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  1. Tyler Haak

    Tyler’s foot dropped right into an empty space of blue fire. It didn’t burn her but she definitely felt the heat, which meant it was capable of doing so at some point. Her mace hand stopped as it was caught by Otto’s hands and he threw her yet again like she weighed nothing. But he was underestimating her, thinking he could easily get her to the ground. As Tyler went over Otto’s hip, she forced her own body sideways, twisting sharply until she could get at the right angle to twist Otto's arm and then pull her arm from his grasp. Unfortunately, the dislocation of her shoulder was a given, but she rolled away and back onto her feet before Otto could pin her down.

    She wandered off a few steps to lazily pop her arm back into place. The tingling in her fingers faded within seconds and she gripped her mace tightly again in that left hand. On a normal day, Tyler would have more stamina than Otto, but she was exhausted already, as he'd said, and it was wearing her down indeed. But Otto was really annoying her right now. “Help?” She asked indignantly, not realizing at first that she’d said it out loud. What ‘help’ was he referring to? Training help?

    “What help? You don’t want my training regimen to screw everyone over during the fight - and I get that. But I don’t remember asking for your help. I also don’t remember agreeing to take orders from you. It seems to me that everything has to go your way, but I’m starting to feel like I’ve been taking orders from people telling me to fight for long enough. I plan on walking onto a hopeless battlefield just like the rest of you, but the only reason I’ll be fighting is to get back home.” Tyler plopped her mace on her shoulder, standing across from Otto as if she had no intention of attacking or being attacked. “If I can’t see my family again, then I’ll walk out onto that battlefield with the intent to die and take as many of those assholes down with me when I do. You and I both know, whether the others want to admit it or not, that the four of us are no match for the Founders. We probably aren’t even a match for one of them and these people are going to expect us to help win a war that we unknowingly and unwillingly became a part of only a few weeks ago. We would have to train for god-knows-how-long to match up to someone who has been planning a world-wide takeover their whole life.”

    Thoughtfully, she shook her head, snickering lightly at her own thoughts. “I keep catching myself wondering what you think is going to happen after this fight if we survive. Do you think it’ll be over? Do you think we’ll live happily ever after? Are we going to have to keep doing this forever? Are you aware that the highest probability will be that the majority of these people will die or be forced to switch sides, including us?” Tyler took a few casual steps closer, leaving her mace to rest on her shoulder and tucking her free hand into the pocket of her training pants until she came to a stop a mere two feet from Otto’s face. She paused for a moment to consider something. “Can you really blame me for staying awake all night when all I dream about is the rest of you dying? Do you really think I could stand to watch that for real? Especially…” After seeing Daisuke killed after her little outburst in Korea. It was pointless to say aloud. “Before this, my toughest fights happened in the bedroom. Needless to say, I’m trying my damnedest to build up the strength I’ll need to fight on equal ground with the rest of you. But I’m not a warrior, Otto. I’m just a gym teacher.”


    Christian Haak

    Christian chuckled a little when Alkura said that training sounded boring. He wasn’t surprised and it was typical of a kid to say something like that. A look of interest crossed his face when she claimed to have an idea that would be better than training. The look turned instantly into surprise and pain as Alkura tugged him forward and sucker punched him. He let out a pained groan and doubled over as expected, more surprised than anything by the sudden attack and the immense strength coming from such a small girl. Not even Tyler had been this tough as a kid. It was hard to tell whether was this strong out of being crazy or because she was juiced on the same stuff as he was.

    He went down on his knees as he was kicked, leaning forward while he gripped his gut. Somehow, out of pure luck, his movement made him dodge the following kick to the head. He didn’t even realize she’d tried to hit him a third time while he was rolling off to the side and slowly getting back to his feet like he had all the time in the world. “Dang, kid… You’re pretty tough. Shouldn’t you be in the advanced class instead of hanging out with me in the beginners?” He noted her stance, frowning slightly. “Alkura, I don’t plan to hit a child, whether you’re strong or not.” Or not matter how crazy you are – I know it’s not your fault. Those terrible people did something awful to you…
  2. Big bang theory is the "Uncle tom's cabin" for nerds
  3. Created a very loud, remote-controlled ticking machine and placed it in the chassis of my paranoid previous-stepfather's truck in vengeance for attempting to bury me alive while drunk.

    Set up an ex-girlfriend with an abusive individual for cheating on me and lying about it.

    Slowly got an individual addicted to drugs for physical bullying.

    Loosened the brakes on an individual's bike so they'd fail after a few uses in vengeance for verbal bullying.

    Shattered a CD with an individual's final science project, making them fail the class in vengeance for verbal bullying.

    I think that's it.

    I was a pretty twisted kid... grew out of it, though!
  4. Have you read even a basic summary of 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'? It's all about the terrible things that befall a slave named Uncle Tom when he goes from one master to another -- the last being the worst of the lot, the infamous Simon Legree. There's lots of tragedy and misery there, as the horrors of American slavery in the Old South certainly aren't shied away from.

