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  1. So, I am going to a lock in and my x will be there. The ediote stood me up n then had the gall to tell me I had no reason to b mad at him. I want revenge, not someone that would put me in jail or physically harm him,just possibly something that would teach him to never do it again to any girl. Any ideas?
  2. Ignore him and pretend he doesn't exist. 8D Don't even acknowledge him if he talks to you. Just keep talking to the person you are with or the person with him.

    It will drive him INSANE.

    Takes a lot of self discipline though! You can't respond to ANYTHING he says or does!
  3. "The best manner of avenging ourselves is by not resembling him who injured us; and it is hardly possible for one man to be more unlike another than he that forbears to avenge himself of wrong is to him who did the wrong." - Jane Porter
  4. So true. I was only having fun on this thread lol more of just scheming, never really was I gonna hurt him XD. But he didn't show anyways. instead another guy with the same name was there and he was hilarious!