Return of the Moonlight

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  1. Helen


    Tears threaten to escape me as I see them all stare, Nellie and Penelope clearly in horrified shock. Cyrus has his hold on me still, so gentle yet firm. I think it's almost protective, as if he let me go he feared that something horrible would happen. I think Penelope's glance is the one that breaks my heart the most. She looks absolutely devastated and I regret speaking a word. I almost regret existing in this period of time, and with shame I place my head in my hands, trying not to shake in Cyrus's arm. "I-I am s-sorry. T-that wasn't a-a-appropriate..."

    "Helen..."I hear Cyrus breathe, who is clearly choked up. I can't tell if he's trying to hold back a cry or an angry exclamation. "N-nellie's right." He finishes, although I don't think that's what he is thinking right now. I feel my chest tremble and I realize she might be right. That room is safe. Books and pillow forts sound oddly therapeutic. A nice thought crosses my mind. All five of us just cuddling on the couch, blanket wrapped around all of us. A little smile threatens to grow upon my lips. I didn't think I would ever get this far. But somehow I did. I don't know if they realize how much I love them all...I love them all so much it hurts...

    I finally feel Cyrus let go of me, if somewhat hesitantly. He gives my head one last pat, his little tap so filled with care I felt my heart become overwhelmed. I wonder why I didn't have a friend like Cyrus in my life when shit when loose. I had a feeling he would have been the type of friend to warn me against such a horrible person. I can just imagine it now, him snapping his fingers and proclaiming

    "Honey you don't know him, he don't own you. Bitch you don't love him, that little fucker don't got nothin on you hun." I almost laugh at the silly image in my head, but my throat seems to swallow it before it has a chance to escape me.

    "Come on Chipmunk." I hear before Demi takes me in her arms in a hug. I immediately feel my arms wrap around her and I squeeze her tight. I hope she knew how damn huggable she was. She was basically my lifeboat when all things went hellish. As was Penelope. I glance over at her as we leave the kitchen and I feel my eyes sting again. I should have trusted her to tell her. I was just so afraid she would look at me differently. I could already tell she might. I simply bury my head in Demi's shoulder and try to gain calmness once again.
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  3. Dining Areaxxx

    Just what kind of crew had she signed on with? Tavi had nodded sympathetically to Rek'Sai's plaint. Waking up alone on the ship with electricity coursing through her had been mildly traumatic, for all that she was increasingly accustomed to this whenever she was on defrost duties.It wasn't even the pain, though it hurt like a wicked yrgxs. It was more the sense of being the only awakened living sentient for a million million miles, and it had been an hour before she had scraped herself together, sipped some watery broth and begun to awaken the rest.

    "Yes, it took me a few hours and one incident with the refresher but I'm officially wide awake and healthy now." That was mostly true, but her weariness could wait until the rest of the crew finished recovery and started to head for their beds. Synchronising shifts was a must on a small crew like this one. At least it meant she could keep down more complex foods, and she washed a sip of whiskey around her mouth before delicately slicing off a corner of the cake with her fork and slipping the oozy deliciousness in between her lips. "Mmmmmmnnnnn," she moaned quietly as her eyes closed. Warm, gooey, sweet and thick, the first taste of lava cake after Awakening always hit her like this; a mini orgasm of the tongue and mouth that brought a flush to her skin.

    She was still in the delicious afterglow and languidly considering her second slice when Marica burst into the room waving a syringe and a knife. For a brief moment she tensed and prepared to fling herself to her feet, but when she tumbled and then dropped herself into the seat beside them the Auroun settled back. Her chocolate buzz was ruined though, and she watched levelly as the excitable human threw her leg onto the table then gashed it open with her blade. The demonstration was impressive, and some of the pissed-off - 'bitchface', Wenna had teased - faded as she set her plate carefully to one side of the pool of blood spreading towards her and leaned toward the closing wound. "Very interesting, Mari. It looks as though it has a lot of potential as a quick-fix combat sealant, and from the way you were waving the needle around on your way in it doesn't seem like it would be heavy either." She turned the syringe over in her hand, then set it on the table beside the cooling pool of crimson fluids. "Unless you have a more urgent project, I'd like you to study this. Find out the nature of the organism, and the evolutionary benefit it gets from healing torn flesh of another being. I'd hate to think it was some kind of parasite, and if it's a seed organism I want to know what it grows into and any side effects of releasing that energy inside our bodies."

    She glanced across at the Captain as he dressed the scientist down, then inclined her head in partial agreement. "True. I do understand the need to share a bright new discovery with the world, but it may be better to keep your experimentation within the labs. It's more sterile there, and there are usually tools in place to help with cleanup." She nodded to the spilt blood on the table, and rescued her cake as she rose to her feet and gave her room. "Before the next crewbeing comes in looking for food please."

    Tavi was just deciding whether to address the captain or enjoy another segment of her rich sinful heaven when the next crewbeing came in looking for food and her eyes popped. Without looking away, she pitched her voice to carry to the nearest dispenser, "One SuGoe Mushroom for Sev, please." The SuGoe Mushroom was unpalatable to the Auroun who suffered through it and most other sentient races agreed. The Orsen had strange tastes. To Kah'Saun it tended to induce projectile vomit; a very different reaction than the steaming lava cake the machine obediently dispensed. "You're looking better I see," she ran her eyes up and down his lengthy frame, her professional regard marred only slightly by the tiny curve to her lips. "Maybe you can stomach this now. But if you can't, please aim for a sink." That dry quip delivered, her spoon was inching towards her precious cake when Karma called to deny her again.

    Well, tough. She'd suffered through four courses of increasingly soluble broth and the entire Lazarus process. She'd been burned, sneezed on and she was tired, damn it. Not the Pilot, or the Captain, or the Elders themselves were going to drag her away from her prize until she'd eaten it and she waved her hand to cast her wrist-screen onto the nearest wall of the Dining Area in the same motion as she dialed for a vis-connection to the Recreation Area. In all the hullabaloo she'd almost forgotten, and when the image of the fuming pilot came up on the wall her first instinct was to stare. Six foot four of muscled, cyberaugmented human with muscles rippling down his form and a light tan was sitting there in a seat, topless and liberally strewn with gold and pink glitter that shone through his thick black hair. Dr C'eira's willpower was like titanium. It was. She didn't even crack a smile, her laughter firmly buried under a coolly curious tone. "Mr Dvali, while your invitation is as charming as you no doubt are yourself I am otherwise occupied at present. And- what exactly are you doing? Is this one of your human rituals?"

    ⊸ Dr Jalotaveiianh "Tavi" Macheis C'eira

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