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  1. It's a Renaissance setting/Post Medieval society. just barely leaving the Middle Ages. The world has gone 1,000 years without magic, in a horridly dangerous situation for the people, who lived at the mercy of Medieval style kings, lords and Emperors. Magic is beginning to return. For 1,000 years, there were scarcely more than a single mage, wizard, sorcerer or warlock that could be found in an entire small city, and their powers have been mostly pathetic compared to the spells and enchantments of the ancient ones. Rumors abound that, somewhere in the East, the Ruins of Kul'Thas are now home to an army of mages, with mysterious goals. These magicians are far more potent than than those the people have seen in many centuries.

    The Setting:

    The regional power of the West. Their soldiers sometimes ride naturally occurring dragons they have tamed. (Not intelligent dragons, those have not been seen in centuries). With the ability of flight, fire breathing, and the ability to attack enemies and be difficult to target, Nashkulthelas could threaten the entire Western region, and perhaps the Eastern border if they became aggressive. Nashkulthelas has a capital on a large island in the West, and inhabits a large portion of the Western Coast line. The role play will start here, and might stay here, except for leaving towards the Eastern ruins of Kul'Thas.

    The Goal:
    The Emperor of Nashkulthelas has hired the party members to investigate the mages of the Eastern ruins infiltration of the Empire. Intrigue, politics, swordsmanship, archery and spell slinging are all apart of the role play. And yes, so is dungeon crawling.
  2. I'm in for this if anyone else ever responds. If you end up being able to get a group together, let me know.
  3. I'm interested as well! Is there perhaps a CS you have in mind or rules and restrictions?
  4. If we get enough for a group, yes. :D
    Rules are, obey the TOS, and all characters are Human.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.