Revé: Darkened World

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  1. Blink...blink...blink

    The streetlights could never seem to hold a steady stream of half assed light, and it only cast an illumination down the darkened streets, lighting up the figures doing things the darkness brought with them upon its arrival. Drugs of sorts were everywhere, ladies of the night waited outside of their brothels, and in this part of the town, it wasn't uncommon for drunken fights to happen.
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  2. Walker walks down the street the soul shadow of a woman followed him carrying the many variations of his Naginata in shadow form. Walker had yet to figure out how to grasp his staff, but for now he'd have to let these minions do it for him. Coming to a lively bar the shadow dismisses making Walker's. Walker peaks around inside for possible moneybags and then spots a noble. Using his nail Walker creates a symbol in Kanji and knocks on the glass to grab the guy's attention. Walker jumps out of the way and summons the female shadow and gives her form using the symbol on the window. The nobleman came out, if you could call him a man for he was covered in fur. The noble spots the girl and begins playing around with her, being a shadow she was not able to speak or laugh and he soon became bored. The man turns to head back in the bar, but a blade had pierced his chest. Walker dismissed the shadow letting the hairy beast plummet. Walker's insanity curse started appearing above him to take his shadow and gain another form of the shadow Naginata. Walker inspected him and then took his shadow, the silhouette of the beast stood up and was quickly chained, brought deep down into the darkness. "I've heard of a queen. Your knowledge is now my mine mutt."
  3. Seti Kleon walked down the street, armor shifting with each step, lacking the noise one would expect from such a suit of armor. Side effect of what he was, really, and after spending so much time wearing the armor, well, one would get used to moving in it without unnecessary noise or energy wasted. He had this air about him that no one dared approach, if not for that, then reputation alone. The Cobalt Knight was not one to be trifled with, people still remembered his service and last stand that he walked away from, and his visage alone kept people away from him usually. Which was good, he kept himself above and away from those that were not in need, since his sole purpose was still to roam the land, and fix what was wrong when he could. Which was not much compared to the overwhelming darkness these days. He remembered the old days clearly, of far brighter days and shorter nights, a time where he could have walked a street without muggers, beggers, and whores trying to rob, beg, or tempt him in various ways, some dangerous, in multiple ways, others just pitiable. But no one approached the man as he walked down the street, seeming to look for something in such a dark place. He was always looking, miracles happened in the strangest places, but he doubted it would happen here, anyways. He still served the higher calling, of true royalty, even after she was gone. Especially, with her gone, someone needed to keep doing so. His presence seemed to calm, or terrify, the area around him into peace, and that would suit him for now.
  4. Trenton poked and prodded at a small mechanism on his work bench. It was a wooden landmine. He couldn't get the trigger mechanism to work, several scorch marks on his armor were proof of this. He missed the old days. When he served the monarchy he had a laboratory 3 times the size of this one, and the resources to build killing machines to his hearts content. He recalled powerful ballistas, rapid firing crossbows and beautiful swords.

    Again the landmine blew up his face. He was unscathed of course, but he lost his temper. He shouted a curse and shot a streak of lightning through a window. All the inhabitants within half a mile heard its thunder.
  5. The soft sounds of a beggars song, sang sweetly into Delphyne's ears. She looked to her side watching beggars sing their songs with beat up instruments with cracks. Her eyes averted from their general direction avoiding any trouble. The once beautiful Kingdom has fallen. Now Delphyne see's harlots luring in tempted men, beggars who'd kill for a cent or two, the wretched thieves who would slit a throat for a jewel, and the shady atmosphere built around the Kingdom. She shuddered looking around in the city. The tall woman caught plenty of eyes from men and women; it is rare to see such a tall woman roaming around. Draconian's do not lurk around the city due to the fear of being corrupted. She was the only one who managed to keep her old ways yet still learn the new ways. The Kingdom's lack of cleanliness caused her to keep her dress from touching the ground, let alone let it go near a beggar. Her black hair was hidden under the tribal head wear, beside her was a draconian guard who stood by her side keeping her protected. He wore clothes of the New World, but had a sword forged from a breath of a dragon, Valkyrie steel, and the pommel hand made from the steels they made. It was a sword all men wished to have beside him.

