Returning From the Dead [ A.K.A Vacation ]

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  1. Hello All~!

    Its me again, returning from Vacation. And I am looking for some 1x1s!!
    I don't really mind what genre we do, as long as we talk about a plot and such first. I do like to have a bit of structure before just jumping into a roleplay.
    I also like semi-literate/literate roleplayers. No one-liners!! Those absolutely annoy me.
    And I do prefer the female role, since I am in fact female.

    So yes~!
    If anyone is interested, feel free to PM me or comment here!!
  2. I would but I saw your siggy and laughed my butt off. Now I can't stop watching and forgot what idea I was going to give you...
    Ah yes. Did it have to be FxM or can it be FxF
  3. It can be either. I haven't done FxF much but I'm willing to try it again~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.