Returning to my homeworld unbeknownst to me

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  1. The young woman was frightened. Anything with a good sense of smell could tell it without looking at her face. She stood in the middle of a village—that was the only term that could have been used to describe the small area in which the dwellings occupied. Where on Earth was she?

    She closed her eyes and tried to remember what had happened that morning. The twenty year old young woman had been heading to her college class. And then a man had shoved her in the direction of a whole into which she tripped. And then she had woken up in the middle of a rather deserted village.

    She opened her eyes and hoped that it had all been some kind of weird dream, but no. She was standing in the middle of a dirt street, the light breeze trying to blow her knee length dress up and reveal even more skin.

    She grabbed her back tightly and pulled it close and started to walk slowly in her flip-flops down the road. Grey-green eyes were framed by locks of black hair as she looked around. Where was she?
  2. A voice is heard close to you "Excuse me miss? Are you ok?" Its a rather handsome male dressed like its the height of the roman empire, he seems to have a regal air about him and has one arm outstretched to help you up. "My name is Soren and i would be happy to help you, please dont be frightened"
  3. Aladria jerked and spun at the voice and stared up at the man. Her eyes widened at the outfit and she scrambled away to stare at him. "What-Who-Where?!" was all she could manage at first. She had to admit that he wasn't all that bad looking, but still, the outfit was a tad weird. And the fact he had called her miss didn't help either. "Where am I?" She finally asked softly.