Reverse Towers

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  1. "Yeah! Take that, Crimson Fang! And don't come back!" The doorman yelled, throwing the man's bag he was yelling at the man.

    Reverse Towers- it had no towers, and there was nothing reverse about it. It was but a humble inn, next to a quiet road in the heart of a forest. A place where creatures of all could stay. Well, that's what the sign said.

    The man picked up his bag and walked away, mumbling to himself. The doorman went back inside and crossed out the name of the man off his list. "Stupid hunters. Not like we hurt anyone....

    The doorman's name was Keoul. The he looked normal, but he was really an Imprisoned- a person who had been sealed in a magical way to change his race and give him special powers when he was freed. All Imprisoned wore a mask. His was a cartoonish skull, that he wore in such a way as to only cover his left eye. He was dressed in a green uniform with green pants and shoes to match. He would always open the doors for guests, some humans who live in harmony with magical beings, and some magical beings themselves. Other than that, he sat a desk writing things on a cluttered desk.
  2. Rusti watched while one of those hunters got kicked out he smirked a little as he sat down there drinking his coffee watching from a distance. He started to shake his head as he chuckled. Rusti was a human, full human, but had skills like no other. He easily was able to intertwine with other creatures. He was kind of born into that sort of thing. Wei got up and got more coffee. He put no sugar in his cup, but he did put a little cream. He sat down and sipped some more. Once he was finished he made his way up to his room. He sat on his bed and meditated before going to bed. He hadn't had any action, violence wise, since he made it to this inn. He was proud of himself. He's known for starting things, but he always wins them, so this was an improvement for him...maybe this inn was what he needed.
  3. The was a strange mix of triumph and sadness to the doorman when the hunter left. He got rid of the hunter that would try to kill the good people of Reverse Towers, but he lost money. Wait a minute, who cares about money! These good people could have been killed! Keoul thought.
    Keoul was a good man. Though many Imprisoned would go on a vengeance spree when they got out of their seals, it was the reverse for him. He had time to think- it gave him a piece of mind.