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  1. A revenant is a visible ghost or animated corpse that was believed to return from the grave to terrorize the living. The word "revenant" is derived from the Latin word, reveniens, "returning" (see also the related French verb "revenir", meaning "to come back").

    This is a story about vampires. Sure, there are some other night-creatures dwelling in the world, most of which have common names: werewolves, witches, ghosts... some would say there are even fairies, though if the tales about them are true, they're the worst of the lot. However, I get ahead of myself: this is a story about vampires. A small group of them, recently freed of the control of their sire.

    You see, when a vampire feeds on another, they do not create a true vampire. What they create is a spawn: a very loyal puppet. A vampire's spawn drinks blood for sustenance, but cannot create more vampires or spawn by doing this. They have similar weaknesses: sunlight burns and can destroy them - though not as fast as a full vampire - they are repelled by strongly presented holy symbols... or any symbol presented with enough faith involved. A wealthy businessman armed with a wallet full of cash can repel a vampire spawn, in fact - which leads me to a funny story... Ah, some other time.

    My name is Leon D'gueste. I am a vampire - at one time, I was a vampire spawn. I will not reveal how one turns into the other... after all, that's what this story entails. I am a chronicler for the Prince of Los Angeles... the guy in charge. I was given this role when my predecessor was destroyed by the very people you are soon to read about. All things in time. First, let me tell you a little bit about our current period, before going into the people of this little story...


    -Character Outline-

    Name: (Character name.)
    Age of Death: (What age were you turned into a vampire spawn?)
    Time Period: (What time period in Earth's history are you from?)
    Type of Vampire: (There are actually quite a bit besides the "Standard". Are you something more exotic? If so, what? Real-world mythologies, please. If you are a standard vampire, just enter 'Standard'.)
    Living Descendents: (If your character has ties to this world, place 'Yes'. If you were alive long enough to know them, list their names and connection to you. If you don't, a 'Yes' or 'No' will do... and I'll do an eeeevil game-master dealie and make it a surprise!)
    Faith: (Was your character religious or not? If so, what faith did they belong to?)
    Phobia: (Your character must have one real, legitimate fear. Some trauma or something they experienced in life haunts them to this very day. What is it?)
    Virtue: (Which of the seven virtues does your character embody?)
    Vice: (Which of the seven vices does your character sink to most often?)
    Appearance: (A written description is preferred, but use a picture if you really like to.)

    Beyond this, I actually do not want a written backstory or personality to be written out. Part of this - I hope - will be a drama. Thus, I'm limiting the amount of information your characters know about each other by lessening the amount you'll have to give up - those serving as the near-mindless Spawn did not care about those they served beside, so you'll have to use the chance to get to know your fellows. The knowledge, backstories, and attitudes may evolve as you reconsider them throughout the game - as might your loyalties. Your previous Vampire Master loved to toy with the mind - so you might have been implanted with false memories.

    I hope to get at least five people in this, long-term - to those of you who find their way here, welcome. If you choose the join... fantastic! Let's write a story together... "A story about vampires."
  2. Aaw i was really interested in this but then I saw that I couldnt be a super vampire and i was like "aaw thats a shame" and then I saw that I had to have human morals and I was like "damn theres no way I can Rp like that" and then I got to "food will make you violently ill" and now i dont ever want to live in a universe of your creation because if your so mean you can't let your most powerful feed then i dont even want to see what you do to the humans... :D
  3. Vampires certainly aren't the most powerful in the world, and playing "god tier" characters would reduce the challenges and story inherent in the concept... starting as such a character, doubly so. If there's no character growth, there's no real need to play that character, is there? You managed to put a 'first post' in this thread that was so utterly and completely pointless that it's actually made me a little depressed. I'm not sure what the intent was. 'I'm going to post this so he knows that I want to play a super-vampire god-thing and will totally let me do that when he sees that I want to join if he makes some changes'?

    That's a big ol' "No".
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  4. I might be interested in this. I will have to considerate it.
  5. Take your time, happy to see someone interested!
  6. Name: Leila Valdier
    Age of Death: 20
    Time Period: Victorian
    Type of Vampire: World of Darkness - Ventruex
    Living Descendents: She ate them.
    Faith: Leila belonged to the Church of England
    Phobia: Fire
    Virtue: Temperance
    Vice: Pride
    Appearance: Leila is 5'9 with brown hair and piercing green eyes. Because of her slender frame, she often wears modern day dresses to fit in. However upon the occasion she cannot help but wear the clothing of the Victorian era. She wears many accessories, such as heavily jewelled Necklace around her neck accompanied by diamond rings. (Her outfit is quite similar to that of the vampire in the League of Extrodinary Gentleman)
  7. Oooh, a WoD player. I'm sure you noticed the symbol I shamelessly took as the first post's image?

