Reversed rape

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  1. Hes a new transfer student to an all girls highschool who recently started accepting males although due to him being one of those males the women didn't trust him at first but after certain events occurred hes won the hearts of quite a bit of females for one guy (did i say a little? ill go with 10 females as this is a harem rp ) and they knock him out one night and wakes up on Saturday morning unable to move as he is tied up and he sees the girls

    No dickgirls (self explanatory but if you cant understand that no girls with penises)

    age is 15 to 18

    i just need 3 participants

    no murder for gods sake ....

    my character will be unable to move for the part of the rape but after a while he looks forward to seeing these girls so he gets more freedom to move

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  2. here is the character creation thread all i need is name age and picture and a bio(bio is optional but it should be about how she fell in love with him)
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