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    War...war never changes.

    In the 1800s era of the land, Revé. War takes over the country. A war that last for twenty long years leaving the land dank and desolate, covered with the spiderwebs of old structures that have crumbled down to their skeletons, and trees that seem to be stripped of their vibrant hues and replaced with a broken version of life.

    This war took more then the beauty of the once dark country but its Queen. The countries war left its beloved Queen nothing more then a fragment of her once glory. She was now nothing but a spirit. Using the last of her powers to bring the war to an end.​

    Now in Revé, the darkness thrives, hiding the conflicts of the darker creatures that roam the earth as they hunt for a sustainable life; one of which is hidden away, concealed as an amulet with a stone of vibrant ruby. A stone that can restore glory to the Queen and her land. Now, three of the lands people attempt to find it along side their Queen, hoping to free themselves from the broken version of live they appear to live in.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Photo :

    Name pronunciation:
    Sexuality: (gay, bi, u know drill)
    Blood type:
    Social Status: (Noble, Peasant, etc.)

    Hair color:
    Hair Style: (long or short)
    Eye color:
    Body Type: (thin, masculine, hourglass, etc)

    Markings: (Tattoos, birthmark, scare, etc)
    Stereo Type: (emo, nerd, jock, etc)

    Family History: (consists of family relationships, members, and things like that. Family bio)

    Personal History: (consists of things that happened to character that's irrelevant to family. Personal bio.)

    Yeah. This takes place in a magical world xD humans don't even get to this world. To humans this is a world they image but never thought to exist. In other words no human.

    All that are in this RP live in the world which I have created.
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  2. Is there anything else you wanna add to the character sheet and I am kinda interested in what else this entails. It really seems interesting
  3. No.. I mean if you can come up with better one I'll replace it. I only added what I thought it would need
  4. Photo :

    Name pronunciation:
    Sexuality: (gay, bi, u know drill)
    Blood type:

    Hair color:
    Hair Style: (long or short)
    Eye color:
    Body Type: (thin, masculine, hourglass, etc)

    Markings: (Tattoos, birthmark, scare, etc)
    Cast{Royalty, Noble, Peasant, Servant}:

    I added the last two. I had to copy and past because it was only showing:

    Photo :

    Name pronunciation:
  5. This certainly seems fascinating, sure as sure, and I can get on a Character Sheet once its finalized right away.
  6. cs is good to go. ^•^
  7. Awesome, so, do you have any restrictions or problems with what kind of photos are used, style wise, before I start really looking?
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  8. Interested, but same question ^^^
  9. Not really. It can be anime or graphic design. I prefer not real humans photos because its not as creative.
  10. Alright, my guy is done, so do feel free to holler at me if I botched something badly!

    The Cobalt Knight (open)


    Name: Seti Kleon
    Name pronunciation: Set-e Klee-on
    Alias/Nickname: The Cobalt Knight
    Gender: Male
    Age: 43
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Blood type: AB+
    Ethnics/Species: Angelic

    Hair color: Dull Silver
    Hair Style: Short, Swept Back
    Eye color: Left Eye Hazel, Right Eye, Colorless
    Body Type: Lean
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 181lbs Unarmored

    Markings: Scars across the right side of his face from losing his eye in battle
    Personality: Before the war, Seti Kleon was a rather different man. Still relatively new to the world and its dangers, recently taking up his place as an aspiring Knight in the Queen's service, Seti had nothing but boundless energy and drive. Those who knew the young man would describe him as driven and brave, but to a fault, as he would continue far beyond his limits in an effort to keep up with his peers and prove his mettle to the other Knights and those who observed him, both in public and private. He was fairly rash in his actions and speech, surprising people with how he acted and went about his tasks some days, and this lack of foresight and planning would haunt him for years afterwords.

    After the war, having managed to survive the whole twenty year ordeal somehow, Seti was older and wiser, but had paid for it both phsyically, emotionally, and even spiritually. Any faith he had in beings of celestial or infernal power was shattered, and replaced with contempt for anything other than that which could display its prowess without boasting of greater abilities in other plains of existence. He was no longer the brash, bold boy that had walked into twenty years of war, but far more curt and to the point, speaking little since he was so used to people around him dying on a regular basis there was no point learning little more than a name they would respond to, as their spot may very well have a fresh face in it the next day. His own personal care to survive was gone, he will gladly march into a meat grinder of a siege if necessary, and somehow walk out, not ever attributing his survival to anything more than sheer stubbornness and experience.

    Seti carried an air of a tired veteran, weighed down with years of guilt that shows in his most private moments, regretting seeing so many younger men die while he marched grimly onwards, carrying the tidings of death and grief for the enemies, with little more than a Knight's pay and the "honor and status" such a position brought, as little as Seti cares for it anymore. He would, more than once, bitterly remark that with the price he paid for full Knighthood, he didn't know if it was ever worth working towards anymore. But he still keeps to his vows of loyalty, specifically to the Queen over any other, even after her fall to little more than a spirit, despite his fellows wallowing in the darkness that now consumed the world.

