~Returned from the depths~

Discussion in 'NEW ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES' started by Kraken, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Hola nerdmigos!
    After a long hiatus for... reasons... I have returned! Hoping to be more involved in the community this time round x3
    Not much to say really, other than see ya round!
  2. XD Welcome back...

    Something something obligatory "Release the Kraken" reference ?
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  3. Hello and welcome back, Kraken! I thought we caged you in the depths of the sea forever how have you escaped!? We're glad to have you! :D
  4. You cannot contain me!!
    *Ahem* I mean... Thanks frendo :3
  5. Tbh, it actually stems from my love of the rum xD
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  6. I don't think I ever met you before, but welcome back, Kraken! My dad likes the rum XD anyway, I hope things haven't changed so much as to be confusing during your hiatus?
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  7. I thank thee! And nah, things look about the same so should be easy enough x3
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  8. Welcome back to Iwaku, Kraken! Be sure to send many-a sailor to their watery graves. ^^

    Rum is delicious. Spiced vanilla rum was one of the most delicious things I've tasted.
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  9. Can't say I've ever had spiced vanilla rum o.o *updates to-do list*
  10. Oh my god, cutest picture of Kraken I've ever seen xD <3

    Welcome back to the site! :D <3
  11. The Kraken just wants to play :3
    Thankies ^-^
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  12. Welcome back Kracken! Love when people return! What does the Kracken want to play?
  13. Kraken has given up on sleep and is currently playing Dragon Age xD
  14. I don't own any gaming systems so all my games are on my phone. (And solitaire on this PC) which is why I spend a bit of time in bored games here in the general chat. I should just grab a few more RP's and jump in.
  15. I spend way too much time on the PS4... I tend to write to take a break from it or when I need to rage quit x3
  16. I used to have a PS2 and I remember the days of screaming at the game, as if it was not at all my ineptitude that was at fault for my own failure to beat whatever game i was playing. I am horrible at them, but I still tried. I tend to stay to the things I can manage now.

    What do you like to write?
  17. Those feels!

    I write mostly fantasy, romance stuff, with some action/adventure built in :)
  18. SO glad I am not alone! Thanks for making me feel less crazy.

    Wonderful!! Have anything particular you're craving? You seem to like the same things as I do, and I am always on the look out for more role play!
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  19. Atm I'm down for whatever, I've run out of plot ideas and shizz so I'm open to ideas :3
  20. I have been thinking about a few writing prompts that I think would make good Role plays. One is the relationship between an immortal and a time traveler. Another is about a healer who is beloved by her village as a miracle worker. Tirelessly and generously giving of her talents for their benefit, what they does not know however, is that the healer does not actually heal, but transfers sickness and injury to the people of a village on the other side of the mountain. Someone from that village finally decides to put a stop to it and confront them but they've been told the illness and wounds come from a devil dragon, not a healer. There's another about two people who volunteer to test out the first time machine, and are successfully sent into the future, only to return to the scene of a massacre where a message is written in blood..."sorry" (I love finding ideas on pinterest...)