Revenge is Sweeter than Blood

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  1. The woman sat at the bar with her back to the common room. She could hear the noise of the bar. Vampires hitting on other vampires, vampires hitting on humans, and humans hitting on vampires. It disgusted the woman. That was all that it did now that -- She cut that thought off before it could form and pulled her fine crystal glass up to her lips and took a deep drink of the dark red liquid. O she thought to herself as she let it swirl around her mouth for a moment before swallowing like a wine expert would to test the different parts of the wine.

    She put the glass down and beckoned the bartender over. Her green eyes were hollow when she looked at the man that came over. "I told you to put a little bit of brandy in this. There isn't any," She pointed out as she let her right hand reach up and play with a strand of her golden-brown hair. The bartender looked nervously at her as she pushed herself up from the stool to sit on the counter next to the glass.

    "Why didn't you put any in there?" she asked, her voice darkening as her eyes lit to life with a ferocity that hadn't been there a moment before nor in her all evening as she sat there. It was well on eleven and she had arrived a good five hours before when the sun had gone down.

    "Because you have had ten glasses so far ma'am," the bartender said, trying to sound confident though she could smell the fear coming off him. She snorted and hopped down from the counter, holding onto it so that she wouldn't fall over in her heels.

    Glaring over her shoulder she threw a few bills onto the bar before she wobbled off. Be it the ten glasses of blood and brandy, or the three inch tall heels, the vampire was having a hard time getting to the door. She bumped into several 'human only' tables on her way out. Being the 'rude vampire' that her species was thought to be she didn't even look over even though she heard curses and glasses tipped over.

    She finally made it out and moved down the sidewalk at the same wobble. The night was young and she wanted to simply call it quits. When she heard the undeniable sound of sneakers following her, she switched her hips and turned down an alleyway and waited. She had time enough to decide that she was being rather corny and working with the thoughts of old vampires before she was pulled deeper back towards the middle of the alleyway. Her mind snapped to attention and she reached up and clawed at the hand over her mouth.

    Her fangs elongated and she bit into the hand. The taste of A+ blood spilled into her senses and her eyes flashed with pleasure. She pulled the hand away and threw him over her tight dress covered hip. That done, she looked at the individual. With disgust she noted that it was simply a teenager. Stepping over the body she bent and searched it. Finding a packet of cigarettes she picked it up and the lighter she found and lit one up looking down at the teen. Now what?

    The human had obviously been knocked unconscious by a blow to the head though her hearing told her that it was still alive.

    "This is just great," Odella said as she took a long breath from the tobacco filled object in her hands. "Not even in town for a day and I've already hurt a human. This won't go over well with the local Bloods Anonymous group."
  2. "You blood suckers sure do leave quite a mess..." said a voice that was not too far down the alley, sounding a bit amused in tone and a chuckling sounding at the end of the sentence. As Odella would blow out her smoke the figure to whom the voice belonged to would step from the shadows. As he came closer, all that could be seen were a pair of golden eyes that piereced the darkness. As the body touched light coming down into the dark alley, a male with medium length but wild looking gray hair, brown skin, and a grin on his stubble covered face looked towards her. His body lean but athletic, he wore only a pair of long shorts for clothing. Around his neck was a black leather collar with silver spikes on the sides. Around his wrists were black wraps. A tattoo was seen on his left shoulder of a chained paw, a sign showing he was a servant to the vampire kind. However, the tattoo seemed to be scarred over, as if the figure was saying he no longer served. On his feet were the same wrappings and he wore no shoes, grit could be seen settled between his toes. His chest was heavily scared and his speech low and gruff.