    Bio: Born in the capitol of Revé, Seti Kleon was already destined to his future far more then he would have ever later liked to have been stuck in. Both his parents were serving soldiers in the standing royal army of Revé, and he was given to a Knight of some note as a squire, and from a young age, he was trained harshly in the art of warfare and court manouverings, earning quite a few training scars from combat practice, and some lashings from missteps in the courts. The older knight instilled the brash, driven desire to prove himself, as nothing was ever good enough for his teacher. Eventually his mentor passed on, and being too old to be squired to another and have it make a real impact, Seti was named an Aspiring Knight, dependent on his actions and conduct on whether he would ascend to full knighthood or not.

    If Seti wasn't driven before, he was now. Any task that he could get sent on he would undertake, and from the age of 18 to 21, a span of three years, he worked tirelessly on all tasks he could get, from the mundane to the extremely perilous, solely to prove himself as fast as he could. His haste and bravado did slow him down in the progress department, as those things sometimes nearly caused his ruination, but by the end of this three year testing period, Seti had proven himself, and just in time, for the war that would soon be known in infamy was about to kick off, preparation for which was one reason he was knighted so he could be sent off to the front as a full Knight.

    Twenty years is a long time for any single country to fight a war, let alone a single man, but Seti somehow made it. From sieges, defending and assaulting, open battle on the fields, retreats and counter assaults, Seti was exposed to the worst in men, amplified by the horrors of a war fought at blade's length from his enemies, watching his fellows get cut down as he led new, fresh faced groups of men into the grim, bloody battlefields time and again, always somehow coming out in one piece while the rest of his men were dead. His closest to death was the loss of his eye at the last stand of the regiment he was serving with at the war's end, before the Queen ended the war once and for all. His eye was torn away from his head, and he had to stand, half blind, in pain and suffering from blood loss, and keep the enemies from storming their keep. He was one of barely a tenth of the men to survive the bloody end of the war, and he took to wearing blue hued equipment in eternal mourning for the loss of all those that fought in the war, earning the moniker of the Cobalt Knight.

    He was 41 years old when the war ended, and while Seti could have done as his other surviving knights had, taken on squires and used their station to rule their own little slices of the country instead of serve its best interests, Seti went on a journey, becoming a Knight Errant rather than just a Knight of the country, intending to be a last beacon of the old knights of the land, who would actually serve the best interests of Queen and Country, damn the forward momentum of these dark times carrying others ahead regardless of the cost, and it would bring him to the attention of others, including the spirit of his Queen, and it would carry him far further then he ever imagined possible.

    Cast{Royalty, Noble, Peasant, Servant}: Knight Errant
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  11. Photo: (As Queen)
    (As warrior/warlord)
    (Phenoix wings for when she is in human form)
    (Phenoix form)

    Name: Ethereal
    Name pronunciation:
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21 (real age unknown)
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Blood type: O
    Ethnics/Species: Phoenix

    Hair color: White
    Hair Style: Long
    Eye color: blue
    Body Type: masculine, and hourglass
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 180

    Markings: Along her back she has a tattoo of irises.
    Personality: She is a rather calm person yet she has an aggressive side most wouldn't want to see. Though she seems kind heated it doesn't mean she can be cruel when its needed.

    Bio: Ethereal has been living longer then most. She is wise and all knowing. Even if she dies she is always reborn. Out of her three elder brothers she was the only one to be called a pure Phenoix or blue phenoix. Meaning even if she dies she rises from the ash once more as if nothing happened. Unlike her others when they die they will start life over from the day they are born. She in the other hand will resurrect as if nothing happened.

    During the twenty year long war her elder brothers died to protect her. With that she was ferrous and started to burn everything in her path.

    In the end it took everything she had to end the war leaving her nothing more then a soul.

    Cast{Royalty, Noble, Peasant, Servant}: Queen.
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  12. What level is technology? I'd assume medeival.
  13. Yeah
  14. I'll get to work on a CS.
  15. Are mythical creatures allowed? Such as elves and nymphs? If not, I'm fine with my character just being a human, this RP looks interesting either way.
  16. Yeah. This takes place in a magical world xD humans don't even get to this world. To humans this is a world they image but never thought to exist. In other words no human.
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  17. Photo : 87ebd52d7626fa5e70f1326f5ff5c10e.jpg

    Name: Corona Marletian
    Name pronunciation: Core-vona Mar-lace-ian
    Alias/Nickname: Cora
    Gender: female
    D.O.B: 3-7-1997
    Age: 17
    Sexuality: N/A but she is curious
    Blood type: O
    Ethnics/Species: Human Hybrid
    Social Status: Rogue Assassin

    Hair color: black
    Hair Style: short
    Eye color: brown
    Body Type: thin
    Height: 4'11"
    Weight: 122

    Markings: none
    Personality: Adventurous, sharp witted, sensible, combat ready
    Stereo Type: none

    Family History: N/A all deceased

    Personal History: if you must know I will tell, but i would prefer to tell it throughout the RP.
  18. Oh, yayy. :D Then yes, I'm totally joining. -Rolls away to fill out cs-
  19. A R I S T O C L E M E N T E

    Aristo Looks (open)

    Aristo Realistic Looks (open)

    Name: Aristo Julius Clemente
    Name pronunciation: Air-rist-oh Julius Clem-ant-tee
    Alias/Nickname: Ari, The Albino Dragon.
    Gender: Male.
    D.O.B: December 14th.
    Age: 16.
    Sexuality: Bisexual.
    Blood type: AB.
    Ethnics/Species: Halfbreed. His mother was an elf, while his father was a dragon shifter.
    Social Status: By blood, technically he is noble status. Although as of now, he's reduced to that of a peasant.