    Though I've never actually seen a full episode of Big Bang Theory, I know enough about it to know it's largely about nerd stereotyping. I'm not sure even the 'pejorative' sense of 'Uncle Tom' applies here, as the pejorative refers to a black person considered especially servile (and aside from the general slavery analogy, doesn't have a whole lot to do with Uncle Tom's Cabin, either).

    If you're comparing Big Bang Theory's treatment of nerds to racial stereotyping, there are probably better analogies to use. Minstrel shows with blackface, or old 'Indian shows' that portrayed Native Americans as always saying 'How', 'Ugh', and 'Heap big (whatever)'. Though I honestly wouldn't go THAT far. I'd say its portrayal of nerds is pretty much like other shows that portray gay people as always being effeminate, dressing in drag, and loving disco and showtunes. Which, of course, is another stereotype but not as politically incorrect as the racial stereotypes I just mentioned.
  5. Damn, Frosty - you were a vengeful little punk, weren't you?
  6. i did a collage

    this is what I actually been doing for three months instead of crippling debt and crippling depression

    have fun guessing the characters lmao

  7. Yeah. I was that weasel-like individual hiding behind his much larger, stronger "friends".

    You'll all be happy to know I grew out of it into a comfortable, well-adjusted person with no outstanding mental problems! Mess away! ^_^
  8. I left a girl I was forced to take out to a dance behind because she was drunk and I couldn't stand her jokes after awhile. Never did find out if she made it home or not. :]
  9. Lol probably wound up on a Fox 6 news report about a murder in yadda yadda yadda place.

    I really don't think I'm all that vengeful. I mean the worst I've ever done is probably whack my brother's head into his bed because of a fight we had when we were younger...and that did not even leave a bump for more than a day. Outside the family...well...I don't think I've done anything malicious towards someone for doing something to me at least none that I can remember. Am I being too nice?
  10. seeing as i had access to numerous items of illegal narcotic-related substances (*cough* i was a dealer *cough*) i had the pleasure of slipping things like whole ounces of strong smelling weed into peoples' purses, backpacks and lockers. i then proceeded to use my reputation with the teachers (which was stellar) to get them arrested.

    my revenge has since evolved from the high school drug-planting, locker door ripping, and physical assault, to things like physical assault, placing lit thermite on car hoods and filling entire cars with Great Stuff expanding foam sealant
  11. Sugoi!
  12. Lol, you been busy. And funny pictures. ^^
  13. I really enjoyed this game, and had a fun time with it. Also, for my traitor peeps; it was fun working with you and I'm happy throwing the backup traitor under the bus helped. You guys are pretty creative and fun to work with. XD

    @Gummi Bunnies I enjoyed Blake and his want to protect everyone it was fun to read

    @Josh M Clark was interesting and fun to read

    There will be more later, more sleepy than I expected. ^-^
  14. Well, I haven't kept up as much as I'd like. The only game in that list I can really talk about is Restless in Rapture, and there was LOTS of great RPing there. If you were to ask me to pick the best groups/alliances/teams there, I'd have a hard time deciding.

    Maybe I'd have a hard time deciding on a LOT of these awards. I've never been good at picking just one favorite anything.
  15. Stole my best friend's pudding.

    Ignored my other friend for a whole day.

    Pretended not to care.
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  16. *shakes head at Sakura*

    ...for shame.
  17. I'm not asking for any feedback, just because I know I did awfully, and don't need to hear it from anyone else.

    However, I did want to congratulate Atom and Jason. MonoAwa, Civil War, and Genesis were all great. I'm sort of liking the longer MG format, TBH. They were great games with great plots, and heavily enjoyable. I do sort of wish I interacted more in them (especially Genesis) though. Maybe next game I'll be more willing to talk to other people. We'll see.

    But yeah, those were fun, and I'm sad that they're over, but you need a break, so take it, because it is a well deserved one.
  18. Well, I did have one training scene planned for Natalia. First, I was going to have her stop objects from hitting her with her powers. Then I was going to have her do a series of fast teleports in a straight line, creating a shockwave from all the displaced air that shatters glass and cracks concrete.

    From THERE, I was going to have Sam try to teach Natalia some fighting moves in case she comes across someone/something where her powers don't work. I think you can handle that better than me.

    Introduced some of Raven's work towards creating Jeanne (still in its early stages) and made the suggestion that Lorentz began as a handicapped mage.

    Not sure how to introduce Jill's spellcasting.
  19. Principal:
    Vice Principal:

    Cryptozoology teacher:
    Gym teacher:
    Potions teacher:
    Math teacher:
    English teacher:
    Poisons teacher:
    Nurse's assistant:

    Class president:
    Class vice president:
  20. Omg! I just watch that anime this week and I finish it and I love it so much!!^^