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romance, adoption, angst
Hello! I left for a while and I’m back! My names maki and I go by she/he/they pronouns!

I’m really just looking for people to roleplay with, but I do have some requirements and rules! Here’s my rules

-be patient, if it takes me more then a week, bump me, I have a tendency to click on messages then forget what I was doing
-please be nice and respectful.
-going with that, let me know if IM not, I have autism, and tones can often be missed in messages, so let me know and I'll either fix it, or clear up tone confusion, but I'm generally pretty expressive so my tone shouldn't be lost?
-I come from so I’m not sure how needed it is to say this but no N*FW
-no, and I mean NO one liners,the occasional one of fine but I don't want any of the aistrek roleplays
-please don't ask me to roleplay as a certain character, or from a certain verse, it's a major roleplay turn off for me when people know my verse, it makes me anxious, I also just like explaining things!
-dark themes are a MUST. I prefer to play characters that I can traumatize, it's kinda my staple, weird? Yes. But do I care? No.
-please have a draw face claim, I will add people with irl face claims, but I will ask you provide me with something drawn.
-please have some kind of experience with hurt comfort.

I have a few prompts but im really down for anything! These are the plots I have thus far!

Y/c is new to school, m/c 1 is the popular kid and befriends you, telling you to be careful of his little brother m/c 2. Y/c goes with it at first, but after actually meeting him, y/c grows suspicious of if m/c 1 is telling the truth or not.

Y/cs friend buys them 3 very high tech robots to help with anger issues, or just around the house, but y/c quickly finds out the dark truth behind these animatronics

Y/c woke up in the morning to a call from the police department, telling them that their brother has been arrested, and asking if they can keep their brothers 6 children for the time being. But now their with you, y/c is slowly realizing exactly why their brothers in jail.
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Haii!! It appears I have shown interest in one of your plots 👀 /lh /nm /gen