Return to Earth

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JUMP IN RP - See OOC for Details!​

Exploration Class Starship Paradise was slowing as a great blue planet appeared. One could not feel the shift in speed, but the overly sensitive always swore they could tell when the starship had gone from hyperspeed to light.

A crowd of crew members were surrounding one of the plasma screens watching with wide eyed wonder at the sphere growing in size. After thousands and thousands of years, here she was, Lost Earth being seen by human eyes for the first time. Theorist warned that her atmosphere would be red and dried up like Mars, or blackened and dead with a polluted atmosphere. But she was beautiful. Covered in blue oceans and green land masses. White clouds shifting in steady weather patterns.

Telara was one of many watching the screens, her hands on her hips. As soon as the Starship stopped, the first Land Crew was going to grab their gear together and go out for the very first scouting mission. She had volunteered with the same enthusiasm as her crewmates. Who wouldn't want to get the first look at their lost homeland?

"Strike One for the Eggheads," muttered Northgate as he stood beside Telara and blew a thick cloud of cigar smoke. His rifle was slung across his back and he was already in full combat gear, with his body twitching under the first trickle of adrenaline.

A rather tall zoologist decided to stand in front of the screen and Northgate promptly slapped him on the head. "Down in front, fuckface!"

As the view cleared, the sergeant took another drag. "Had to be blue. I hate blue planets." Then he looked around the room, yelling at the ceiling. "SO ARE WE LANDING YET? COME ON! LET'S DO THIS!"

He kicked the bulkhead for no reason then continued fidgeting.
"Yeah, that's going to get her stopping." Telara muttered. Her hand darted out, snatching the cigar from Northgate's lips. The thing dropped to the ground and quickly crushed under the heel of her boot.

Before she could launch in to a complaint about his smoking habits, the outer hull of Paradise broke in to Lost Earth's atmosphere. On the screen everyone was now getting a bright and shiny view of huge continental land masses covered in lush jungles. In the corner of the screen, the first orders blipped in bright green.


Immediate Launch! Telara was already dashing down the hall, dodging scientists and envious self-proclaimed adventurers. A short pit stop to pick up her own gear only took half a moment. She wasn't the first to reach their launch shuttle, but she was in her seat and buckled up ready to go in a flash.
Max was in a very hot embrace with a fine female he picked up the other night. She had an athletic body, she was a gymnast and she knew how to use that to his advantage. Max grinned impishly and led her to his room where she pushed him down onto his back and ran her hands over his body. Slowly coming up she had a certain twinkle in her eyes. She kissed up his neck and whispered into his ear-


Max opened his eyes, he'd been napping near the screens viewing the old planet where they had supposedly come from. "Ugh..." Max hauled himself out of his seat and walked to the transport shuttles. He grunted a greeting to those in the shuttle already and tossed his stuff in before sitting down and strapping himself to the seat.
"Out o' my seat, you cunt!" Sergeant Northgate grabbed Max by his combat vest and pulled him upright again, giving him a shake. "I told you about this. We're gonna have words, sunshine."

He pushed Max towards another seat, then sat down and took out another cigar.

"PLEASE EXTINGUISH ALL SOURCES OF FLAME," said the computer terminal behind him.

"Fack off!" Northgate backhanded the computer and made it spark and splutter. Then he continued lighting up, lifting his feet and placing them on Telara's lap. "We all gonna 'ave a sing-song then?"
Turbines whirred and engines buzzed in the Paradise launch bay, filling the hangar with ambient heat and exhaust, as the auxiliary transport ship came to life with its familiar roar. Although it was a well-rehearsed procedure, this time, it was for real. Major Deegan, Engineer First Class, could see the excitement in his crew mates' movements, their lively chatter as they prepared the transport lander for detachment. Although he couldn't see outside, he knew they were close. He could feel the ship's gravity dampeners adjusting, seamlessly accounting for the nearby planet's mass and readying the starship for a low planetary orbit; he could hear the atmospheric regulators shifting gear as they began reabsorbing trace gases from the planet's ionosphere. He thought for a moment that he could smell the change in air quality--heavy, and damp, almost. The Paradise was his baby--or his mother, perhaps. He had spent the last fifteen years, more than half of his life, within her protective hull; first studying, then repairing and tinkering with her ins and outs. Now he was the lead member of her young technical crew of volunteers.

