Return to Pagan (Recruiting)

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  1. The year is 2060 AD. High technology is in vogue, religion flourishes, but in a fading fashion. The true believers stay strong, but believers in religions such as Christianity, Islam, or any formerly popular religion are beginning to fade in numeracy.

    No sexual themes here at all. . . maybe there might be scantily clad women or something, but this isn't a Libertine thing at all. . . if something like that occurs here it will be taken to "Fade to Black".

    Obey Terms Of Service:
    1) There might be character death.
    2) This will deal with heavily mature themes, but will have both cheerful, sweet moments, and also ugly, dark moments.
    3) Although "Gore" is checked, it won't be often, it's only there for dramatic impact.
    4) This deals with religious themes but will be respectful in the utmost. Do not mock Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or people in general.
    5) Respect all players. In character mischief and evil is acceptable, mouthing off like a jerk to people in real life is not.

    Many Eras in the past we KNEW magic was real. It didn't mean the world was any better.

    Villages rarely became towns, towns rarely became cities, cities rarely became kingdoms and kingdoms rarely became Empires. This is because in order to grow, Humanity must give of it'self. Their first born children, their own lives, their live stock, their wealth, their health, and their very souls. Sometimes years, decades, centuries or even millenia would pass while the race of Men suffered for being weak, sometimes more like cattle than a people, or worse.

    Those rare people who achieved something in life that was greater than what the rest of Men could do, clairvoyance, the powers of healing, or EVEN immortality, often experienced their days of life in blandness, experiencing the wealth and cheers of life, with the following of emptiness. All the world's most powerful ant is in comparison to a god is an ant. Sure, it might be able to impress the god by beating up Mike Tyson or Muhammed Ali in their Prime as an ant, but that doesn't mean they can do anything about the misery they wallow in.

    Then, as Era after Era passed, the gods grew dim, and faded away. It didn't happen all at once. In a way it was like the dissolving of the Roman Empire. The gods fought each other, some watched while others fell victim to fickle Fate's many betrayals. Some of them grew weary of the world they lived in, sharing their presence with many deities and mortals they deemed as beneath them. Some times a god would bite off even more than he or she could chew, attempting to destroy the entity known as Death, for existence.

    There is no account, even by the wisest of sorcerers, that any defiance against the gods were ever successful. Not even the Tuatha Da Naan. What happened with the Tuatha Da Naan, was their ancestry mixing with gods and demigods, thus leading to the Pantheon of Ireland many millenia ago. They allowed Humanity to take the land after them, likewise, their cousins in the island of Albion (Britain) were much the same.

    Five thousand years before Christ, gods had become very few compared to their previous number. For each passing millenia, there were fewer and fewer. Around that time, Monotheism became more likely, eventually something plausible, and then eventually something that would be a viable alternative to the religions others had taught for generations.

    The world has been without "gods" as of the numerous sense of the word, for two thousand years, entirely. Some may believe in Yahweh, Jesus, Allah, and they may exist, however, these days, there are creatures who are nearing the lives of people on Earth once again. These are not just the gods of written record, Ra, Thor, Zeus and others, but even much older creatures. The Tyrannosaurus worshiped as a great deity among early Empires in Primordial times, or the Mammoth worshiped as a great provider for a multitude of peoples, or the gargantuan Primates, both benevolent and sinister, as well as many other gods resembling those that people worshiped in the formerly mentioned ancient cultures.

    There will be turbulent times. Civilizations will fall, some will stand. Where are you in the story of the World? Are you a great and powerful wizard who is receiving powers that no Human has ever possessed before? Are you one of the returning ancient gods, either named or un-named in archaeological record? A demon, an angel? A Titan, Dragon?
    Your place in the story of the World will be what must be. These changing times are threatening to tear away our toys of science and reveal them to be like cheap parlor tricks. Can Humanity defend themselves from any coming slavers and oppression? Even a beebee gun can shoot your eye out!!!

    Character Type: ((Divinity/Spiritual, Special (Wizard, Psychic, etcetera?), Mundane (Not necessarily totally, you could be Cyborg))
    Summary Of Powers/Abilities:
    ((No one starts with Global level powers. Gods start off exhausted and have to grow in power, but a deity may be able to dominate all of New York City within three days of being there)).
    Not even the gods are invincible. They might need blood, souls, worship, or some source of power to stay so powerful or grow in strength. How do you grow in strength if a deity? Note, that you don't necessarily need to be evil to draw strength from the aforementioned sources of power.