    Hair color: White.
    Hair Style: Medium length, and falls into his eyes quite a bit. It's cut shorter in the back, but longer in the front.
    Eye color: Gold.
    Body Type: Thin.
    Height: 5'7.
    Weight: 138 lbs.

    Markings (open)

    His markings are smiliar to the ones pictured above, although they are white, not black. On occasion, they glow a faint yellow color, although it is very rare, and only when he shifts.

    Personality: Aristo is well, too say the least, somewhat of a trouble maker. His smirk spells mischief, and his snickers are a trademark stamp for trouble around the corner. He is sneaky, his wit is quick and cunning, and his voice of reason can ease him out of any tough situation. However, don't get him wrong. And watch out ladies, he's quite the flirt. He is not all smirks and giggles, he is much more than that. Although he appears to be nothing but a trouble maker, Aristo is actually a kind-hearted person who uses pranks and fun as a way to show affection for those around him. For those he holds close, he has a fierce loyalty to, and would do anything to protect them. Once he becomes close and comfortable with you, he becomes more genuine and silly, and maybe even a bit clingy.
    Stereo Type: 'Prankster'.

    Family History: Ah, his family history. This is quite the wild ride. His birth was that of secret affairs and sinful behavior of a bored Noble woman. His mother, Yuna, was to do nothing but to sit around and look pretty for her husband, while he had his long string of mistresses. If anything, she was just show for the upper class. Whilst her husband treated her like glorified garbage, Yuna grew sick and tired of having no one cater to her needs. So, she herself had an affair. Now, when I say affair, you think of some poor drunken fool who crosses her path at a nearby Inn, right? Well, you couldn't be more wrong. She had met Izuyi, an untamed dragon shifter, his eyes as bright as fire, and his spirit untamed like a flame. It seemed to be love at first site, to Yuna. As they slowly fell in love, she found herself pregnant, with none other than Izuyi's child. This could not happen. She was a noble, the classiest of her era, how could she be pregnant with the child of an affair? And not only that, with such a beast? Of course, she saw him as a young man whom she fell in love with, but others saw him as a brute. Out of shame, she hid her pregnancy, and cut off all ties she had with Izuyi. When she had this child, this shameful child, she panicked, and locked him away in the attic, where he lived until he was thirteen. Aristo has a few half siblings, who grew up in the eye of the public in with the noble mother he never was allowed to love.

    Personal History: As stated above, he was hidden away for most of his life. His mother hadn't forgotten about him too much, no, she still brought him food, and books to read and games to play. But that was nothing compared to what his siblings got, they had gotten tons of presents, his sisters, new dresses, his brothers, new guns. And all he could do was watch from the cracks in the wooden floor, or listen to their life without him. However, he had grew to accept it as normal, his mother telling him he would be shunned and hated by the world outside. That they would kill him if he set foot outside of that attic, for he was nothing but a monster in their eyes, that she was only protecting him. He believed every lie she fed him, until she made the mistake of giving him the few sets of books that weren't placed in a fake setting with fake characters. She had given him the taste of the free life, written on the pages. The more he read, the same words over and over again, the more he grew curious and the more he longed for the free life. One night, he made the decision that would change his life forever. He broke out, a few dozen broken lock picks later, and ran. He ran until he could no longer run, until his lungs felt like they would burst. So Aristo raised himself, learning from whoever cared enough to help him. He spent the majority of his days in the woodlands, but even when he wandered to town, he found himself washed away with the crowds, and not the monster his mother made him out to be.

    ((Holy crap this took forever. ._.))
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  20. Photo :

    Name: Trenton
    Name pronunciation:
    Alias/Nickname: Elektro. Reference to his frequent of blue magic.
    Gender: M
    Age: 30
    Sexuality: straight
    Blood type: O-
    Ethnics/Species: Elf
    Social Status: Noble

    Hair color: no hair
    Hair Style:
    Eye color: blue
    Body Type: muscular
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: around 200 lbs

    Markings: ornate symbols on his armor
    Personality: Short temper but curious.
    Stereo Type:
    Family History: Has no living family.

    Personal History: Brilliant scientist and wizard warrior. He built himself a suit of armor that enveloped his entire body. Infused with magic, it eliminates the need to eat, excrete and breath. But at a cost. He cannot take it off, he can't feel warmth, texture or pain. He built the suit in an attempt to save his life. An experiment with a spell went bad and he began to lose control of his muscles and his immune system was weakened. Thus, he is trapped in the armor.
    As for his past, he developed weapons for the Queens forces. Now that the old monarchy is crumbling, he turns to simple inventing with a side of mercenary work.
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