Most of the ships' gadgetry was automated, leaving the engineering crew to spend most of their time making repairs here and there, and adjusting sensors in certain nooks and crevices of the ship that robots couldn't reach. At least during a launch there were a few manual tasks to be done requiring expertise. Deegan knew his real work, however--what he and his teammates had been training for all these years--was yet to come on the new planet, where they would help construct new buildings, ships and life support systems. Old Earth, Lost Earth--it was still hard to believe that it was a real place. Deegan always felt most at home in a ship, and imagined that humans were forever a starfaring people; it seemed unusual to think of any one planet as "home." He wondered what they would find there, whether it would be a friendly place.

The heads-up display over Deegan's right eye--a cybernetic modification he had implanted on his skull to allow quick access to the ship's vitals--flashed red, indicating overheating in one of the thruster units. Deegan pressed a few buttons on the portable control panel he was using to prepare the transport for liftoff, and tossed it into the hands of a nearby crew member with a nod. He approached another group of gossiping mechanics near the transport ship. "Alright guys, focus, this is serious! The retaining hooks are loose, we're ready for detachment. Give the shuttle 75 more liters of cryo; she's running a little hot. I'm goin' in--Wei, you're in charge," Deegan commanded. "Got it, Francis!" came the teammate's reply, as she playfully flicked the embossed name tape on his shirt, which read "Maj. William F. Deegan." "Hey, it's Major Deegan to you," he said with a grin. "See you all planetside."

Deegan held a handrail and swung himself into the transport vessel, landing in his seat and using the controls to perform systems checks in one swift movement. Taking note of the shorted computer terminal nearby, he crinkled his nose at Sargeant Northgate and firmly patted the equipment with his hand, popping a loose panel back into place. "You'll wanna be careful with this unit here, Sarge, she's more than just a smoke detector. Eve, deactivate internal flame sensors for t=24 hours." Confirmed, came the response from the transport ship's computer. "So, folks, are we ready for liftoff?"
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Somewhere on the planet, one of the many forests, a creature of sorts was hunting along the edge of the trees, picking off some type of deer, though it looked like a cross between a cat and a moose. Two dog like animals sat at it's side, waiting for the signal to pounce. The creature, a female human, held a bow and arrow pointed at the oblivious beast. It seemed she would be catching a large target today, the herb would certainly be please. However, a strange roar filled the air and scared the beast off, leaving the female to screech angrily as her catch got away.

She quickly looked around as the roar seemed to get louder and noticed something flying high above the tree tops. The dog like animals growled and and pawed at the earth next to her, their hind hooves clacking together as a sigh of dislike. The female watched the object flew over head and she quickly followed it to the edge of the forest, stopping just where Carcaeon land began. She didn't know what it was, and certainly didn't like the fact that it was so big. It seemed the flying object was stopping above the southern half of the forest, far to close to her herd's village. Hunting would have to wait for later, she had to go tell her people about this now!
Max looked at Northgate for half a second before deciding now wasn't the time to bust his face. He projected an air of friendly delight with a fake smile plastered to his face "I'm surprised you can even talk, Sergeant. Let alone form a sentence, you go ahead and keep that seat as a reward. I'm so proud of you." Max beamed with so much fake pride all the metal inside the shuttle creaked with sarcasm. Strapped into his seat, the shuttle powered up, and all checks were made. The hanger was evacuated and the transporter lifted off the floor and sped through the big doors pointed at the old planet. The ship shook as it entered the atmosphere.
"I'll be proud of my foot up your arse, you little wanker. You better watch your mouth before I..." The rest of Northgate's retort was lost beneath the roar of the engines and the sounds of the dropship crashing through Earth's atmosphere, leaving only wild gestures as he mimed at Max all the various ways in which he was going to hurt him once they landed.

Through the windows rolled a lush and verdant forest, the speed of the ship making it like some vast green ocean heaving at their coming. It was a clear day, the skies azure blue and tinged with the slightest grey of a coming rainstorm. Strange birds slipped away like shadows in the periphery of the windows, and down below only the occasional rush of black or brown signalled that there was any life to witness their approach.

