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  1. Okay so like a year ago, I saw this movie (I forgot what it's called) but basically these outcasts get revenge on their tormentors by trapping them in an abandoned house and torturing them brutally. I didn't watch the rest, so I'm not sure what happened because one guy escaped to get help but then he got attacked by this racist recluse. So who knows.

    Anyway, I want to do an rp like that!

    So the plot I have is this:

    A group of outcasts called Worms are tormented by a group of popular kids called the Golden for two years. But after the second year in school, over the summer the Worms, go on vacation at a cabin in the country and end up saving a young couple from a serial killer. So when they come back from vacation they are now famous and the Golden start acting all buddy buddy as if they had never harassed and attacked the Worms.

    The Worms act like they've turned the other cheek, but really, they're plotting on getting revenge on the Golden, by inviting them to the cabin, and killing them.

    So how about it?
  2. I'm so hateful right now that you had me at revenge, baby.
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  3. Awesome, hopefully others will join. Or maybe they're intimidated by revenge and torture. :O
  4. >:) They ought to be.