chip once implanted kills the human host. However he comes up with a new idea. It took him many more years to create a medicine which can revive the body after being dead for so long. He steals men and women of prime age, with certain qualities he's looking for, implants them with the chip, and then revives them. However what happens is that the power that they're given is ironic to the way they die. (Someone who died in a fire would become pyrotechnic). Now these people must be ejected with the medicine on a regular basis (once every two weeks) to remain alive, and so the scientist blackmails them forcing them to do whatever he says in exchange for their lives. So now they're doing crimes for him, and reeking trouble upon the city. Their squad is now nicknamed "Revival" by the scientist and most of the city. But will they ever escape the madness of their savior? Will their ever be peace in the Coterie?
  2. Oh MAN! You don't find original ideas like that anymore! Mind if I try my hand at the roleplay? If you were planning on making it a thread, of course.
  3. Sounds kind of cool. Superhuman zombies. They died, so I'm gonna call them zombies. Definitely have interest.
  4. I find this pretty neat, count me in if you make a thread. ;)