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  1. She's been writing a lot these days. Really, what else was there to do? Choose a dress for some other pageant that she was inclined to attend? Right. That sounded super fab. She's wear something unlike all the rest, and the same girl that always wins would win again. Nothing much ever changed in this town. ​
    Besides, all these fantastic ideas and dreams became so much more real when she was writing. Maybe the online semi-fame was just urging her on. Who knows. Whatever the reason, she'd never felt more connected to her characters. ​
    Tonight, however, she was down at the river. Along with nearly every other teen of the town. It was the mayor's kid's birthday. Every one showed up. ​
    "Thanks," she smiled, clutching her cup to her chest as as someone offered to fill it. "I'm good." ​
    It wasn't exactly on her To Do list to end up in some guy's room with little memory of what had happened. Not that the town had many people you didn't know. But that didn't exactly mean she trusted them.​
    Hayden had managed to find her way to the fire. It wasn't exactly cold out, but the sun was down, and that gave her any excuse she needed to stare at the flames. Someone had brought a blanket, and the blonde had been lucky enough to snag it, so she didn't have to sit on the pine needle coated forest floor.​
    Tonight was pleasant enough. It honestly was less than she had expected, but she wasn't quite sold on heading home yet. Her mom was making something weird for dinner, anyway. ​
    "So, when are you putting up the next bit?" She heard a voice ask. Turning, Hayden saw a friend making a move to sit with her. "Your story, I mean. I'll admit I want to know what happens with Aiden and that witch."​
    "I haven't started it, yet. Exams are coming up, so I'm trying to get some study time in." Yeah, right. Aiden and Bethany were the only thing she was studying. Trying to figure out their characters more, really. Sometimes she felt so close, like she knew everything. They were her characters after all. She made them. What more was there to know?​
    On the other hand, it felt like bits were just missing.​
  2. Aiden was new to this town but had decided to come to this party, mostly hoping to find someone to feed from. He sat a distance away from the rest of the people at the fire holding a drink.

    He watched as people went about talking and having fun with their friends. Two girls walked past him and gave warm smiles. He read their minds. "Who is that?" One of the girls thought to herself and the other was thinking about school and her parents; Aiden lost interest quickly. And continued to watch the party go on. He was getting thirsty, he thought of feeding from someone here
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.