(Returning) And then I....didn't die?

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  1. I have no idea where to put this thread. So I'll drop it off here.

    I am not sure if anyone remembers me but I got into it for about a month or two, then dropped everything cold turkey and quite literally jumped ship at the end of pirate month.

    I just wanted to say that I'm REALLY sorry to anyone I may have pissed off by suddenly leaving. I just could not handle this site and did not have the time whatsoever.

    I could tell you all about the home drama, the soon to be homeless drama, and the lack of internet connection, as well as the 2nd degree burns, the psychotic episodes that encouraged such a departure, but then I was like NAW let's not talk about all of that.

    Again, I'm really really sorry to all I suddenly dropped without a word of warning. I am STILL going through a lot, so I don't think I can really get into this again for some time. I'll probably remain a lurker until I know for sure I have a safe home and that I have internet.

  2. Good luck Kae! D:
  3. Thanks Diana. ;.;
  4. It's alright, Ekae. D: No one is mad!

    Come back when life is less nuts! We could give Mondenkind another shot.
  5. Hello... and bye? D:
    Come back to us soon~
  6. Thanks you guysssss ;.;

    I'm so glad I'm not hated. I'll come back as soon as I can! D:
  7. Why hello there, glad to see you havent died. makes sense though, you have a slendy avi protecting you.