Returning to a changed setting.

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  1. Wow... A lot has happened with Iwaku since I was last on. It's been only 2 months. I came back because I miss writing and come back to this. I'm saying I don't like the changes but I mean I've been a member for a long time and have never seen THIS much change...

    ^^: Anyways, I'm Inkling and as I've mentioned I'm thinking about returning. A lot has happened within my life the past several months that caused me to just disappear. I have to apologize to ALL my friends that I just left and to all who I was role playing with before my leave. I hope to make it up to everyone...

    Nice to be back.
    (Since it's the day I return...) May the fourth be with you.
  2. Pleasant greetings, Inkling!
    I wasn't even around two months ago, but welcome back!
  3. Welcome back!

    Now don't ever leave us again!