Earth had healed, the long-suffering mother hoisting new garments across her flesh where once were rags and wounds.

"...with a spoonful of your mother's shit!" The end of Northgate's threat was heard as the dropship levelled off, its descent roar replaced by the quieter sound of the landing thrusters. The ship swooped across the forest and its geo-telemetary systems were already mapping the surface and pinpointing the optimum landing site.

The prodigal children had returned.
The sounds of the river, the wind blowing over the valley, the baying of farm animals, and the sound of Teneb's spear cutting through the air surrounded Teneb. He was a common sight on this stretch of river bank, coming to train and meditate. The river was Caeonos's constant blessing, and Teneb hoped the Father of the Earth could see his devotion.

In one smooth motion he dropped his spear to the side, his sword coming from his belt, the blade curved forward to hit with more force. The sword set the warrior-priests apart from the common soldiers. While they fought with spear, sword, and shield, Caeonos's favor was the blessing of the priest, so they fought with abandon.

But then he heard the roar, saw that... that thing. Not a falling star, couldn't be one, was just... hanging in the air. His stomach dropped, it couldn't be... not in his lifetime...

Something came off of the mass, a smaller glint coming down to the earth. Without thinking, Teneb sheathed his sword and took his spear, crossing over the river, following the falling glint. It was moving to the jungle, past the city, which was good. He gave it one last glance before he plunged into the jungle, praying he found the Gerayt before they attacked.
Jarr looked with suspicion towards the giant ball of fire coming towards the ground, more specificly the grounds that belonged towards his clan!
Even though he wanted to turn tail and run back towards his village to warn them he knew that if he arrived with knowledge that everybody already knew he would be scoffed at as a coward who was to afraid to go and sneak closer to something that might be a danger to his clan.
Tightening his grip on his massive helbard he took of, moving through the jungle a lot faster and quieter then one would expect of somebody who was build like him, short and stocky. Off to see what exactly was getting a bit to close to his clan's territory.
Atlan was standing atop one of the Ternalis walls when the ship dropped into the Atmosphere. Atlan turned and barked orders to the Ternalis guards in their alien tongue. It did not take long for four more Ternalis to reach the wall, where they accompanied Atlan beyond the wall in the direction of the ship.

The Ternalis were set to make contact with this anomaly first.
Max watched the Sarge vacantly as he thought about all the things he heard about Earth. There were various rumors and theories, superstitions. Like that the whole planet was inhabited by ghosts and phantoms and that the whole place was volcanic. Others said it was covered with a single, giant plant with many heads that devoured anything that moved and digested it as painfully and slowly as possible. Or that there was a race of humanoid animals that ruled the world in replacement of humans. He preferred the other theories, the ones about a healed planet, fresh cold water, bright flowers that served for multiple uses. He was going to find out what the old planet was really like. Obviously it wasn't volcanic though.

The ship stopped shaking and it leveled out, flying over high over the ground until an optimal spot was found to land on. "...with a spoonful of your mother's shit!" They came to a complete stop and hovered for a few minutes, and then they landed. "What? Oh sorry Sarge, I was distracted by that little piece of something in your teeth." The sensors beeped and the pilots alerted everyone that the atmosphere was safe but to watch out for large life forms detected some what near by. The sliding doors opened and exposed them to the colors of the planet surrounding them.
Telara didn't give two shits about the Sarge and Max's scuffle. As long as their nonsense wasn't directed at her, she was perfectly fine in ignoring them and trying to pretend like the smaller shuttlecraft didn't make her a little queasy. One couldn't feel all that movement up in the starship, but in smaller units every turn and twist had her stomach doing flips.

When the shuttle landed, Telara waited for the more eager, less cautious people to rush out of the craft to claim the first steps on Lost Earth's surface. Favoring a more cautious approach, she had her pack hefted over one shoulder and was one of the last few people to finally cross the threshold.

"Wow." was the only word that escaped her mouth. Staring wide-eyed, everything looked so much better than she had imagined. The sun was bright and the flora gave vibrant coloring. Greens were rich, blues were clear. When so many were expected a damaged and dying world, Lost Earth looked more like a jungle paradise.

At least this area did.

