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  1. In my quest to become a better top rper, I'm on the lookout for an Omega partner.

    What does this mean? It means that I have a plot that will require a omega but who's personality is reversed of a typical omega.

    What does this mean?

    Well I think the plot will better describe it

    Pairing: Reverse Omega x Typical Alpha

    Plot: _______ is a new transfer student and secretly an omega. He goes out of his way to be seen as an alpha, including wearing scent-blockers. He meets ------, the top alpha in the school. All of the omegas want him as a mate, and he's seen as a heart-throb. ______ goes into heat when ------ is around him. What happens when ----- finds out ______'s secret? Blackmail ensues....
  2. I'm very interested! PM me ;D
  3. Oh, this sounds like it could be really fun. I also have the perfect character for this, I believe.
    His name is Wildfire and is a wolf. (I would turn him kemonomimi, human or furry for the RP depending on the what works best)


    Other Omegas like him, flirt with him, and thinks he's an alpha. True to his role, he acts like he's better than them and turns them away as if they were nothing. Not quite an Alpha or Beta, but not quite an Omega either. At least that's what it seems like at first glance. As long as the Alphas don't challenge him, his role of Omega is not revealed. However, when the top Alpha throws him off his game, it becomes hard to try and not act stupid around him. To try and hide the heat that rushes over Wild's body when this Alpha is around. Being ignored because he's the newbie would be unbearable, and eventually the Alpha realizes the truth. To prevent the truth from getting out, that this Alpha-wannabe is really just a simple Omega, Wild will have to do what the Alpha wants, not that it's such a bad thing for the Omega.
  4. I'm sorry but this RP is taken :(
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.