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  1. Steam rose up from the trees, the cold taking ahead of the night. A sudden burst of fire shot up, reveling a figure. As the fire simmered down, the tall figure stood, the steam of the person's breath showing in the darkness, white and orange eyes piercing the night. Lylexia wore a sinister smile, as she looked around, trying to decide which way she should go this time. She had not been in this area for over a century, so how it looked would be another experience in its own.

    The small mortals had become both easier to scare and harder. Some believed in nothing that she could cause, but the ones that believed REALLY believed. They didn't think that a higher power could help them if she was to come, that they had to use some sort of voodoo magic. It was neither true, nor a lie. If a human alone wished to get rid of her, then they would need to have someone capable of black magic to actually get rid of her if she didn't leave of her own free will.

    Lylexia started to walk, her boots crunching leaves on the ground. While she was not fully visible to humans, unless she brought up her main energy, but she was able to interact with the environment easily since it had no thought at all, so to inanimate objects, she was always there. The longer she walked, and the colder that her surroundings got, steam appeared to rise off her skin. She began to hear cars, knowing that she was approaching the area that she had intended to. She turned to the left, her eyes turning more orange than white as she looked. There had been an odd sound. She knew that it was somewhere close to her, but didn't see anything.

    It wasn't the first time that she had heard the same noise, or that she had noticed glowing eyes of a lesser demon watching her. She was an Elite, so Lylexiea knew that a lot of lesser demons feared her and her powers and tended to hide if she came into their territory if they happened to be around. Over the centuries she had been on earth though, she had never felt like they were watching her closely for longer than she was in her area. She had a feeling that she was being followed.

    The brunette had already been trapped in a house, and stripped of her powers almost half a century ago but an old man who had learned of her by chance. Lylexia had caused many great fires that the humans chalked up to an accident or natural disaster. He had felt her presence as they walked by each other on a street and used her own energy against her. Once he passed of old age, his silly children released her from her prison.

    She pushed away trees, her eyes widening. The once small town opened into a very large city. Lylexia had thought that the town would be dead shortly after she had seen it, but by some luck, it excelled. She walked into the city, surprised by how much foot traffic that it had even at night. She stopped, looking in a window and ran her fingers through her hair as she thought about what she should for the night. She could either spend the night terrorizing people, or she could just explore and come up with a larger plan. As she stood there, a mother and a little girl passed where Lylexia was standing, the little girl staring, mouth open, with a scared look on her face. Lylexiea turned around, an evil smile on her face, as she followed after the girl, until she started to scream. Once she did, Lylexiea turned into a alley way laughing. She could smell a fire somewhere, and she scoped out, until she pinpointed it. It was up on the 5th store of building. She climbed up, afraid to use her powers in the center of a large city in a magnitude like having it lift her into the air.

    When she saw the fire, she bit her lip, and looked around. The owner of the apartment didn't seem to be around, so she was not interacting with a human. She was interacting with her element. As the fire popped, She let watched a small piece still hot enough to burn land on the ground, then it started to grown, until it was a small flame that was not going to be stopped right away. She let the fire burn, then watched as the owners flew in as the smoke detectors went off. The ran around trying to find a fire extinguisher as one called the fire department. The flame grew, and Lylexiea crawled back down to the ground, watching from down below as the fire filled the small area.

    She jumped, turning again. The same noise. It was following her. She turned quickly to see small glowing green eyes. A subordinate? That's what was following her? Before the demon could leave, another subordinate appeared with eyes that matched Lylexiea's. It grabbed onto the one following her, and dragged it out.

    "Thank you, Niau. You are always so good." Her smooth and sultry voice cooed to him. "So. How long have you been following me? And if you say that this is the first time that you have followed me, then I will throw you up into that fire there, and get you bannished, never to return again." The small demon shrieked, and began to fight the other small demon known as Niau.

    "No! Please! Don't send me back! I have been following you for awhile. I have just been watching! I have been wanting to ask you how you became an elite. I am tired of being weak. Is there a way to move up, or are you just lucky and are stronger?"

    Lylexiea looked at the demon, then flicked her eyes upwards. Niau shot up, dragging the demon up as it screamed, and threw it into the fire. Once he was back to the ground, she used her powers to cause an explosion in the apartment. "Come Niau. You can accompany me while we walk and see if we can come up with ideas. I was locked up for a long time." She stated as they began to walk away.
  2. Time was a fickle affair.

