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  1. Andy rolls over with a groan, as his alarm began to go off. It was only monday and he dreaded it. Dreaded going to school. He gets up and grabs a pair of pants and a shirt, plus socks out of his drawers. All were your basic black, and he silently slips them on. He opens his door silently, and goes to check on his mother. Who had passed out finally in her room. She was always drunk, and not to mention abusive. He had bruises on his arms and legs from her. But they were easy to hide with a jacket and pants.

    Silently he goes downstairs and grabs something quick to eat, which just so happened to be toast. He sighs and then goes out the door. He really didn't want to go to school, but he didn't want to stuck at home with his mother either. So it was a lose-lose situation either way. Dealing with the abuse from his mother was one thing, the other was dealing with the people at school. He was constantly bullied by the other students. Just because he didn't wear the popular clothing nor did he listen to the most popular music.

    Out on the porch he makes sure he had everything with him, he didn't want to go back inside and risk waking his mother. He had everything and then with a sigh he walks off, putting earbuds in, listening to rock music as he walked to school. He finally reaches the school and stands there looking at the building with a sigh. He was still deciding whether or not faking that he was sick. But that would ruin his perfect attendance and good grades. He sighs once again and walks toward the school building. And plus he would be disappointing his friend Autumn, or Kitty as she likes to be called.

    They had most of their classes together and they always walked together to class. He couldn't understand why she was friend with him, she was much more popular than he was and she never got made fun of. As he approached the building he could feel the eyes of the other students upon.
  2. She had been lying awake for hours now and still sighed a little when her alarm clock went off. Not because she was tired of because she didn't want to go to school, but because she was to lazy to get up. But when her alarm clock went off it always played her favorite song, and right now it was 'Stop, I'm already Dead'. Her father's hated the racket but she lived for loud music, guitars, and passionate singing. After laying there for another three minutes just listening to the song play out Autum hopped out if bed and turned it off just as it started to repeat its self.

    She did her normal morning routine as she got up. Picked out an outfit, showered and washed her hair, brushed her teeth, did a little bit of make up and then got dressed. This time it was a loud comic book shirt with a pair of high waisted black shorts a choker and her favorite high top converse. After she was done getting dressed Autumn ran down the stairs grabbing her cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich, then she gave both her dads a kiss on the cheek before she ran outside.

    Autum walked to school every morning cause it was a short walk and she always sang because no one was around. "Call me, on the line! Call me call me any anytime" blondie had been on her mind and that's what came out of her mouth. She skipped and finished her breakfast on the way before she walked into the school gates. Autumn didn't want to be popular but for some reason people liked her, she hadn't cared for all the popularity because sometimes she felt that was the only reason people talked to her.

    Then some jock walked up to her and stopped her from walking. She did mind a little but just smiled and told him hi. Then he started to talk and she sorta blocked him out cause she started to look for Andy. "Hey..Autumn I was wondering, since the dance was coming up...if you kinda wanted to go with m-"
    "Andy! There you are I found Waldo" She shouted over him question and ran over to him completely ignoring the guy who had walked up to her. "Hey was looking for should have waited I would have walked to school with you" She puffed her cheeks, something she did when she pretended to be mad, and then poked Andy. She hadn't really noticed the looks that they were getting, or she had but instead decided to ignore them.
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  3. Andy had no clue what she was friends with him, they had been friends ever since he could remember. "Sorry, I had to get out of there before mom woke up, and you know how she is after she passes out." He says to her in a quiet voice. He had his head hung low. He knew she yelled at him for doing that around her, but it was an old habit. He was used to doing that around everyone- including his mother and teachers. Before she could tell him about it, he raised his head and gave her an apologetic look. He was always saying he was sorry or giving her an apologetic look. The first class they had together was Art, and it was his refuge. The teacher, Ms. Dejoyce was the only teacher he felt understood him and didn't judge him. So he always looked forward to art. That was the only place that he could express himself too. He heard laughter and saw some jocks coming this away. He just wanted to disappear right about now. It was more a mixture of jocks and preps too. And they all stopped to talk to Autumn, completely ignoring Andy. Which he was grateful for. Some of the preps looked at him and gave him a disgusted look. Andy just hung his head even lower and kept his eyes on the ground. One of the preps looked at her, her name was Marissa. "Autumn why do you hang out with this loser anyways? I wouldn't be caught dead with him." She says and walks away with the rest of the preps laughing and walking away. But the jocks had stayed behind to talk to Autumn.

    Andy steps back, letting the jocks surround her. He was glad right about now that they were ignoring him. He sits down on a bench and begins to sketch. It was a creature from his dreams. It was a giant wolf with red eyes and it was covered in blood. He had, had this dream several times in the past few weeks. But he didn't know why. He then feels someone standing over him, it was the head of the football team, his name was Chet. He pracitally rips the sketch book from his hands. "Whatcha drawing? A Werewolf? Ooh scary." He says sarcastically and then tosses the sketech book to another jock. They began to play keep away. Andy had given up a long time ago on defending himself. He just let them do it, he just watches with sad eyes and sighs.
  4. Autumn smiled while talking to everyone and tried to be nice. Though all she wanted to do was tell them to get away. The preps and the jocks always had made Andy's mood change and she felt it. The aura had shifted but she just smiled and laughed until Marissa had said what she said. She was about to pounce on the girl and claw her eyes out but just stayed quiet and continued talking with the jocks after she left. Autumn had pulled away from the conversation a few times until the boy who tried to get her attention ealier asked his question once more. She had ignored him once more and rolled her eyes walked back over to the groups of jocks and stick her hand back out. "Give me the sketch book Chet and stop being an asshole.."

    He looked at her and rolled his eyes before handing the book to her. He was such a jerk and she didn't even know why she hung out with him. It's just everytime Marissa and her group came around most of the jocks followed. "Aw come on Autumn, he's such a loser and you should learn to hang out with a real man.." He chuckled and pointed to himself which earned an eye roll from her. He was so annoying but she just went and sat beside Andy handing his sketch book to him the. crossing one leg over the other and her arms over her chest. "He's my best friend...and he's more of a man than you'll ever be..." She made it known that she wanted Chet and his gang gone and he caught on because he scoffed and rolled his eyes walking off. And his litte dogs followed behind him with no problems. " okay Andy?"
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  5. When Chet said that he was real man and that Andy wasn't, it made him angry but he kept his feelings to himself. Lately he had been feeling rather angry, and he didn't know why. It wasn't like him to feel that a way. It seemed like everything that didn't go right would make him angry. He was just glad that Autumn got his sketchbook back and the that jocks went away. He nods and looks up at her, "Yes I'm fine." He says in a quiet tone. Being abused at home and the torment of the other students had made him well, broken. He then shuts his sketch book and puts it away. He looks at his phone, the bell for school to start would be ringing here soon. He wanted to ask Autumn to the dance so badly, but he figured she would either turn him down or laugh and turn him down. He knew he had no chance in going to the dance with her. He would finish his sketch in art class. Soon the bell rings and he gets up from the bench, waiting for Autumn, but he still had his head hung low as they walked to class.

    He walked near the wall too, practically clinging to it for dear life, besides Autumn, the wall was his best friend too. Another group of jocks that were heading toward study hall, purposely walk between him and Autumn. They all said their hellos to Autumn and gave Andy intimidating looks. The whole time this was going on, Andy didn't say anything, he just looks at the ground. He doesn't look at Autumn either as they enter the art room, he sits down next to her and begins to finish his sketch.
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