    A familiar name was yelled from afar. She turned around to see a drunkard speaking about the fallen Queen. The irritable woman as herself felt a twitch coming off from the brow. Despite not knowing the Queen personally, disrespect of past leaders was spoken as a crime in her tribe. The drunkard was quickly tackled by a man who seemed to be devoted to the kingdom. A soft chuckle escaped her lips as she turned around continuing her walk around the broken Kingdom. Delphyne looked around to find herself rather bored. Before the fall she was a woman who had a spot in the court, finding herself infatuated with soiree's created by other royals and watched how the New World interacted with each other, these interests quickly vanished and she finds herself bored. While walking Delphyne found herself distracted by a quarrel between two harlots who fought for a man's money -- the Kingdom was a disgrace. Suddenly she felt her body bumping into another. The exaggerated sounds of her guard made her scoff in a soft chuckle. "Tis my fault. Don't fret." She said reassuring the guard. Delphyne looked at the person she bumped into and chuckled. "My apologizes. I'm quite a klutz."

  6. "What have I done? What has my beautiful kingdom come to?" Ethereal mutters leaning against the window of the tallest tower of her once standing castle. All that remains is this tower which she stays in and watches her world rot away. She was the once gloriful queen of this land before the war. A Queen that looked extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for the world she leads. Her long silver hair braided down and over her shoulder, brilliant firey blue eyes, and porcelain skin which made her glow under the moon light. Looking transparent due to the fact she is nothing more then a soul. She stood in her tower and watched the world. She seemed like nothing more then a flightless bird. Her eyes showed sadness as she watched beggars pick fights with others.