    To most, the clock was their dictator, and time was a tyrant that would not, could not be bested. Their entire existence revolved about the ticking of the seconds, their efforts to live their lives to the fullest a fruitless endeavor, as not one ever would. For decades they watched the hands flicker, twitching about the blank face affixed to their wall, bedecking their dash or strung about their wrists, waiting, watching as their time ran out. And when it did, even after life fled it's petty mortal shell, and their flesh was left to sour and rot and return to the earth, still that little hand ticked. And ticked. And ticked.

    Seraphim despised time. Not because he was a victim of it; oh no, he was no victim of time. But rather because he was not, and yet still it ruled his existence as it did everything else. A watch was nothing. Yet time was everything. And at this very moment, time was not on his side.

    Smoke was on the horizon. He could see it, smell it, hear the flames cracking as sultry tongues licked feverishly at whatever kindle it encountered. Someone was screaming, a high-pitched wail that forced a shiver of delight rippling up the Retriever's spine, and his lips curled cruelly. It was a despairing cry, a woman utterly distraught by whatever her mortal eyes perceived. A mother, perhaps? A mother who had lost her infant to the terrible blaze. What a wonderfully tragic loss that would be, indeed. She need not worry, of course. Something so innocent and pure would certainly not be sentenced to hell.

    Thank God for that.

    But it was not the flames nor the screaming woman that drew Seraphim in the direction of the burning building, as the Demon would soon find it to be. The whir of sirens were audible now above the frantic buzz of mortals mulling helplessly about the street below, indicating that the big red vehicles Seraphim knew to be called Fire Engines were not far off the scene. The blaze was fairly large, and seemed to have spring to life somewhere on the central levels of the bland torrent of modern architecture. It had begun to tilt and sag, bowing towards the street as the flames ate away it's supports. The lower levels were also alight, though the flickering limbs of heat were lesser, and tinged with the faintest trace of what could only be described as magic.

    Yet it was not the signature he had been seeking.

    Frowning particularly, the Demon began wavering his way through the mass of mortal bodies, who stepped unwittingly aside for him as he approached. To them he appeared as an ordinary man; reasonably tall with a superbly beige complexion, starkly contrasted by a mane of ivory tresses that fell between his shoulder blades. He was lean and wiry in build; broad of shoulder and slim of hip, with long limbs and an elegant stride. His powerful legs were sheathed in black leather, while his torso was obscured beneath a white turtleneck. The buckles of his biker boots jingled faintly with every footfall.

    He stopped at the inner fringe of the mob, and the mortals closed in around him as they craned their necks for a better look. Their limbs knocked his carelessly, and one woman had the hindrance to step on his foot. Scowling furiously, Seraphim turned to the young man next to him.

    'What happened?' he asked, his voice rumbling like thunder from deep within his chest. His timbre was fairly soft, yet the mortal man heard him as clearly as if he'd shouted. The mortal man shrugged.

    'Dunno,' he said, apparently more intrigued by the event than he was troubled. 'Fire started on the fifth floor, then the first floor caught. I reckon it was hot embers or somethin', you know? But some madwoman keeps babblin' 'bout someone climbin' the side of the building.' He shook his head, chuckling as he pointed towards the blank stretch of wall. 'You'd have to be fuckin' Spiderman or some shit to climb that!'

    Seraphim didn't comment, and when the young man looked back to the spot the Demon had been standing, he was already gone.
  3. Sounds of the fire flew through the air, some mortals seemed to be going towards it, their fleshy faces stricken by curiosity. Others chose to ignore the yelling, sirens, and the smoke that floated to the heavens themselves. It was amazing how much people had evolved in even the hundred years from when Lylexiea had been locked away, to know. If only they could all see the reapers on their shoulders, growing heavier and more sinister as their days become more and more numbered. People were more infatuated with themselves, and less to others that they all seemed to forget that one day, they would all perish and find their way to were their soul will rest for eternity.

    As Lylexiea walked, she decided that she would rather be visible to all the poor humans all the time. She could have some fun with some of them. There were some humans that were already a lot like demons. They were great fun to play with. Stepping to the side of a building, she pushed her energy to make her visible once again. She had no need to hide since she was away from the portal she had entered through. She messed up her long and wavy hair as she looked around. The people in this era became so used to people standing out, that there was no part of her that seemed out of the ordinary. She shook her torso a little, feeling the leather pull. For a women she was generally taller than the usual female, but not so much so in this era. The mortals had been getting taller.

    As she walked, she noticed looked from all angles. Young children seemed to catch onto what she was, even in a mortal form, so she still had to be careful as not to set them off too much and alert the parents to something. She noticed looks from men that were supposed to be business men and be repulsed by someone that looked like she did, when she would catch them, they would look away acting like they were never looking. She noticed a lot of looks from the younger males. She had the perfect hour glass shape, was well toned, guessing that she looked much like she did when she died, if she died. Lylexiea remembered nothing of how she became a demon, she just knows nothing but that. There were some that still were in hell that claim that they were good people, that they had just made a few small mistakes, that they didn't deserve it. But if you were in hell, there was no arguing your way out, and there was no real questions to if you belonged.