    "I mean, you leave the bodies to be found by the humans or any scavengers to chew on. Been the same way for centuries... kinda sad when you think about it..." he said as he licked the ends of hsi teeth, he showing a bit of sharpness to them as he smiled, "So...just gonna leave it here or what?" he said as he bent down a placed his hand the body, it still feeling warm, "Or is this little blood thief a tad bit smarter than the others?" he said with a chuckle as he looked to her with a raised brow, "Either way, with a witness like me, you're in a pickle...aren't you?"
  3. Odella's eyes fixed on the stranger as he neared and knelt next to the human. He was so different from other species she had run across int he past--never had she seen one that was so scarred or so free before. She took another deep breathe of the smoke as she leaned back against the wall that formed one side of the alley. She found herself looking at his chest and then his ears and then around to his backside to see if he had a tail. She was more curious than anything as the brandy wore off--it never lasted long for her, especially since the vamipres had 'come out of the closet'.

    Turning to look at the exit to the alley, the woman sighed the smoke out and stood. "If you are really so curious, I was going to call the paramedics. I've already had my fill of blood for the day and this idiot attacked me. Self-defense pure and simple," Odella told the man before looking back over at him. "And if I were truly in a pickle, I would have killed the bloodbag and then went after you, for all that you seem like a challenge." She dropped the cigarette and put it out under the base of her shoes. Then she carefully knelt next to the body and took the hand in her hand and she counted the beats of the heart.

    It was true that she had had her fill of blood in the bar, but she found herself swallowing back the urge to bite went she felt the strong heartbeat under her fingers. Releasing the body like it was on fire she rose to stand and look down at the creature again. "What will I have to do to make sure you don't blab about my little accident here?" she asked. She was ready to pull the cash she hid in her dress out, but if she didn't have to do that, she wouldn't.
  4. The figure laughed aloud this time, hearing her statement as she looked down at him, she noticing the gray tail that swayed behind him, it missing a few patches of fur where it had been cut, burned, and mauled, "You Attack me? My fare blood thief you'd be more fool hardy to leap into the sun itself." He said as got back up, he looked right at her, "And spare me your bribe, I have no need for money..." he said as he looked to the body, "I am a beast of simple needs. Food, drink, and shelter...all of which are scarce in this town." he said as he stretched, he popping his spine in the process, "I would dine on your kind....but the taste is awful...nothing but rotten walking corpses overfilled with the red rum..."

    He then leaned against the nearby wall as he placed a foot on the unconcious teen, he continuing on, "And feasting on beasts isn't enough...these humans have all but taken up the space needed for hunting. As for shelter, the humans and vampires hate our kind...killing them and enslaving them sens the time of Dracula, using our pelts to keep them warm and for clothing...quite a travesty I'd say..." he said as he looked to her, "Wouldn't you think that to be such a wrongful use a being's very skin and hair for such actions...?" he said with a chuckle as the teeth in his mouth started to grow a bit, sharpening at the ends, "Oh...and how rude of me...I'd forgetten to introduce myself...I am Uunia Grayfang. Pleasure to meet you..."
  5. "Red Rum, funny," the woman said as she rolled her eyes. Then her eyes fell on the human again. A part of her was intrigued. There were few of these kinds of beasts that were free. Most, as he had said, were either dead or enslaved to vampires. She reached up and adjusted her dress so that it didn't feel as tight as she knew it to be. She couldn't remember why she had worn this dress that night. She hated it. It had been D--

    "I am Odella Spring," she said softly, focusing on the teeth that were showing a tad as he spoke. They looked so sharp. How quickly, she wondered, could he rip apart a vampire; a human? He could be useful. But it was obvious, her more logical part told her, that there was no way that he would help a vampire--a person from the race that had possibly enslaved him before, for it seemed obvious that he was a runaway. She blinked and looked away from the human on the ground. "And you are telling me all this because you wish for that as a bribe, or simply because you are a friendly fellow?" Her words were polite, but her eyes steely.

    "I can give you shelter, food and drink for the evening, should you wish it Mister Grayfang." She started to say before stopping. Her ears had picked up the unmistakable noise of humans that were angry and talking about hunting down a vampire or vampire sympathizer. Her body visually stiffened. Three maybe five humans tops. Before she knew what was happening she was stepping out into the opening that led to the walkway and looking at the group of humans.

