Returning... in a sense.

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  1. After nearly two months I'm back. I wish I could say I'm full of drive and ready to leap back into my roleplays... unfortunately not. I've come back in an attempt to restore my drive, and as for left roleplays, I've changed up my character rather dramatically. Since this could be classed as a second intro, of sorts, if anyone's interested in helping me restore my drive, I play anything; furries, monsters, humans, even feral animals - clean or mature. Very little is off limits. I'll see y'all around.
  2. Welcome back.

    Stick around this time foreeeeeveeeeeerrrrrrr
  3. Hello and welcome back! I hope we can role play together some time~
  4. Thanks guys. ^^ If you'd like to RP, just drop me a PM or somethin'. I may try and do up a plot list, like some other members have done, too.
  5. I'm a new person here and hoping that the role players will start to return, welcome back Tainted. I' rikinana you can just call me Riki if you want.
  6. Hi, Riki. And thanks. Welcome to Iwaku. :D
  7. Thanks. ^^ Love your icon, by the way. It's one of my favourite movies.
  8. Welcome back; one drive-restarted checklist coming up!

    1) the Content Forums
    Visit the Roleplay Institute, Creative Challenges, and United Guild of Worldbuilding frequently; challenge yourself to complete an exercise every time you log in

    2) a Writing Regimen
    It's the best cure for a lack of motivation and inspiration; more details here

    3) find a partner who can hold you accountable and Roleplay something you love

    Pm me if you're ever bored or stuck :3
  9. Welcome back Tainted. I hope you'll get your drive back. If I could accommodate more RPs, I would offer to start one with you but alas I have quite a lot of ongoing ones. But best of wishes that you find yourself a good one :)