    Naiu had been instructed to stay with the first for a little while to see the destruction, on terms to come find her once they had it under control. Lylexiea stopped, as a group of men stood in front of her, smiling at her. She knew the whole speech of what they were going to say, and Lylexiea didn't care to hear it right now. She looked into their eyes, the white becoming more promanent. All she had to do was stare, the same sinister smile that she flashed a lot of the time across her full lips. Eventually, the group passed her quickly, not looking back. She just shrugged and continued on her way.

    "Lylexiea! Lylexiea!" Rang out Naiu's voice. He looked to be about thirteen years of age, whether or not that was how old that he was when he died, or something else was unknown to her. There were something that tended to happen between some of the demons. "There is a Retriever here! He knows that there was a demon that was the cause behind the fire! Before you ask, no, I don't know which way he went, no I don't know if he took the other Sub, or what is going on. All I know, is that I saw him. One of the petty mortals talked of a crazy lady talking about another person climbing the side of the building."

    Lylexiea let out a snarl as she paced for a moment. She was not going back to hell and being trapped there again. If felt like she was only just freed from her last capture. She looked to a pub that was across the street. Seemed like it could be interesting for now. She could possibly lay low, and come up with a plan to make either a lot of things happen and disappear, or to hopefully get his mind off of what she was doing, or planing on doing.

    "Naiu, go over and 'play' in that park while I think of something to do. If you get caught and are questions, then I cut my strings. Return back to the hell that you came from." He nodded and went over to the park. It would probably look extremely out of the ordinary to see a child playing in the dead of night with no parent around. She stopped caring as she entered into the pub. Like always, she was one of the few women, so eyes were on her like flies on shit. She went over to a booth sitting down, occasionally checking the clock as if she was waiting upon someone.

    A mental list started to appear in her mind as she thought of everything possible that she could do here in this city, or she could just leave and be in a new city in about ten seconds.
  4. A cloud of smoke billowed from the flaming depths of the building quite suddenly - denser and blacker than the ashy smolder belching from the neighboring blaze - swirling as if caught in a hurricane, growing every thicker, until it began to take on a very distinct outline. Moments later the dark smog solidified, and Seraphim's splendid form was standing midst the leaping extremities, his black gaze sweeping idly about the burning room. A wicked leer bedecked his fine features.

    Oh yes. There was no doubt in his mind that a Demon had been here, and only very recently.

    Lifting his chin, the Retriever inhaled deliberately, drawing in the scent of the room. The signature was faint, and growing fainter still, but it was there, and it seemed to mingle flawlessly midst the flames. Near undetectable, possibly entirely so if not for Seraphim's particularly keen senses. A fire Demon, perhaps? And a fairly well practiced one to boot. Whoever had done this had done so with very little difficulty, however simple an act it might have seemed. But it was still not the signature he sought.

    Even so, it was not something to merely be dismissed. Fire Demons would be particularly tricky as their abilities manifested in a tangible form, and their meddling could be disastrous. Fire was a natural occurrence upon the Mortal Plane, of course, and often the Mortal authorities concluded a fairly logical explanation for whatever chaos they issued, but human flamethrowers were rather more difficult to explain. Furthermore, this particular Demon was throwing him off a rather important trail, and it needed to be dealt with immediately.

    Typically, time was of the essence.

    It look but a split second for Seraphim to vanish, and re-manifest center of two trees lining the sidewalk across the street from the ruined building. The Fire Engines were arriving, Firefighters clad in offensive orange gear leaping from the vehicles. The Retriever went unnoticed by the humans; the activity about the building drew their attentions firmly, and the cover of night ensured that even the most spacey being would not detect him. Well, all but one old woman who had been standing too close, though Seraphim was quite confident that she had not witnessed his sudden appearance, but rather she had merely been taken by surprise in noticing his being there at all.

    'Oh, dear boy! You near gave me a heart attack!' she exclaimed, clutching her chest with clawed fingers as if this might relieve her shock. The Demon smiled politely in return.

    'My apologies, ma'am,' he simpered silkily. The woman flushed scarlet, and he could feel her eyes burning into his back as me moved off down the footpath.

    A dull breeze tickled the air, teasing Seraphim's blonde hair into a flurry of motion, and with it came a new scent. He paused briefly, inky black eyes darting about in search of the source. It was pungent, but the creature it belonged to was no threat to the Retriever. There was no imminent power associated with the familiar odor, and Seraphim smiled sinfully as he homed in on the source. A Subordinate Demon.