    Just as they saw her she slipped back into the alleyway and picked the unconscious human up. She had to give them a reason to want to attack. She had to see if they were the ones that had killed David. She hauled the human up and started to paint the blood from his hand onto her lips and teeth. "Excuse me, if you don't want to get involved with humans, Master Grayfang, I suggest you leave. Now." she said as she busily made it look like she had bitten and was killing the human on her lap. Of course the blood caused her to shudder when she accidentally licked her lips, but she was refraining as best she could. Her targets after all was that group of humans. She didn't care if there were more of them than her. She didn't care if they had stakes or axes to cut her head off. Or a Molotov cocktail. None of that mattered. Only finding out who had killed her David mattered.
  6. "Odella eh? cute name..." he said as he looked her up and down, he taking in her frame, he then sniffing to take in her scent, something he wouldn't be able to lose now. He then listened to her question and chuckled, "Well, looks like someone's no idiot. Yeah, I can be a nice guy, but even nice guys gotta eat and sleep. Besides, I'm sure you'd like to feel a bit safer with a male walking you home." he said with a chuckle as he came off the wall and popped his hands as he smelled another smell. "And who knows...we might find some action..." he said as he smelled the scent of stale and cheap liquor, sweat, anger and fear. He turned his head and saw as Odella walked out to meet the humans, he thinking he hadn't heard him by the way she was walking. He had heard them from some time off but didn't figure that she would try and confront them. Granted they were humans, but even a vampire could get in over there heads with them. He walked up behind her, he watching as she made it look like the teen was nothing but a snack for her, he chuckling as he leaned agains the wall, "Heh, I must say, you're got some serious gall blood thief..." he said as he watched the humans turned to her, anger and rage filling there eyes. "Oh look what we have here, some little blood bitch using one of us as a meal!" yelled the leader of them, a somewhat large loud mouth of a human with about as much wit as a tin can. He was the typical rabble and so were the men who followed him. They all armed with the 'traditional' vampire hunter gear: Wooden Steaks, Garlic, 'holy' water, crucifixes, and one carrying a shovel with a cross carved out of the blade. All of which just made Uunia laugh aloud, "Oh look, it's 'new holy order'. HAHAHA" he said laughing as he doubled over from laughter, "What you do, rob Van Helsing?" The humans didn't much care for Uunia's mocking and pointed a steak his way, "Y-you shut yer trap ya beatneck. You just stay out of the way and we might not have to beat you senseless!!" he called out. "As if you drunk redneck..." he said as he looked to Odella, "Tell you what. I don't know what you got planned in that little head of yours, but if you need any help with this lot, just remove the collar around my neck. I promise not to bite..." he said with a dark grin, his now eyeing the humans not as beings, but as prey.
  7. Odella had let the human fall to the ground the moment she had seen the 'weapons' that the humans carried. Her eyes grew green as she looked up. She knew that none of these men were the ones that had hurt her David. They wouldn't have hesitated. They couldn't have if they had taken on David who had been with her for a record thirty years. he may have been a human, but he had been learning from her on how to deal with vampire 'hunters'. He wouldn't have let such rabble kill him. She grinned as she licked her lips, the A+ blood singing through her body.

    "You are not the ones I seek," she said, her voice suddenly soft and delicate like an angels though she would have made a very strange angel with a skin tight dress and fangs sticking out over her lower lip. "But if you really think that you can kill one such as myself, I'd like to see you try. I'll even keep my eyes closed to make the fight even." She stepped over the unconscious body and stepped near the creature that had stayed. She had to admit she liked his guts. With cold fingers she ran a fore finger up Uunia's chest before stopping just at the bottom of his collar.

    "Stay out of this fight, little kitten," she said and flicked his chest lightly before doing as she had said to the humans. She closed her eyes and stepped forward. On her way forward she kicked off her heels. This cut her down to be shorter than all of the others by at least three inches. The humans needed no more reason to attack. They launched at her, some commenting on how easy this would be.