    "Everything...its my fault." She mutters falling to her knees with her hands covering her face. Tears streamed down the Queen's face like a stream and with her tears rain fell. The world crying with her.
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  7. Seti was lost in though when someone jostled into him, although it did not feel hostile, merely unintended. He turned, finding himself looking at some noblewoman of some sorts or another. Odd, he thought, to see someone like this in the gutter districts. She would certainly attract attention, and he would certainly have been more concerned for her well being if her guard was not so readily standing by to be a shield. He recognized the gear of the New World, and his sword looked well forged, powerful too at a glance from the veteran. A closer look would reveal more, but it would be rude to stare and ignore the person who addressed him. He instead inclined his head in greeting to the Lady, hardly offended from such an idle missed movement, he hardly could be, it was far less to be concerned about in this day and age, and his voice was gruff, but quiet in the street, not intending to bring attention to either of them more than was already most likely on them as he spoke, arms resting at his sides, intending to stand non threatening. He didn't need the innocent blood of a zealous guard on his hands from a misread movement. "No offense taken, mi'lady, it must certainly happen to the best of us every now and then. Might I inquire why one such as you wanders a place like this? Tis hardly fitting, or safe, for that matter." It was not a threat, but concern for her safety in this place, and nothing more. He attempted to keep his manners, around a stranger no less, and guarded his tongue and manner of speak to accomplish it.
  8. Walker looked around for a place to read through the nobleman's life. A building bare and hidden by the moonlight caught Walker's attention. Walker scales the building's wall to the top, from here a tower in what appeared to be a castle was seen. Walker wrote yet another kanji symbol on the roof and began shifting through hand signs. "Your knowledge beast. Give it to me." The symbol glowed and the beast's shadow came from Walker's head like a dissipating fog. The beast spoke. "What is it you wish to know, Walker Roydon Grey?" Walker continued his hand signs speaking with the beast. "Your knowledge of the queen." "As you wish. My knowledge of the one you call queen is fable and legend. She locks herself within the highest point in her castle, a spirit dreaded by sorrow. The stories my father told me was that she was searching for a legendary item. A journey similar to your own." "I did not need information on my own goals shadow!" Walker dropped his hands, the shadow chained and brought down once again. Walker looked to the castle and at it's tallest tower. "Your flight bird. Give it to me." A giant bird of shadow appears using the last of the symbol's power. Walker climbs onto its back and flies to the castle.
  9. Delphyne looked down at the man and quickly looked over at the man's appearance. He had armor on, which covered his body and an eye patch that kept his right eye hidden. He had a intimidating appearance, which was a useful look to have in such a Kingdom. This Kingdom would slaughter someone who was meek and timid; lucky for Delphyne her height and her marks were rather intimidating to most men and women. The guard beside her had his hand on the grip of his sword. Her pale hazel eyes looked up at the guard and placed a hand over his shoulder, a simple gesture that reassured her safety. When the armored man spoke he asked her a question most noblewomen asked her. She shrugged nonchalantly dropping her shoulders. "Well, I suppose it is quite strange for me to return to such a Kingdom." She admitted looking around her surroundings. The sound of fighting, seducing words, and enticing chants of the deranged -- the Kingdom was terrible, indeed. "As a woman of the Queen's court I suppose, it is my sign of loyalty?" A questioning tone caught the guards ear. "What about you? A strong man in armor should have fled for better duties."
  10. Seti listened to how the woman spoke, making note that she claimed herself a woman of the Queen's Court, and he found the questioning tone interesting, whether she was aware or not of the true purpose, or was deliberately casting shadow on it, was uncertain. Although the fact she admitted returning to such a grim, dark place was indeed strange, her answer certainly would have covered it to some people. Seti did not know whether he trusted her answer to be true or not, but that was of little concern right now, for her own question made him think. Why hadn't he left, even after it was clear that he was one of the only men still trying to do what they were tasked with doing? Because a man didn't spend twenty years of his life fighting for a kingdom only to flee its borders the moment things turned grim and dark. But he gave her a fair answer, since she had done the same in turn, and it was hardly a secret he kept why he remained in such a place anyways. "I swore an oath of fealty to the Queen, far too many years ago, when such darkness did not readily consume all. Consider it a sign of loyalty to times long past, and I suppose I refuse to abandon them now..." Such times were, of course, when the Queen was not gone, and things were far better in this kingdom. He spoke in a reminiscing tone, like he had actually been around when things were far better, speaking to his age, but he shook that thought process quickly, and glanced around at their surroundings. "Such darkness, from such a grand kingdom. How the mighty have fallen, wouldn't you agree, mi'lady? One wonders if old glories could be recaptured, some days."
  11. Trenton recovered from his anger. He had to be careful. Too many delicate objects in this building. He looked out his window towards the castle. He gritted his metaphorical teeth, as he didn't have any. It irked him that his weapons weren't enough to save the kingdom. If he had been smarter he could have saved this place. He shook his head. Best not to think too much on what could have been, always best to look to the future. But sometimes the key to the future is hidden in the past. Trenton decided to take a trip to the castle. Perhaps studying his old war machines would shake a few ideas into him. With that thought he left. His lab wasn't far from the castle so he walked.

  12. Ethereal who was on her knees looked up at the dark sky. "This kingdom was grand an beautiful in its dark ways but now...its dark in a gloom." She mutters "And its all my doing. A Phoenix who couldn't be the sun of Revé." Long ago when her kingdom had glory she was know as The Sun of Revé. But that was long before the war. She stood to her feet and fixed the red scarf around her bust. She still wore her armor which was nothing more the boots, shoulder armor, and suit made of leather and chains.

    Her in Armor (open)

  13. The mighty bird lands on the castle tower, Walker lands on its edge and phases through the window. The presence of a soul was eminent, its shadow called out to Walker chanting the Insanity Blessing far louder than any before. "Show yourself shadow, where are you, are you the queen?!" Walker summoned his favorite shadow minion. A girl with incredible flexibility, a dancer before Walker took her life to find this wretched kingdom.

