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    So my idea was to have a reverse harem with quite a dense girl (who has been claimed already) as the main character. In order to make things a bit more interesting, I was thinking that each boy can fall under a "dere" type. And even have a title/stereotype to them. In other words:

    Bad Boy → Tsundere
    Popular Guy → Oujidere
    Bubbly, Sweet Guy → Yandere
    Outcast → Dandere
    Laid Back Guy → Deredere

    This is pretty much all that I've thought about. None of this is set into stone, of course. I'm also open to all and any suggestions.

    *** If a role is crossed out, it has been claimed. ***​
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  2. As soon as I saw the thread title, I said to myself "holy shit, yes"! *prays for this rp to successfully launch*
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  3. Thank you for your interest! I hope this takes off as well!
  4. I adore reverse harems, and have been wanting to do one. I'm very interested in playing the female.
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  5. With this being said, anyone interested is allowed to reserve characters! At the moment, the female and Yandere (me) are taken!

    I know that some might think that once all spots are taken, this will be closed. Well, surprise! Side characters are allowed. These characters aren't the true focus, but can have connections with the main six and help push the story along. They can be best friends, rivals, siblings, crushes, etc.

    That is all!
  6. @DANAsaur @Nano @MiNaGi

    Would any of you be interested in this as either the six main characters or a side character?
  7. I super duper want to join this!!!!! I wanna be the tsundere one. I'm a tsundere in real life xD
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  8. The tsundere is yours! Welcome aboard! ^^
  9. Oh jeez, we're already reserving types? Damn, I dunno if I should go for Dandere or Deredere -- I have ideas for both. If someone asks for one of them, I'll just take the one they don't want.
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  10. I would like to play the Dandere or Deredere o 3 o
  11. Mmm, I can almost smell the shit-eating grin...
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  12. I just don't do princely characters very well. I don't mind which I get of the two so you can pick first. <3

    I love you vesp <3
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  13. Don't think you can charm me that easily! (ok, you can... but you should know better since our last incident! DX)

    I'll take Dandere then, so I can go sit in a corner and look sad like I usually do.
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  14. Wow. These spots were taken pretty fast.

    I'm glad owo
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  15. Haha I'm sorry, you're just so cute that I can't help it. <3

    Deredere for me then. I think my guy will be the class clown lol
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  16. This still accepting? I was thinking of being a side character or something.
  17. I believe there is one main role left, the princely type character. I'm sure he wouldnt be a side character though.
  18. hrmmm...i dunno. i dont really know how to play the princely type. I am happy with just being a side character that helps advance the story and maybe be someone that ties all the different characters together. Like maybe the class teacher or something.
  19. Oh! what about a club leader or something? I dunno just throwing ideas out.
  20. Yep! You can definitely be a side character. Though, they don't get reservations since they're pretty much unlimited.
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