    Odella stepped from side to side as if dancing to an invisible tune. Each step took her quickly out of harms way from 'holy' water or the shove, or the garlic or any of the other idiotic things that the humans tried to throw at her. When they had all passed her, she turned and waited with a gentle, almost teasing smile on her face as she kept her eyes closed.

    "Is that all?" she enticed. Relying on her hearing and other senses wasn't really wise of her, but it gave her a chance to die and join David. To think she would be thinking that after almost one hundred and eighty years of immortality didn't surprise her. She had tried this over and over in different cities. "This is really starting to get boring men. Really you can't even touch me, how are you supposed to kill other vampires, or even beat up my friend Master Grayfang here? Or maybe all that you can do is blow smoke out your nose?" She was playing with fire--and for the first time in weeks, she felt as alive as a vampire could feel.
  8. As he watched Odella and the humans he licked his fangs as they started to grow, but cringed. The very moment he tried to 'change' the collar about his neck would tighten, the spikes then, unknown to her were spiked on the other side, would dig into his neck, preventing him from turning. He then looked as she went over to him, letting her cold yet delicate fingers go about his chest and collar. he shuddered in anticipation, he could feel the urge to maul rise in his mind. His heart beat increasing, his eyes focusing, his breath quickening and the adrenaline starting to pump throughout his body. But when she denied his carnage he huffed, feeling all the more dissapointed, "You hurt me far more than any silver could Odella Spring..." he said with a sad sounding sigh, but he kept his up beat but dark attitude and waited, "But I suppose I'll jsut wait my turn..." he said as he sat on the sidewalk and watched the show.

    He noticed how she danced about her foes, her grace like a ballerina and her fearlessness very appearant. He watched as the humans tried in vain to strike her with the oddly put together weapons they had gathered and chuckled, "If I knew I was going to watch a comedy I'd have brought some wine or something..." he said as they seemed to be like little more than a minor annoyance to her. Once all of there holy water had been spilt and there brows were covered in sweat from fatigue, he shook his head and walked over towards them, "You guys are embarrassing. I knew humans couldn't stack up to a vampire but this is just sad. You're all weak, slow, stupid and ill equipped...simply boring as well..." One of the humans was now looking to him and struck out of anger at his words, "Shut your yap you blood sucker lovin-" he started but before he could strike Uunia, he reacted, far faster than there eyes could follow. Before he could stab him with the steak, his foot met with the man's gut, and his hand sung up, striking him in the chin as soon as he doubled over. The strike was so fast even to Odella it would seem like a blur, "See what I mean...pathetic...I haven't even changed yet..." he grumbled as the man fell. The others looking back and forth from the vampire to the lycan, there anger replaced with confusion and fear.
  9. Odella stopped her 'dance' when she was located directly next to the lycan. Opening her eyes, she seemed to be saddened by something. That she had survived? That it was all over? her shoes were located nearer the humans than she was willing to go. She could feel bits of glass pushing into the soles of her feet where she had stepped on cracked bottles from the bar. It didn't hurt though--just an annoyance. She turned to the creature and reached up until she touched his collar between two of the spikes.

    "Let us have some real fun now, and then I will show you my place and maybe get you that wine you wanted to drink while watching such a stupid display of human stupidity," She said showing that she had heard his little comment on comedy as her pupils growing large as she pulled the collar off. Before it had fallen onto the ground from her hand she had latched herself onto the human he had just struck, her fangs breaking the skin of his neck. A-. She spat it out and left the man to drain out. It wasn't that A- tasted bad--all blood was good blood she supposed. It was just that A- left a bitterness in her mouth that she couldn't seem to get rid of.