Their shuttle was in the middle of a huge clearing, but in all directions there were trees as far as the eyes could see. So tall that they mimicked skyscrapers and may have even touched low floating clouds.

Telara started walking towards the expanse of trees. She had a communicator clipped to her jacket - something they all had in one form or another - so she wasn't worried about losing contact with the group. She just had to see these trees up close!
"Smile Maxie, yer making 'istory, son." Northgate applied his boot to Max's rear, knocking him over the threshold and down the ramp. The man landed in a bed of leaves and officially became the first one to set face/foot on the planet.

Having disposed of his nemesis for a few seconds, the Sergeant turned to the rest of his squad. "Alright, you big girls! Get a wiggle on!" He moved amongst them, slapping helmets, checking straps, ensuring that everyone had a full canteen, fresh batteries for their nightvision and jungle-issue cleaning kits.

"Remember your training, kids. Standard patrol formation, thermal checks every 60 paces. Call signs Delta Nine and BATCO is Tango-Lima. We ain't got a scooby what we're dealing with, so keep yer fucking mouths shut and yer radios quiet till we've got the LZ scoped. And watch out for the nerds." He jabbed a thumb at Telara.

The squad filed out, their jungle camo the entirely wrong shade of green for the trees around them. "Tomkins! Wake up, Twat-features! Right, Lester - you're on point. Let's go!"

His squad started out towards the north side of the clearing, moving quickly and silently.

The female and her two pets quickly moved through the trees and deeper into the forest where her people lived, going as fast as her legs would carry her. The deeper she went the high and thicker the trees became, consumming any flat land that she could run on. With a great leap she latched onto a tree and started to hope from tree to tree, holding on easily with the claw like nails on all of her hands. The dog like creatures kept up with her on the ground, dodging and jumping all over the place. After awhile she stopped in a small clearing that seemed to be holding a herb patch, many types of plants and flowers growning there neatly. It seemed rather barren and if one wasn't paying attention they would just pass it off as another empty space. However, if they looked up, they would be proven very wrong.

High in the canopy, far to high for most creatures to climb, was a tree village bustling with life and energy. The huts were like tree houses, built sturdily around the trunks of trees and connected by rope bridges. The Female quickly climbed up a tree and hopped up onto one of the wooden walks that surrounded a hut, leaving the two pets to rest near the herb patch. She quickly made her way higher up the trees, climbing all the way to the main hut where she chould hear growls and screeches, as well as the sound of weapons clanking as they were quickly put on. It seemed that they had noticed the stange object long before she arrived. The female walked into the hut without a second though, the one room building completely full with males and females getting dressed in armor and sharpening knives or spears. An especially tall male, old looking and strong, noticed the females enterance and waved her over, quickly moving his hands around in many signs.

"You've seen it haven't you, Laack? Did you see which direction?"

"It was heading toward the southern half, though it is possible that it has gone further, I lost track of it as I ran back" The female known as Laack answered back with similar hand signs. "I will take a group and head in that direction, just allow me to suit up father and I will be gone as quick as a passing breeze."

The old male smiled and patted his daughters head, giving an comforting growl before pushing her over to the armor and weapons to suit up. Laack quickly slipped on a mix of metal and leather armor, supplied by the Caraeon. It was a simple chest plate and claw gaunlets, as well as shin plates. She then snatched a newly sharpened spear as well as a knife which was tied around her hip. As soon as she was ready she let out a loud screech and headed out the door, many of the warriors that hand been in the hut following her out. After a moment of explination, two groups were made, one went toward the Caraeon to see if they were informed of the object while the other headed toward whatever was floating in the sky. Laack was leading the group heading toward the unknown object, a look of displeasure on her face.

