Return of the Witch

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OOC: Already have a partner for this story, thank you.

"Ahhhhhhh! H-help!!!"

A desperate cry called out as a figure hung for dear life, finger tips just barely gripping the edge of a jagged cliff. No, not a cliff. As her right hand dropped, causing her body to swing dangerously, she looked down and cried out in shock. There was no end to her view aside from scattered clouds and...giant pieces of rock floating in the sky or were they islands? Whatever the case, she did not want to find out and with the amount of strength she could muster, the girl swung her hand back up with her legs kicking wildly beneath in a vain attempt to find some kind of leverage before a loud cracking sound broke through the silence. A scream of agony escaped her as a heavy boot twisted harshly on her fingers. Without mercy, a sun-kissed man with beady black eyes kneeled before her and yanked the girl up by the scalp of mane. By reflex, she grabbed his hand and within that moment, she knew she was going to die. "W-what do you want?!"

As if she told a great big joke, the man looked back at his two companions with a roar of laughter before flinging her to the side, she instinctively cradled her injured hand. "What do I want? Hehe...why, the amount of money I'm going to make off you, I can get anything I desire." Patting the sides of his round stomach, the slave trader kicked her repeatedly in the stomach and spat at her, "Don't you ain't got long for this world. Your kind is a stain on human history. Hmm... maybe they'll eat your flesh like they did in the older days or maybe, just toss you into the abyss...I wouldn't mind seeing you burned alive." Thoughtfully, he tapped the side of his face before spitting on her again. "You filthy witch..!"

A few hours earlier...

"Gwen, I know this is hard for you but we really need to clean out Nana's things before the real estate agent arrives." Placing her hands against her hips, Gwen's mother looked exhausted with heavy bags under her hazy blue eyes and unkempt blonde hair. Honestly, it wasnt that hard to set her mother into a fit of silent sobs as of late. It had only been a month since her grandmother died tragically. A robbery gone bad they were told on Thanksgiving night, devastating the family to know the culprit was still at large and rather then keeping the house, they decided to sell it as soon as possible. With a resigned sigh, Gwen followed her mother inside to help the rest of the family pack. A part of her was thankful to be in a stay away college where she wouldn't be surrounded by the constant sadness. Was that selfish of her to think? Maybe.

She was often told how much she looked like her grandmother in her younger years, identical actually. The same crimson shade of curly wild hair with nearly translucent blue eyes that were almost unnatural looking. They even shared the same height of 5'1 and both were left handed. Possibly the only difference between the two was that Gwen had a birthmark in the shape of a Cresent moon on her back yet that didn't stop her parents from naming her after her grandmother; Gwenivere La Shay Mickelson. Over the years, Gwen had grown to love the comparison but now, it pained her to see her mother looking at her with such longing.

She could hear her younger brothers bickering about the best course of action to safely take out a baby grand piano without damaging the entryways. "Oh for heaven's sake," her mother cried out before rushing off to deal with them, leaving Gwen by the staircase alone. Even though her grandmother was gone, she could still feel her presence and a faint smell lingered; lemongrass. It was a smell they both admired. Already the walls were stripped bare of photos, ornaments and curtains, giving the house a less homely feel. "I'll be upstairs.." She said to no one in particular.

Most of the rooms upstairs were packed saved for her grandmother's and the attic. Maybe the attic would be a great place to hide but first she made a quick stop in her grandmother's bedroom. It still looked the same since her last visit. An unfinished sewing project rested on the same old white rocking chair she use to sit on Nana's lap to listen to stories about witches, dragons and lands in the sky. A smile creased her lips as she sat on the bed. It looked as if it were never touched but when she layer down and inhaled, the scent caused her to shake as a quiet sob escaped her. The only word processing into her mind was, why? It was too much for her to think and she sat up quickly when something caught her eye.

Could it be? Curiously, Gwen reached out towards the silver chain just barely poking out from beneath the pillows and her hand gripped the amulet tightly. It was old, very old and shaped like a heart with some kind of symbols carved into it's back. But what made it so striking was what it was made from. A deep violet gem wrapped by the chain to make four equal parts. When she held it up to the light, it became a few shades lighter; almost like a mirror. But wasn't this buried with her grandmother..? How could it be here..? Without thinking, she placed it against her lips sighing deeply and then it happened.

At first it was cool and then a warm radiance spread throughout her body, causing her to grasp out of fear yet when Gwen tried to let go, she found herself unable too and that in it self frightened her more. When she attempted to call out, Gwen found herself unable too as a loud ringing penetrated the room. Clasping her hands against her ears, she wished it would stop when a necklace sparked to life, emitting a light that both intrigued her and terrified her. And then the room was gone.

Lights, shapes all entangled passed by her so quickly she couldn't make out anything. It was only a moment or maybe it was Eternity? It didn't matter because soon Gwen found herself flying into something solid before hitting the ground with an umph. Rolling to her back with a loud groan, Gwen's eyes widened with astonishment. "Where am I?" Above her were hundreds of what looked like cars? No, ships flying above her. Surely, she must be dreaming because this wasn't real. Quickly she sat up and almost regretted it when she became lightheaded. The air was different, thinner maybe? If that were even possible...but with a few deep breathes, the feeling faded and moving to stand up, Gwen remembered the necklace still in her hand and it was then she noticed. The gem had gone from a deep, rich color to a pale lavender almost as if it used up its energy to bring her here. But that was definitely impossible because there's no such thing as gems having energy. Shaking the thoughts from her head, Gwen put on the chain and tucked it away. There was no telling what kind of place she was in.

"Well, well...look what we have here..." A gruff looking man whistled and two or get looking men with blank expressions appeared carrying handcuffs that clanked loudly against their hips. "It seems we've hit the jackpot and found ourselves a rare item. Grab her!" It was how Gwen found herself running, running and then slowly slipping, hanging on for dear life.
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