    She could hear the man at her feet groan, but she waited, turning to look at the scene before her. The truth was that the sight of blood excited her. It made her forget about how domesticated she had become when David had been around. And the true reason--at least the reason she had told herself--she had let the lycan free to change as he wish was because she wanted her shoes back. Trivial yes, but important. She couldn't very well walk down the street next to a shirtless and shoeless man at her current height of 5'4'' without shoes of her own. There was no way she'd lower herself to 'vampire slut' status, or worse.
  10. As the man fell to the ground, Uunia shook his head. He heard her talk of some real fun and he then smiled again, "I was hoping you would say something along those lines..." he said as he felt her hands at the back of his neck. The latch then unlocked and let the collar fall with a metalic clang. To the human's suprise, the collar was extreamly heavy, it breaking the cement ground on impact. Uunia then cackled as he popped his neck, "OH MAN!! That feels just great! Been hoping that thing would come off..." he said as he spat on the collar, his blood still coating the inner spikes. Once off, the humans then grew nervous, even more so when Odella made a blood fountain of the man she had attacked. As the red liquid spilt on the ground, Uunia's body started to shudder greatly. He went on all fours and growled loudly, "Now...let me show you how a primal killer does it..." he said as he looked to the unfortunate humans.

    Once on all fours, he rushed to the nearest one, his body mid changed as lounged. His hands turned into claws as he pinned the man to ground and raked his claws over his neck, cleaving it almost off and letting the blood spray into the streets. His mouth grew out into a maw and his teeth became dagger like fangs. his fangs then sunk into man's gut and started to rip him limb from limb. The humans looked at the sight and were horrified. Bits of meat and bloody bones went everywhere as his changed went further and further. Once he was done, he stood at his full height of 7 feet, body rippled with lean muscle and covered in thick dark gray fur. The bands expanded on his wrists, and his shorts ripped at the bottom opening. He then roared in a bestial fashion and loomed over the would be hunters, he even now, chuckling darkly as he licked his blood soaked maw, "Till me humans...have you ever stared death in the face...if so here's a second look." he then swiped his claws at a second human, they digging into his chest and in one swing, ripped open his gut, spilling his innards into the streets, he in so much pain he couldn't even scream.
  11. Odella was shuddering as she reached out to support herself using the wall. The carnage before her was breathtaking. He wouldn't get a good score for application, but for beauty he would get top marks. She grabbed one of the men that thought he could get away by silently slipping passed the dazed looking vampire. The amount of blood--not so much the guts, but the blood-- was making the vampire tingle all over. Without really seeing the struggling victim, she slammed her fangs into his neck, her eyes on the lycan and what he was doing to the remainder of the humans. The dress would get stained, she realized as a side thought as she drifted into a beautiful alertness where everything seemed to sparkle in her gaze. The man that was struggling beneath her was a beautiful B+ blood type which had always tasted to her like sparkling apple cider did to a child--sizzling in ones mouth while also giving a sweet taste.

    When she had completely drained the human, she stepped forward, her feet getting coated with the blood that was littering the concrete alleyway. She bent and picked up her heels and pulled them onto her feet before carefully walking out to make sure that no one was looking in on their little blood bath. When she was sure that no one was paying attention to what was happening in the alleyway, she turned to look at the creature and the rest of the bodies. "Absolutely beautiful Master Grayfang. I think you would do wonders as an interior decorator for us immortals," she said when the last human fell. A sadistic smile was on her lips as she watched, her arms crossed in front of her body.
  12. With the last human left unscathed was handled by Odella, Uunia was free to toy with the gut wrenched man. He licked his fangs as the poor fellow tried to crawl away with his last few bits of strength, "Oh wanted to play hunter...and things didn't turn out the way you wanted. So now you pay the bloody price..." he said as his claws grabbed his hanging intestines and dragged him back to his foot paws. He then planted one of the paws onto the open chest and pressed down, squeezing out a lot of blood and organs onto the ground. The man howled in agony as Uunia growled, "Oh the victor the spoils....and to the loser...a proper execution..." he growled. He then lifted the man high in the air, and caught him in his maw, chomping down and splitting him in half. and leaving both sides on the floor.