She didn't like the unknown and this was as unknown as it could get! She had to keep a brave face on though, this was a time of crisis until the unknown thing was proved harmless. The warriors leap through the trees quietly, not even daring to make a growl. Only the heaven's knew what this thing was capable of and none of them wanted to find out the hard way...
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Promptly sitting up, Max twisted around a shot a dirty look at Northgate. But it didn't last long as he looked around at what was surrounding him, a vast opening with trees along the edges. Max got back onto his feet and dusted himself of the leaves. he felt something cold on his butt, it was mud. He grimaced as he wiped it off, man he was going to get him for this. Looking down at the small patch of mud under the leaves Max thought he saw something. It seemed like a foot print of some kind, Max couldn't be sure because his ass messed up most of the print. It wasn't enough to bother any one with. He looked down at his wrist and turned on his personal radar which was hooked up to the glasses attached to his helmet. The blue dots represented the units of his team, the green would represent the second team. Yellow indicated unregistered bodies of significant size. So far there wasn't any yellow that he could detect. Max turned back and grimaced at the Sarge, then turning it into a friendly smile and wave as he turned toward him. Time to move out.

Wonderful. Wonderful! Telara was entranced by all of the different species of plantlife. Once she reached the trees, as far as she could see there was nearly a dozen different species in only a square foot of space. Most of them were entirely brand new species that no human had ever seen before. It was amazing to think that once upon a time this was the planet they all called home.

Kneeling by a cluster of bushes, Telara had a small scanner in one hand a plastic bag in another. First she would scan the plant for her database. Then she would pluck a piece of it off to take back for a physical examination. Not far off she could hear the sounds of the others slowly starting to fade in to soft murmurs as people branched out in to smaller and smaller groups.

She had no idea that not far away something was examining her too.
When Teneb was close enough to faintly hear the chatter of the Gerayt, he stopped, his back against a tree as he tried to catch his breath. He had learned several of the languages of the world, and what they spoke was none of them, confirming the Histories that said the Gerayt brought their language with them and took it back to the stars.

The jungle was recovering from the surprise of their landing, small cries and the rustling of the brush could be heard. Teneb's eyes popped open again after he heard one of those cries, a mix between a soft coo and a staccato chirp. One of two things could make a noise like that, and from the shaking of the nearby trees, he'd soon find out what it was.

He lowered his spear, back against the tree, tensing his body, and then just as soon relaxing as it came into view. A large, shaggy beast, with legs as tall as he was and a long body walked out of the brush. A Pratobon, one of the most docile creatures in the forest. Uncaring of the small human, it moved up to a tree and lifted itself on it's hind legs, using its flexible trunk and blade like tusks to cut choice branches off of the trees.

"[You scared me, friend.]" Teneb said with a soft laugh at his own overreaction, until he heard the cooing again and lost his cheer. Pratobons either trumpeted or groaned. The only other creature to make that cooing sound and rustle brush like that was considerably less docile and more territorial than the Pratobon.

Trying to control his reactions, Teneb glanced to where he could see the Gerayt's craft. It was now farther than he would have liked, perhaps just on the far side of too far. But it would have to be close enough, it was the nearest clearing he could see, and they didn't follow you into clearings.

He hadn't ran two steps before he knew he had made the right choice, as a Torbis exploded out of it's hiding place. The massive, man-sized predator was like an eagle, but on the ground. He didn't bother to look back, knowing he would only see it's razor-sharp beak clicking behind him and it's massive claws digging into the earth. They sat in ambush, imitating the cry of a peaceful grazer, and then mercilessly pounced on their prey.

There was a gap in the brush, and at the end of it he could see one of the Gerayt, a woman by the looks of it, kneeling by a bush. It wasn't what he would have chosen otherwise, but he liked his odds against the Gerayt in the open better than a Torbis in its hunting ground. He put on an extra burst of speed, hoping to reach the clearing before he felt a cutting beak reach him.
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Max was jogging toward the tree line, catching up with Telara, who's section he'd been assigned. This place was something. So much green, and trees. The air felt fresh and fulfilling, like drinking a cold beverage, except with breathing. He took in a couple more breathes than he really needed. He knew it was pretty soon to decide, but he liked this planet.

Max spotted Telara kneeling by a bush with a scanner and taking samples of several plants. "Hey Telara" he called out when he got close "lookit all these freakin plants, huh?" he spread his arms wide at all the plant life near by. Just then his wrist beeped and he looked with some concern and brought it close so he could read it. Two yellow dots, and they were moving quickly. Hearing the thrashing of bushes Max looked up and saw the form of a humanoid creature running full out, being chased by what looked like a big bird. Max grabbed Telara and yanked her aside as he jumped out of the way, pulling his pistol out at the same time and discharging energy at the more beastly of the two.