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  1. I've been playing with this idea in my head for a while now, I was wondering if anyone would want to do an rp based on the book/movie Carrie by Stephen King. Except there will be a few minor tweaks, one the main character will be male and his mother is a drunkard who is abusive and two he's a werewolf. But he does have a friend, a more popular student. He still isn't popular and is the butt of everyone's jokes and prank especially the jocks. And well if you have read the book and or seen the movie, you know how it goes...
  2. I would actually love to do this plot!
  3. ^_^ yay! I was hoping some one would wanna do this. Oh if you want to add anything feel free.
  4. I don't want to add anything cause I think it's fine but I did have a few questions.
    Okay so since I'm sensing that it's just like Carrie (which happens to be one of my favorite books) except for the whole he's a werewolf right...
    (Stupid question....I know, I just need the conformation)
  5. It's one of my favorites too. And yep it is except he is a werewolf and his mother is a abusive drunkard, instead of being overly religious. And it will be a modern retelling sorta too.
  6. Okay well I think that's all I have to this being done over thread or pm?
  7. Umm...a thread if it's ok with you.
  8. I'm fine with that! Now what about Cs's, do you make them?
  9. I have a very simple one that I use. For I like the characters to unfold in the story.


    But you can add to this if you want.
  10. Alright well I'll get my CS posted tomorrow cause it's getting pretty late over here.
  11. Alrighty, I'll probably post my character before heading off to bed.
  12. Name: Andrew 'Andy' Michaels
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Werewolf

    Show Spoiler
  13. It's so short, I can do it before heading off to bed.

    Name: Autumm "Kitty" Walters
    Age: 17
    Race: Human
    Autumn (open)
  14. Aww, I like your character. But anyways I will have the first post up later, I'm going to bed.
  15. Alright! Goodnight ^-^
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