  14. Ethereal stood up and looked to her window of the tower. Well that was before she took of running out of the tower. At this point she was nothing more the a soul and those how had the power could kill her. The only form she had was this transparent ghostly look and that of her true form as a Phoenix which takes lots of power that she can't east in her current shape.
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  15. "Your speed demon. Give it to me." The female shadow transformed into a shadow of a beast with horns and a tail. The beast took off after the Insanity Blessing of the Queen's soul shadow. Walker summoned his bird by chanting the same order he gives all his shadow souls. The bird is summoned and Walker flies out. Why is she running...

  16. Running out of the now collapsing tower Ethereal darted into the, darker then the town, forbidden forest. Just like every story there was a dark forest that was forbidden but beyond this forest was a beauty only few could or would see. After a point you would hit a barrier and it didn't matter who you were or what power you posed you wouldn't enter unless you where a legendary beast such as a Griffin, Phoenix, Camara or other magical mythical beast that live in legends and lore. She was far from that barrier but by this point she ran. Ethereal stumbled over an tree root and fell down the slop.
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  17. Walker's demon stepped on her shadow and began to raise his weapon to invoke the blessing for Walker. The black blade stops before her neck and dissapears. The demon is chained and brought down. Walker's bird lands before the Queen and bows its head to let Walker down. "Speak. Why were you in the tower? I have heard of no parliament intervention in this district."

  18. Ethereal stopped in her tracks. "Who the hell are you to tell me what to do?" She hissed, her voice venomous. With that said she summoned blue fire within her hand and threw it at him. "How dare you speak in such a way to Royalty! Disrespectful! Little bastered!" She hissed. There was nothing she hated more then disrespect and disloyalty.

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  19. Her eyes widened of surprise. The man was quite devoted, which made her smile and nodded at the man, impressed by his devotion. Many men has left their oath leaving it faster once the prize vanishes. Most men who were knights, fled to better work, a better Kingdom. It was shocking to see one still devoted. Yet she has still have yet to find the answer why she returned back to a sad Kingdom. A Kingdom where she has nothing to gain, nothing but pity for such a Kingdom. But something pulled her back to the Kingdom, a voice, a sound of weeping, a sound of a damsel. Though she never spoke about it with her elders nor anybody, it seemed too mad to think of someone calling for her. She nodded agreeing with the man. "Its a pity. It was once a beautiful Kingdom ruled by a beautiful woman. I just pray that it shall rise once again." The woman spoke of hope and dreams. She sighed softly then a sudden pull towards a direction made her look up to see a tall castle tower. The tower was partly destroyed, the vines grew from the outside walls of the castle. "A devoted man, you say you are." The voices entered her ears. A woman, a voice of a woman's that sounded so familiar. "That tower there." She pointed at the tall castle tower. "Has anyone been inside of it?" She asked ever so curiously. Delphyne felt a sudden urge to walk towards the tower, a tower that held a voice of a woman's. A familiar voice.
  20. "Indeed, it could have been considered the gem of the surrounding lands. But now? More akin to broken pebbles then the gem it once was." Seti did not, really could not, pray anymore, he couldn't find the way to do so and really mean it, not after all that had happened through the years. Which was ironic, he thought, considering what and who he was, but it was irrelevant now, considering that those days were gone now, when he was far bolder, far younger. When the noblewoman mentioned the tower, he sighed and knew which she spoke of, looking at the ruined construct, remembering its glory days far more deeply than he liked to look at the thing now, it was more akin to a gravestone than a point of stewardship over the kingdom. The question was an interesting one, and he had not returned in some time. Perhaps, in the ghosts of the past, the future might be found. "The Queen's old abode, fallen as far as she has. No one sets foot in there anymore, nothing worth stealing is left." That was spoken with particular venom, he had distributed retribution against such callous looters in the past, after they used such ill gotten gains to harm others. "I have no returned to that place in years, but people do not find the deepest quarters. I can show you the way, if it would please you, mi'lady." He would likely make his way there regardless, he felt a desire to visit the past now, as much as he tried to ignore such things now.