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So, we all have that little..or big...urge at times:
What is the worst thing you've done for revenge.

EDIT: Ok then I've been told that I need "practical joke" restrictions on the thread. Even if I wanted the darker side of things...I guess some restraint would be smart.
Created a very loud, remote-controlled ticking machine and placed it in the chassis of my paranoid previous-stepfather's truck in vengeance for attempting to bury me alive while drunk.

Set up an ex-girlfriend with an abusive individual for cheating on me and lying about it.

Slowly got an individual addicted to drugs for physical bullying.

Loosened the brakes on an individual's bike so they'd fail after a few uses in vengeance for verbal bullying.

Shattered a CD with an individual's final science project, making them fail the class in vengeance for verbal bullying.

I think that's it.

I was a pretty twisted kid... grew out of it, though!
I was going to say something, but Levistus pretty much one-upped all I had to contribute.

*marches out*
Damn, Frosty - you were a vengeful little punk, weren't you?
Mental Note: Do not piss off Frosty!
Yeah. I was that weasel-like individual hiding behind his much larger, stronger "friends".

You'll all be happy to know I grew out of it into a comfortable, well-adjusted person with no outstanding mental problems! Mess away! ^_^
I left a girl I was forced to take out to a dance behind because she was drunk and I couldn't stand her jokes after awhile. Never did find out if she made it home or not. :]
Lol probably wound up on a Fox 6 news report about a murder in yadda yadda yadda place.

I really don't think I'm all that vengeful. I mean the worst I've ever done is probably whack my brother's head into his bed because of a fight we had when we were younger...and that did not even leave a bump for more than a day. Outside the family...well...I don't think I've done anything malicious towards someone for doing something to me at least none that I can remember. Am I being too nice?
seeing as i had access to numerous items of illegal narcotic-related substances (*cough* i was a dealer *cough*) i had the pleasure of slipping things like whole ounces of strong smelling weed into peoples' purses, backpacks and lockers. i then proceeded to use my reputation with the teachers (which was stellar) to get them arrested.

my revenge has since evolved from the high school drug-planting, locker door ripping, and physical assault, to things like physical assault, placing lit thermite on car hoods and filling entire cars with Great Stuff expanding foam sealant
Lets see the worst thing I've done for revenge

Mentally toyed with a girl who cheated on me and lied about it, to the point where she tried to commit suicide, this was a few years ago and the last I've heard she's still in therapy.

similar situation happened to a friend of mine, so I hooked the slut up with a few of my...less mentally sound friends.... she also tried to kill herself AND got 2 STD's in the process, not sure where they came from but I luled.

Terrified a guy within an inch of literally shitting himself for raping a female friend of mine. I wanted to end his life SOOOOOO badly but I was (unfortunately for him) convinced that mercy on my part would lead to greater suffering on his. all I can say is I hope Bubba's gentle.
Glared at someone when their back was turned.
Made my three ex roommates look like they murdered me.
Stole my best friend's pudding.

Ignored my other friend for a whole day.

Pretended not to care.
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*shakes head at Sakura*

...for shame.

Lady got in my face...I threw out half her fridge the next day.
I've never been so pissed off that I got revenge on the people that really deserved it. Not that I haven't planned to, but my better judgment usually wins out. Consideration or karma and all that jazz. >>

Doesn't stop me from petty-revenge though. t___t Like someone annoying me in a roleplay, I'll be wicked. Or if you harass me to go post too much, when you're a slow poster I'll deliberately take forever.

Or if you go buy yourself chicken and not bring me home any. I'll later go get ME tasty chicken and not share. :D
yeah, i dont tend to take revenge, or if i do its instanttanious and jsut involved me screaming my head off at them.

or getting in a fistfight.

i mean im creative, but i jsut cant do the whole "acting out my revenge" thing, my heart jsut isnt in it.