    Leila Valdier's been accepted. Welcome!
  8. Aye! =D hahaha Thanks x
  9. What other vampires beside "standard" is there? I mean.. Could you elaborate on what you mean by "quite" alot of different vamps? And the part about real-world mythologies? Do you just mean some random mythologies and different vampires like for example.. Purebloods?
  10. Here's a good list of vampires, linked via Wikipedia. By 'standard', I'm talking about what most people imagine when the word 'vampire' is stated. Pale individuals with a human appearance, able to blend in with society. The sort you'd see in a recent Hollywood movie... and not the kind wearing glitter.

    Those are 'Glampires', and I have a problem with them. <_<
  11. Yeah, not a fan of Glampires either.
  12. I am so down for this.

    Name: Malik Jandhyala
    Age of Death: Twenty-one
    Time Period: Modern (10 yrs prior)
    Type of Vampire: Vetala
    Living Descendants: No descendants but his parents (though divorced), grandparents (on both sides), and several siblings and half-siblings are quite alive and still searching for him even ten years after his disappearance.
    Faith: None, though his mother's side practices modern, relaxed Hinduism.
    Phobia: Pteromerhanophobia - the fear of flying; specifically in an airplane or another flying vehicle.
    Virtue: Diligence
    Vice: Lust
    Appearance: 5ft 11, bronze skinned, black hair, brown eyes. Toned build, long limbs and fingers, defined knuckles, callused fingers. Clothes include a black muscle shirt, faded and fitted jeans, a shamrock-green zip-up hoodie, and a pair of grey converse.
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  13. Name: Bastion Ford
    Age of Death: 39
    Time Period: England 1890s
    Type of Vampire: Highgate Vampire
    Living Descendents: His son Damion Ford, Bastion has no clue what happened to Damion once he was turned. Ophelia Ford is his niece.
    Faith: Protestant
    Phobia: Merinthophobia, being chained up or tied up. He really does not prefer restraints.
    Virtue: Patience
    Vice: Envy
    Appearance: Bastion is 6'2 and is rather slim for his size. He has light gray hair that droops past his ears with a black hat atop of it, and deep brown eyes. Bastion is somewhat pale in complexion. Overall, his face is larger than his body, but it seems to fit him well. He wears a large dark black wool coat with black buttons lining the front of it. In addition, wears a rose colored dress shirt, with a stripped black tie and black pants.
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  14. Name: Ilyana "Leah" Pavlenko
    Age of Death: 33
    Time Period: Modern - Died in the early 90s
    Type of Vampire: Strigoi
    Living Descendants: Kathryn Pavlenko - Mother, and Anatolie "Toly" Pavlenko, younger brother
    Faith: Roman Catholic
    Phobia: Claustrophobia - specifically of small enclosed spaces which are not easily escapable.
    Virtue: Charity
    Vice: Lust

    Appearance: Ilyana is fairly tall, standing about 5'11" with wavy brown hair that extends just past her shoulders and hazelnut eyes. She has slightly tanned skin with an athletic build. Her facial features - in particular her eyes, cheeks, and jaw, are sharp and almost piercing, but at the same time her gaze is warm and inviting. She speaks English with a light accent, having moved to America at a fairly young age.

    Image (open)
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  15. I will work on something.

    Also frost you have my on skype so your "I never see you on" excuse is FAIL.
  16. Malik and Leah's good to go.

    Not "I never see you on", Vay. I'm never on.
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  17. Name: Sigurd Ragnarsson

    Age of Death: 28

    Time Period: When England was under attack by vikings around the years 865-896 (Hopefully this works for you!)

    Type of Vampire: VtM Gangrel

    Living Descendents: Any descendents he personally knew would be dead by now.

    Faith: Pagan

    Phobia: Asthenophobia (Fear of being weak. There's a few other things listed in the phobia, but Sigurd's revolves around being weak.)

    Virtue: Diligence.

    Vice: Wrath

    Appearance: (Picture posted for now but I will definitely have a written appearance in here as soon as I write it.)

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  18. I came just to see you beautifully and artfully shut down an idiot, but now I think I'll stay for the roleplay. *reads through the intro*
  19. Dang. I should thank that guy for the chance to channel a bit of aggression and nab a whole array of ludicrously awesome roleplayers... I don't think I will, though. It'd be better to just thank all of you, for the interest and the characters. :D

    Bastion and Sigurd are in.
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  20. Name: Piveta Blix
    Occupation: Blood Courier
    Age of Death: 26
    Time Period: Germany, World War II
    Type of Vampire: Estrie
    Living Descendents: Ahah...ahahaha...AHAHAHAHAHA!! (Yeah, let's talk about that when/if you're ready to cross that bridge).
    Faith: Judaism
    Phobia: Hunger
    Virtue: Chastity
    Vice: Gluttony

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