Revelations 1:1 - Angel Fall

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Is this a good idea?

  1. Yes! I'm going to comment my interest!

  2. Yes, but for some reason I don't want to actually play it.

  3. No, but I'm not going tell you what I think could do with improvement.

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  4. Yes, but I'm a tsundere and therefore can't say so honestly.

  5. No, but I've mentioned things that if explained might make me interested.

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  1. "It's funny, isn't it? For so long, we all dreamed of heaven. A land filled with magic, ruled by benevolent entities that were the very image of perfection. We finally confirm it exists and it turns out like this."

    2040. 25 years of technological and social developments had seen an almost perfect world that many have described as "heaven". There was no war, no poverty, barely any illness. Even the most horrible of genetic diseases had been eliminated through gene selection in fetuses. 100% of the world's power was generated by Thorium-based nuclear generators, and everything was generally looking pretty good. The phrase "heaven" spread quickly and eventually prompted research into whether or not a true heaven could exist.

    This is where things started to go a little wrong. In May 2041, a team of 5 quantum physicists successfully confirmed the existence of "Heaven", and by doing so, revealed its existence to the world. Quite literally. At the exact moment the final test gave a positive result, a series of cracks developed in the sky, as if someone had shot a bullet at a pane of bullet-proof glass. They were as if they existed above reality, cutting through blue sky, clouds, even birds and planes. Across the space of around 30 seconds, more and more cracks developed until suddenly the sky shattered and millions of fragments of a strange blue crystal plummeted to the ground. In place of the sky stretched a great sea of silver that engulfed the entire planet. The surface twisted and whirled like molten metal and though it blocked out the sun, it created its own faint light, just enough to illuminate the mass but not much else.

    This was just the beginning though. Not long after the cracking of the sky, the silver of Heaven became a deep crimson and the relatively calm surface became a great raging storm with whirlpools the size of entire cities and tsunamis that if they had been on the ground might have been enough to engulf even the tallest mountains. Out of this mass came bubbles. Each was only the size of a large person and impossible to sea from the ground, but they did not come alone. Thousands upon thousands of them fell like meteorites, and strange gargoyle-like creatures swarmed across Earth in what the Christians claimed to be the Second Coming of Christ - Revelations - the end of the world - which it very much was.

    2 years have passed since that day. The creatures, known as Demons, have enslaved the majority of Earth. More is known about this heavenly realm now. It is known as the Celestial Fields, and plays home to both "heaven" and "hell". At this current time, the forces of "hell" are in control of the Fields, taking the opportunity to invade the capital while the attention of heaven was busy trying to restore the thing that was shattered, known as the Boundary. Although the majority of all Celestials both heaven and hell alike are unaware, the leader of heaven is currently absent and has been from the very first second the Boundary cracked.

    Earth itself is much a dystopia now, the human paradise reversed in just 2 years and by just one stupid mistake. It is permanently night time here, and as such the majority of un-cultivated plants have died, their places taken by a strange kind of wilderness inhabited by colossal algal structures that can feed off chemical reactions without the need for light. Human life is almost impossible outside of cities, but inside cities, it is enslaved. Pocket resistances have developed, taking advantage of the algae, but they lack something that the demons possess which makes it impossible to fight back. I am of course, talking about magic. The demons are masters of both fire and earth manipulation, and human weapons have no effect whatsoever.

    But there is one hope. The crystalline remains of the Boundary, while rare (since most burned up in the atmosphere), contain traces of celestial power. It is quite crude in form, and the majority of humans are consumed after 3 or 4 direct uses of it, but certain people, rarer than 1 in 10,000, seem to be immune to the side effects. This crystal, known as "Celestacite", when wielded directly takes various forms based on the user. It is believed what form it takes is down to personality. It is usually elemental, but can be strange things like light manipulation as well. When used directly, Celestacite never depletes. For those who cannot wield it, they can melt it down and shape it into bullets, blades, and various other weapons. On contact with a demon (or angel), this can cause a good deal of damage, but the magical energy is drained out like this so bullets cannot be reused and swords lose their edge after only a few hits, so there is high demand for those immune to the effects.

    Well that's about it. Thanks for reading so much! I was pretty much making it up as I went along so it might not make much sense. If it doesn't, tell me and I'll explain. This RP is based on the Book of Revelations (from the Bible), which basically describes the end of the world. I am, however, making a few alterations since I don't want this to be too heavily Christian-based. Most importantly, in this RP, neither God nor Lucifer exist - there is no all powerful creature. There will be multiple chapters to this story, and each will take place in chronologically the same time period, though the actual RPs will be carried out individually. This particular chapter will detail the story of a small rebellion group and their fight to recapture their hometown. I really want this idea to take off, so please stick around for the other chapters too, but if a given chapter doesn't interest you then I guess you can sit out for that one. Each chapter will have its own sign ups, so if you missed this chapter, you might be able to hop in on the next one.

    Now, if you're anything like me, you'll already be planning a character so you'll need this information: There will be no "introductions" part to the IC. To avoid it dying from stagnant conversations, it will be eliminated all together. Characters either already know each other or must be prepared to leap into the plot in a way that doesn't involve idle conversations.
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  2. I'm interested in this ^.^
  3. I'd be up for this
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  4. Sounds pretty cool.
  5. Neat, I'll get an OOC up some point today.
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