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  1. (Guys, let's keep a posting order, okay? I'll go first since I'm making the starter and all. Don't go mass posting when somebody hasn't gotten around to replying yet.)

    The warm, sandy wind whistled through a vast desert-like area. Humanity was not around for what seemed like several miles. There were no buildings visible through the storm, there were no structures or foundations of civilizations long lost by time. Needless to say, dead would be an appropriate word, yet understated for an area such as this. No animals kept themselves outside for very long 'lest there lungs be filled with the musty stench of the air around them. It was more than just a smell as well, it was deadly to breathe in for too long. It was a sandstorm, after all.

    However, this lonesome environment was not without its creatures. Something would dwell within these massive dunes. Each hill held its own little secret, every grain holding a story yet to be told. There was no such thing as boredom here; every moment was a fight for survival. Lack of water was one of these many worries that come to mind, second to mirages. A smaller, lesser known hill cast a small shadow over a single plant, the sun setting in the distance just behind it. Before long, it was dusk, darkness almost casting a blanket over the large desert. The wind stopped howling, and before long a tiny scorpion popped out of the dirt. It crawled over the plant, its stinger raised ready for any predator.

    In a whiff of movement, a large red claw jumped from the small hole in the side of the hill, impaling the small creature and dragging it inside. Something of a gnawing sound came after, hinting at the fate of the miniature arachnid. Not long afterward, the sandy hill rose, falling to either side as what seemed to be a cloaked giant came from out of nowhere. It did not stand straight up, hunched over ever slightly with a hat perched atop its head. A crooked smile crossed the shadows of its features and it trekked forward, a medium-speed pace leaving deep footprints in the dirt. It continued onward, though the cold was picking up the large..... Thing, did not seem in the slightest bit cold. Its breath a visible foggy cloud as it exhaled each time. Eventually, it came upon sight of a large ruin long lost.

    "..... Keh, found it at last."

    His large claw-like hand reached up to his ear, lightly tapping it before falling to his side again. A voice came up in his ear, instructing him further on what to do, and how to do it. It was the voice of an ally of his. His servant, Joka as he was called, spoke into his ear with a sense of sarcasm, and what would be of a joking, high-pitched tone as would fit so clearly to his name. The clown-like creature spoke as if demanding the being to apprehend an object, take it to "home plate" and "score a touchdown". The tall figure twitched slightly, his teeth grinding against each other as he focused, trying to think of what to say.

    "..... Joka, I swear.... If you say that again, I'll come back and rip out your tongue. I may even eat it."

    Joka could be heard panicking on the other side of the communications channel. It was a pretty obvious response of his whenever his boss gave him a death threat on this magnitude, however small this boss of his considered it to be. Joka swallowed before continuing to speak.

    "If we are to successfully execute the plan Janga, we're going to need Golden Saucer to be back in the picture."

    Janga as he was called, this tall figure's name being spoke quite clearly, to the point those around him could hear it. Janga smirked before silently cursing at Joka, telling him to keep it down. If he was on a mission as important as the one he's on now, he couldn't risk the smallest information leaking out. Thankfully, according to Joka's monitor, nobody was around within a one kilometer radius. This was the best range Joka could muster. Before long, Janga heard a clicking sound over the channel, meaning the conversation had been over and Joka had broke it off for the moment. The being named Janga scoffed before his smile returned to his face, the fingers of his red-hued claws gripping the tip of his hat and pulling it downward, angling it over his already darkened features.

    "Well then.... Might as well get started~"

    Stepping towards the ruins, at first glance he noticed the entrance had long since been caved in. There was no hope of entry from this angle, unless he decided he needed to improvise and make his own little entrance. But if he did that at the wrong area, the whole place would come tumbling down, and this "Golden Saucer" would be lost forever inside of it. He needed to either find a safer way of cutting himself inside, or find a hole to slip through. He felt the need to call on Joka again before remembering how useless Joka was when it comes to solving these kinds of issues.

    "...... Well now what?"

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