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  1. It has been a really long time since I last used this site and now, I am back.

    I am looking for partners for either one on one or group RPs. I would like for my partners to have just the following qualities: fairly good writing, good immersion into character and the RP, fun and interesting replies, consideration for other partners, and good development/ contribution.

    I'm not picky about post length, I, myself, do about a small paragraph per reply and would appreciate about the same. I'm not saying long or short reply length is bad as long as it isn't like short story length or just a few words. I would like something I can promptly read and something to reply to.
    I'm also not demanding about reply rates. One a day is plenty for me. I also promise to reply at least once a day to every RP I am participating in and maybe more depending on activity on my partner and my part. Just remember to be patient with me since I am not online all the time.

    Ideas are welcomed and I have my own as well. Feel free to discuss anything with me. I do mature and tame content
    My preference is to plot focused and story driven. I am a sucker for good stories.
    My favorite genres include romance, adventure, tragedy. With my favorite settings including fantasy (a broad label), medieval, ancient, space, futuristic, certain video games, and a real world with fantasy elements.
    Since I mentioned games, I will clarify with some titles I enjoy and am quite familiar with to do a good RP in: Elder Scrolls series, Dark Souls series, League of Legends, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, and many others I can't recall at the moment.
    I would be glad to do anything that isn't specified. Just remember to bring it up for discussion.

    Character types is an open topic. I am open to most types of characters and don't mind mixing and matching.
    The following are my personal favorites: furry, kemonomimi, human, feral, fantasy races (elves, dwarfs, vampirte, etc.) and alien races (nothing specific)

    With all that said, feel free to message me for discussion if you are interested in any of the above or have your own ideas that you would like a partner for.
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  2. Hello, and welcome back to the site. I'm sorry to pop in randomly, but I'm going to need to ask you to make a couple edits to your post. Because of Iwaku's age regulations, people over and under 18 not being allowed to write sex scenes together, we don't allow sexual (mature) requests in the general partner requests, even if it is part of a broader request and you are not necessarily specifically looking for mature stories. If you want that to definitely be an option, I can easily move this to the libertine interest checks.
  3. You seem to have your head on straight and I would be very much interested in role playing with you. We have very similar interests when it comes to genres and topics. When it comes to mature, I like there to be more story than sex. The sex has to have a meaning or a significance about it. not just random and "hey lets just do it all over the place." No.

    Anyway, yeah, I would be interested in roleplaying with you. I noticed that you said you liked space based role plays and I kind of have an idea rooting in my mind for a space based role play, also you said you like world of Warcraft, I would be interested in doing a role play with that kind of theme too it. If you want to work/plot something out, just let me know.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
  4. Just wanted to point out, as Peregrine said, that people above and below 18 years of age are not allowed to write sex scenes together at all. If you're interested in that stuff, I'd suggest you to check out the Liberteen 1x1 section.
  5. I realize that, my bad I didn't notice that this user was out of the age limit. Sorry.
  6. I have amended the post to remove the content.
    My apologies for that. I wasn't aware as I have only just returned from another website that, I guess, works a little differently.
    I will remember as to not repeat this mistake.
  7. Hello i'm interested in roleplaying with ya, i don't really have any ideas in mind but we can brainstorm.
  8. Awesome! I'll start up a PM so we can talk and brainstorm.
  9. No worries! That's why I'm here.
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