    A Subordinate Demon in the form of a small child, playing in a park no less.

    The Retriever tisk-tisked, clicking his tongue against his teeth, and shook his head. His Demonic eyes all but glittered with scornful mirth. 'My my, aren't we having fun,' he mocked in a rather cheerful manner, his delicate lips pulling back over ferocious fangs as his smile widened. He leered menacingly as he waggled a single finger, indicating that the lesser individual come to him. 'Come now, don't be shy. If you behave, I might just let you stay to play on your swings... For now.'
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  5. Naiu's eyes widened as he looked at the Retriever. Even if he was sent back, he knew that Lylexiea would bring him back. The weaker demon walked over to the larger demon, in no rush at all. If the Retriever began to question him about Lylexiea, or anything they had done, his ties would be cut to this world and he would be sent back. His eyes played like fire, matching his 'master's'. While Lylexiea never thought of herself as his master, Naiu did. She called upon him when she needed him, she watched over him as he did for her. If he did good, he was rewarded and allowed to stay, but if he did bad he was punished and sent back to hell. "What can I help you with, Retriever?" he asked in a monotone voice.

    The pub, despite there not being a lot of the mortals, was loud. They were all laughing, playing a game referred to as pool and just drinking of course. Lylexiea looked up at the clock again, this time truely noting the time. She could tell that the Retriever was close, probably with Naiu. Tap, tap, tap, her fingers made a beat against the table waiting for him to leave so that she could. She stopped tapping her fingers as she was approached by a larger mortal. "Did ya get stood up? What a shame... For them." He commented with a loud laugh. She could hear his friends laugh with him, so she knew that this was all for show. That on a normal day, he probably wouldn't dare approach someone that liked as she did. He was grimy and smelly, not that good looking. He wouldn't have been confident enough to come to her.

    A long sigh escaped her, finally looking the man straight on. "Look I'm not interested, thank you. Is there anything you want me do to help you impress your friends over there?" The demon noticed the small jump the man did when she fully saw her eye. "What? Am I need good enough for you? Do I need to be the world's largest arse to get you to want me? Cause, honey-" before the brute was able to finish, he had earned himself a punch across his face from one of the other tenders. Within minutes, the entire bar was yelling and swinging. Lylexiea shot up, and out the back door. She didn't need that sort of attention getting to be going on around her. She let out a small groan as she peered around the building.

    The retriever and Niau were talking. Obviously he hadn't been questioned yet, but odds are, he was going to be. From what she could tell of the Retriever, they had yet to meet. Lylexiea had typically been good about either not getting caught on what she was doing, or it not being large enough to catch the attention of the Retrievers. It was just a simple house fire, so she couldn't think of why it would cause them to come on alert and look for her. The humans left themselves open to attacks by using fire as a normal source of heat, and even for amusement when it was already warm out. There should have been no reason that this demon was after her, unless he just felt like banishing someone today.

    A dreadful and playful smile fell to her face as she watched the two interact with each other, it was obvious that Naiu feared the demon, but he was still trying to act like he was tough. She walked out from behind the pub, her hips having an almost naturally seductive sway to them. She went to a clearing that was behind Naiu a ways. Lylexiea looked at the two, then suddenly, Naiu seemed to melt to the ground in flames. It was more dramatic than usual, but she wanted to make a point. She looked at the Retriever, winking. She waved, then the flames surrounded her also, sending her back into the limits of hell. Just as she was almost gone, she heard the noise again, except this time. It was twice.

    As quickly as Lylexiea had left, she was back, her companion at her side again. "There was two... find one. Now!" There was two of the same noises. It was not a pop or a ring, it was almost like a pressure change around her, just the way that it hit her ears made it apparent that it was there. She had never heard a noise similar to it until only a few months ago, and it started to become more and more common. The two sounds were similar, but one had what seemed like a different pitch than the other, so there had to be similar powers at play, but different wielders.

    As Naiu took off to the right, she started to the left, slowly and carefully. She rather listened than looked. Some demons were small to hide, or they were able to hide because of the powers that brought them to the mortal plane. She let out a low whistle, a small burst of fire rising from her lips, before disappearing. She paid attention to the color. The top of the fire was blue, so there was someone around, hopefully. Lylexiea had not idea how that aspect of her powers works, but sometimes, when she used her powers around another demon, if it was within so many feet, it reacted with her fire. Maybe it was the heat from their body, or maybe hell just left an abnormality on their person that reacted with the fire. She didn't know, all she cared about at the moment, was finding the Subs that were there again.
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