Revenants. Immortal heroes of a dying kingdom.

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  1. Long ago the Kingdom of Mecrundyr was among the greatest civilizations in the known world. It's king's were as cunning as they were kind, it's culture influential far beyond it's mountain borders and it's armies unstoppable. It was during this time of prosperity that the Yellow Council built the Undying Sepulcher, an tomb built exclusively for the kingdoms greatest heroes and enchanted so that they may rise when the kingdom needed them most.

    For the next few centuries the tomb was filled with the heroic dead, first dozens, then hundreds of men and women rested their. Some were concerned by the sheer amount of heroes buried there, but to others it was a comfort knowing an army of heroes could be raised of need be. They never were.

    Millennia has passed, the sepulcher and the heroes within forgotten. Mecrundyr is now a sick parody of it's former glory. Ruled by a mad wizard king concerned only with growing his own power, monsters once relegated to legend now prowl the land uncontested while sparse communities of subsistence farmers hide in walled towns. The last vestiges of the Yellow Council have only now rediscovered the sepulcher and have exploited its power, with disappointing results.


    In this RP you play as one of the few heroes risen by the Yellow Council. They are great, larger-than-life characters unable to permanently die until their duty to the kingdom is fulfilled. In this case that means defeating the wizard king and restoring Mecrundyr to a vestige of its former glory.

    This RP will feature a great amount of violence and possibly gruesome descriptions of death and dismemberment. Due to the PC's immortality I will be distinctly unkind in combats, your character will most likely "die" multiple times over the course of the RP.

    Feel free to ask questions.


    EDIT: Additional character info.

    1. As it stands the only race available to play is human. Other races exist, but most of them are quite monstrous and would not have been buried in the sepulcher.
    2. PC's will look like they were in their prime, most likely around the time they performed their defining act of heroism.
    3. The PC's are equipped with whatever they were buried with. When they die this is only equipment they will return with, anything they pick up during their adventure will be lost with their body.
    4. On a darker note, heroes were often buried with their mounts, pets or even their servants. Many of them still alive at the time of burial. These beings also rise with the heroes and follow the same rules.
    5. The heroes remember nothing of being dead, the last memory they can recall is dying.
    6. It's up to the players to decide whether or not their character is aware that they were buried in the sepulcher. Heroes who died after their defining moment of heroism will most likely have given the Yellow Council their permission to be entombed there, while those unlucky enough to have died during their act would have been buried without their knowing.
    7. The PC's will almost certainly not know each other. However, those buried later however may know the legends of those buried before them.
    8. The heroes are still required to perform basic human maintenance to live. Eating, drinking, sleeping, breathing, ect.
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  2. Concept seems neat, but give us more information about the world and its context: What is a 'Heroic' figure like? Are we talking some sort of Brutus figure -a skilled, but otherwise human figure-, or are we talking some Adonis-like demi-god? What about Magic? How powerful is it? How limiting? What level is technology at?

    Context, man! I need it!

    But yeah; I'm at least interested, bb.
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  3. Definitely interested.
  4. God damn man, don't get your crumpets in a twist now. :P

    'Heroes' run the range from adept, but otherwise normal humans to legendary figures akin to those from Greek myths. In either case the character's power level is beyond that of a normal human, but not truly superhuman. Aside from the whole not-dying thing.

    Magic runs the gambit between common household blessings meant to drive of evil faeries to world ending super-plagues. The only thing that any magic has in common is that it is ritualistic in nature, every spell requires preparation and reagents to cast. As a consequence 'spontaneous' casting does not exist and the standard fireball-slinging-mage archetype does not exist. The IC would go into greater detail on this.

    Technology is iron age and has been stuck there for quite a while. PC's aren't going to be dazzled by the progress of a dozen or so centuries, in fact they'll probably find the world somewhat crude and primitive compared to the time they came from.
  5. You can't 'Twist' Crumpets, you Canadian heathen.
  6. So how are you going to be unkind in combat do you mean by like Autohitting or something?
  7. Nope, the 'unkindness' of the combat stems from two things:

    1: How you approach an attack will be judged harshly. Just blindly charging into the fray Rambo style will often get your characters killed outright. Teamwork and a rudimentary knowledge of physics will be instrumental to victory and survival.

    2: There is a hidden dice and stat system to help determine the success of certain action, most notably combat actions. Simply speaking enemies stats will often just be better than the players.
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