    He revelled in his carnage and started to feast on the two pieces he had let fall. He devoured a good bit before looking up to Odella, seeing her drop the empty husk to the floor. He chuckled as he moved to her, his large fram shadowing her as he came to her on all fours, "Heh, you'd do well yourself in the theatre my new foud friend...the blood was like decorations for s stage, tasssle for your dress, and blush for your face...quite the performance..." he said in gruff growls as he looked down to his collar, "If you would my dear...I need that to stay human once I calm down...less you love the idea of having a overgrown guard dog...." he said as he lapped at the blood at his claws, cleaning the gore and murder from his fur.
  13. Odella's cheeks were indeed a light rosy red from all the blood she had drank that evening. She smiled at him and picked up the collar, preforming an elegant bow as she did so. "I am honored by your great taste in dance and art," she announced as she pulled the collar up. While it was heavy, she didn't focus on that but on walking straight in her heels for she was very tipsy from all the blood.

    "Just leave this little beauty to me and we'll have you in a relatively man form soon enough. If you go over the roofs it would be easier to follow me. I don't think the humans would approve of the mess your fur is," she admitted, reaching out to run her cool fingers through his fur, pulling it away to reveal a red streaked hand. She watched him carefully as she did this. Her and his kind did not normally become fast friends and if they did they were just as likely to turn on one another as soon as things became tough. She was not about to lose her hand just because she had tried to trust the wrong creature.

    She pulled her fingers up to mouth and sniffed before simply wiping the bloody hand on her dress, though she secretly regretted doing it the moment the action was done. David would have yelled at her for losing control like this. He would have left and not spoken to her for days at a time. He may even have went behind her back and slept with another woman if he had been angry enough, for he knew, oh he had known so well that she would come crawling back. Her hand clenched and she turned towards the street. She couldn't believe how domesticated she had become during David's stay. But at the same time, she had truly thought that he had been it--there were no second chances in love--if that was even what she had felt during those years, which she was starting to doubt.
  14. As the vampiress put her hand to his fur, he was already on the road to calming down. His heartbeat slowed as well as well as his breathing. He was starting to eat to calm his nerves, able to devour the husk she had left as she spoke. He knew he'd be better off on the roofs of the dreary city, but he was more concerned for his meal ticket, "You seem far too concered for me red drinker...I shall be fine. But you..." he said as he smelled the alchohaul still on her breath and clothing, hard to miss under all the blood, "You would be easy prey for your own kind and any 'true hunter'. It would be far better to stick together..." he said as even he knew the ways of humans and vampires. They were far more coplex than that of weres and lycans. Scent was meant to show them of danger or empeading on one territory. No need for treachery or desceipt, only respect for one's space.

    "Besides, I'd hate to leave something so vulnerable all alone..." he said chuckling a little as he stood his full hight, he able to lick a little more of the blood from his maw and his tail swaying behind him. "We can stick to the alleys and walk the darkness...if any of your kind get curiouse, you hold my leash. Even you know that that's enough to show that you hold power." he said as he moved his paw along the bricks of the nearby wall, he feeling his body relaxing and he feeling a little less primal. He started to shrink in size, muscles reforming and bones to the more human shape. His fur retreated back towards his hair and his fangs went back to normal teeth. He then looked back to her his body, miraculously in better shape than before. He looked less scarred and a little more chislled, "Perhaps on the way we can get to know each other..." he said with a smile as he looked to the teen that had shoes about his slipping the off and walking back to her, "Now lets go before I start cleaning my plate." he said as he stepped over a little more of the carnage.
  15. Vulnerable? The word hit her as if he had physically punched her. Was she vulnerable? She had defended herself against these humans just fine! her pride as a vampire was shattered that he would consider her vulnerable. That she would need the protection of a lycan just because she had let herself wallow int he bottoms of the brandy bit at her like the teeth he had possessed in his transformed form. Odella turned her head away and held out his collar to him once he was done changing back to a humanoid form.

