Return of the Lord of the Ring


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In the third age the year 3019 Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee of the Shire successfully climbed the slopes of Mt. Doom and destroyed the ring of power thus sealing the Dark Lord Saurons fate and destroying him forever. Two years later Frodo, Gandalf, Bilbo and the three guardians left middle earth forever to sail to a new land where they might know a life of peace. The Fourth age began and twenty years have passed since the adventures of the Fellowship of the ring and the destruction of the ring of power. Aragorn and Arwen have ruled over Gondor and created peace and prosperity for their people and have maintained a strong relationship with the kingdom of Rohan and their king Eomer. Peace has been kept throughout the lands and all remnants of the Dark lords evil have been destroyed and the cities rebuilt. It seemed that this peace would hold forever.

However the power of the Dark lord has remained in some places. Dark forces have started to stir again and orc parties have been sighted throughout the lands. Some of written them off as just rogue orc packs and have dealt with the ones that they can. Others however believe that evil has returned to middle earth and that dark times are upon them once again. Those thoughts and fears however have not completely quelled old rivalries that have begun once again. However one rivalry appears to be coming to an end. The rivalry between the Rohan houses of Shadowbourne and Whitehart. The two families have agreed to meet for a peace treaty. What the rivalry was about or what the treaty says well only the families would know that.

The daughter of the Shadowbourne house Lamara has been sent as the delegate for her family. She had been riding with a small group of soldiers for protection towards the agreed upon meeting grounds for the negotiations. There were about ten of them in all. However she would never make it to the agreed upon meeting point. If only her family had paid more attention to the rising orc parties that had been spotted in their area. They might have sent more guards. They might have been able to hold their own. However that wasn't the case.

The orc fell upon their group out of no where killing two of the guards almost instantly and wounding another two. The orc were many in number. At least 30 of them had surrounded Lamara and her remaining guards and they weren't waiting for them to draw their weapons as they burst through the trees shrieking and snarling with their crude swords and axes held at the ready to attack them.

William Hawk or Will to some had been traveling through the area on his own little adventure. His armor glistened brightly in the sun. It was a strange type of armor however. The armor was clearly of elfish make given the style and craftsmanship. However it didn't carry the emblazonment of any of the known elvish kingdoms. Instead it carried the symbol of the White tree of Gondor on the breastplate and the wrist guards. Since the marriage of Aragorn and Arwen many other couples had been wed that were from different races. Will was one such child of the marriage of a soldier of Gondor and a maiden from Rivendell. He had grown up in both the kingdoms of Rivendell and Gondor however most of his life had been spent in Gondor. The only way to be able to tell that he was a half blood was by his ears. They were slightly pointed like an elf's ears however they weren't as pronounced as an elf's ears were and were much smaller much like a humans ears.

William had been on a journey towards Rohan with a contingent of his own guards for a quick meeting with Eomer on the request of the king. Aragorn had not been able to leave the kingdom to travel to Rohan to meet with his old friend so he had sent William in his place. Will was not aware of the reason behind the meeting only that he needed to go and then report back to Aragorn what would transpire there. However his contingent wouldn't arrive at their destination on time either.

On the way the heard the sound of battle. Not knowing what the situation was he turned to his soldiers and had them draw their weapons "men sounds of battle are nearby let us ride and show them the strength of the people of Gondor and help those who require our aide!" His men gave a small shout of approval and then they turned their horses to the side and rode into the fray. The sound of Horse hoofs hitting the ground thundered through the air as they burst through the trees and into the battle swords flashing and a banner of the white city flapping high above them in the wind to aide the Rohan soldiers in their fight against the orc.
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