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  1. Some bad stuff happened and I had to leave Iwaku for a long time. But Now I'm back full time and ready to bug all of the staff member with questions. I am also looking to join some RPs. I'm good for anything so if you've got some ideas lay 'em on me. I like Dungeons and Dragons... I don't know if there is anything like that on Iwaku, but if there is I want to get involved. I like crazy scientists.

    Other things about me:
    Love Ferris Wheels
    I play pokemon... like a boss
    I like fluffy things...
    I am interested in photography and Computer Graphics
    I dream of smiling with friends
    I like learning about people

    I speak some German...
    I play badminton
    I like chess
    Love Potatoes in french fry form
    I live in Japan right now
    I hate bananas
    and watermelon

    Tell me some stuff about you people! What do you like to do? I like art. and talking. Though I hate the sound of my own voice. How contradictory... Well anyways, glad to be back :D
  2. Welcome back, um, Batman! :happy: it's nice to meet you! ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch auch!
    I'm digging the fact that you like pokemon, too.
    Also, I'm with ya on the banana and watermelon thing. Yuck. :tongue:
  3. I remember you *squints*

    It's a shame about those bad things, I hope all that could be resolved was indeed resolved, but welcome back! :) Yes, we have D&D peeps on this here Iwaku! Quite a few actually. I'm not 100% sure but the group Table Top Tyrants might be your best shot at finding them. If not, you can always come inquire in the cbox. As for finding a regular RP, well I don't know how long you've been gone but Iwaku has a neat little system. If you're the kind that likes window shopping, just check out the roleplay section. If you're lazy like me, just wander around in here.
  4. I think I remember you.

    Asmodeus has been running some D&D games if you're interested in them. The only I'm in with him is about to end so perhaps you can get into the next game?

    Anyways, welcome back to Iwaku. ^^
  5. Welcome back :)
  6. Hi Batman! I don't know you but I want to eat you! :D