    "I'm Odella Spring, you are Uunia Grayfang. I'm a bloodsucker; you are a lycan. What more is there to know about me that you'd like to know?" the vampiress asked as she stepped deeper into the alleyway, over the bodies. She growled as she stumbled, her heels getting caught on small holes in the concrete. She growled as she yanked them off. She paused in mid-throw. She'd been about to throw the heels away into the trash bin that was against the next wall. Instead the woman simply held them and continued walking, ignoring the crunch of glass and other signs that she was obviously not being careful where she walked. Any cuts would heal quickly and she'd be able to pull any other pieces of glass she had in her feet when she got home

    The vampiress turned to look behind her to see if the lycan was coming. "Come along then Master Grayfang, or do you not want to keep quiet about my accident here, for if anyone did investigate they would assume that a vampire let you loose on purpose--not that you were loose by yourself," she told him, her eyes hollowing again. The sentence for a vampire that let a lycan loose to kill humans, or partook in a slaughter was the slow burning by the sun--human punishment was not in the vocabulary when it came to vampires like her.
  16. He chuckled at her as Odella stumbled about on the heel that got stuck in the concrete, he finding it funny that she as still trying toplay cool and coy, "Well...there's plenty to know. For instance...." he said started as he walked beside her, he able to feel the ground as he stepped, avoiding the bits of glass and trash. "From your smell you're one hell of a heavy drinker, and I'm not talking blood..." he said as he sniffed a little more. "you're no ancient, you lack the stench and that black ooze that usually runs in there veins. You were turned at a young age, the look of you says at the least turned in the mid 1800's. You're used to working with others but you hate having to deal with authority. You're obviously seeking....something...otherwise you wouldn't have just attacked those humans for don't have the murderous intent about you..." he said as he walked, able to slip the shoes on as he did. "Don't get me wrong, you're good...but you have have grace and rythem...not like that of the Sons of Cain or the Daughters of Lillith. they just kill for fun and aren't even the last bit good at it...leaving witnesses, dropping evidence...all because they think they are invincible."

    The alley way then ended, he keeping a few steps close to her and on occasion looking over the trash bins and boxes as he looked for something to cover his bare chest. "Also you're not know I could prove a threat and you take me in so as to avoid an unneeded threat...but you can be reckless as you get closer to a goal...hince the blood bath back there. Oh, and please stop me when I'm getting off track." he said as he saw a discarded jacket on the top of a dumpster, it littered with holes and burns marks that said it belonged to a junkie, but he didn't care. He slipped the jacket on and pulled up the hood it had, " gonna let me keep yapping or tell me about you?" he said with a smile from under his hood.
  17. The truth was she was amazed at his knowledge. Some of the pieces he had were off, but not much. Odella looked over as he pulled on the absolutely disgusting looking jacket. She looked away quickly and looked for anything that would prove to be helpful. She waited for her sense of direction to come back before turning down another darker alleyway.

    "1831," She corrected with a calm face, "Not the middle of the 1800's, early seventeenth century." She let her eyes get used to the darkening area and then stepped forward over the half-asleep bodies of the humans that lay about. So this was one of the places that humans were either dumped or stayed since they were homeless. She ignored them and just kept walking.

