Return of the Moonlight



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I knew you guys could go longer without me but I'm baaack! This last week or so has been pretty much me trying to sort things out because of the all of a sudden clusterfucking of events and then the past 4 days I had to deal with....hemorrhoids a situation I'd rather not want to deal with again. I can honestly say they kept me away from the computer chair, and any chair in general for those 4 days.

But now that everything is cleared up I'm back and stories need writin', posts need postin', and Asmos need kicks in the rear end which ultimately lead him to a fall downstairs. (And Newsletter needs it's crew back DESPRATLEY!!! SAAAAAAKUUUUURA, MIIIRRUUUU, TUX I must have your assistance.)

So I'm back watcha' gunna do 'bout it?

Writing in the Moonlight,



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I'm going to do THIS! *starts a lunar eclipse*

I welcome the moonlighter and his moonshine back.