    "The Sons of Cain and the Daughters of Lillith, pah." she snarled as she remembered those that called themselves that. "A bunch of us vampires that have nothing better to do than sit around and attempt to get fat by drinking blood. I'd like to lead a team of human hunters on that stupid 'nobility' sometime. Then maybe they'd start caring about us normal vampires who--"

    She cut off and looked over at him with a green glare. "How do I know you don't work for them? You seem like the sort they would want to keep captive," She demanded suddenly. She didn't want to make any more mistakes that day. She had already taken part in a blood bath as if she had just been changed. She had better control than that. She should have known better. What if this was some kind of play of the stupid vampire nobility to get their 'rivals' out of the way? She hadn't actually been on their fan group list lately not since David's death.
  18. He looked to her as she stopped him mid way in the alley, he rose a brow and shook his head, "Maybe I should take be the not slow compliment...think about it. I bribed you to have me go with, helped you get rid of those humans and I'm still walking with you collar still off. I have every chance to attack you and yet here we are talking. Do you honestly think those morons would have me on there payroll? I'm smarter than ten of them. Now quite asking stupid questions...." he said as he wrapped his tail about his waist, it being concealed under his clothing as he looked onward.

    He looked out into the street up ahead, the place was barren, a somewhat high end living area but it was well into the next day, just a few hours before sunrise. He looked back to her and spoke aloud sense he could see, hear, and smell no threats, "The Sons of Cain are nothing but a gang with vamps that just joined. The Daughters of Lillith are the same but replace men with women and idiots with sex addicts. They like having humans around for slaves and guys like us around when they want something rough. I don't associate with them...mostly cause I killed there third in command with the Cains and broke it off with a Lillith three days ago. If you don't believe it, ask around a few circles. I'm sure the purebreds from the Black Sepulcur or hell, even the Gray Order, they know of me now." he said with a smile. He was a killer, and he was not ashamed of it. He was breed that way and it was in his walk and air.
  19. Odella stared up at the creature without believing him at first. Finally she closed her eyes and turned, walking off towards the street. "i don't have circles. I don't touch circles," she told him, as she looked back at him. "I never found them to be of any interest. I always had D-David do that stuff if I needed information."

    Her footsteps were quicker now. She didn't want to remember David. She wanted to run and forget all about those thirty years, about the night that she had found him dead with the words 'vampire's whore' written above him in his own blood. But instead she calmed her heart and focused on simply walking back to her place. Any of the occassional passersby seemed to sense a brutality from her despite her small form and passed to the opposite side of the sidewalk. It might also have been the bulk of Grayfang that made them move, but Odella wasn't going to place her money on that option either.

    "Why would you want to stick with a vampire like me? If you've been with a Lillith up until recently, you must have heard the rumors about me. I haven't been exactly quiet about them. Someone that I ran into a week ago said that they were cursing my name," she said with a half laugh after a few minutes of silences. "A vampire wanting to kill all humans that kill vampires and their humans. Most vampires curse my name for being troublesome if they hear about my 'crusade'. Or is it simply because you have nothing better to do?"
  20. He listened to her and took in what she said. It was true that they had little love for Odella but he didn't care, he had his own agenda. "The only reason I stayed with those sluts is because they were kind enough to break me away from the humans and vamps doing 'research' on me and my brothers." He said as he walked passed the few people that were starting to go about there jobs and desitenations, he following close behind. "You remember hearing of the break out in Jersey with the Lillith's leading the charge right? How they broke into the facility and let loose a few animals...dangerous ones...ones that were...well...a bit different...?" he said with a grin as they made there way close to one of the much nicer looking apartments and lofts.

    "Well...they gave me a new lease on life, I killed the scientists working on me along with my brothers. Unfortunatly the head scientist's son was one of the Cains. When we broke out, he got wind of it and tracked me down. I chewed on his bones for a few days and...well...leave out a few months of backpacking and here we are." he said as he felt his arm. "They did all sorts of things to times I can't remember what...but I know what the effects were supposed to be..." he said as he dove into his pockts, pulling out a blood caked scrap of paper that he started to read, "Lets see... 'Subject has be enhanced with advanced tissue regeneration, far better than a normal of his species. His muscles and bones are able to mend at a 250% increased rate. Subject in turn has an increased matabolizim rate, larger heart and creased lung capacity, and does not show signs of fatigue like our other subjects. He has become resistant to indoctrination and is highly aggressive. Further study is needed.' Heh, makes me feel awesome just thinking about it."