Return Of The Goblin King *taken*

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    A teen sat in his room, a book sitting in his lap as he ran his fingers over the letters as he read it. "Goblin king, goblin king, take this child of mine far away from me." Toby Williams read before flipping through the book, looking at some of the pictures before he gave a sigh and shut the book. "Why does this all seem so familiar?" He asked himself as he got to his feet and started to head down stairs so he could get something to eat.

    As usual, his parents where out at some party for work or something, Toby couldn't remember what hid mother had said, so the teen was on his own for dinner. "I wonder how Sarah liked her new place in LA." He said to himself as he started to dig through the fridge, taking out some left over Chinese take out boxes and started to dish out some food for himself.
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  2. The goblins crowded around the crystal showing a teenage boy sitting on his bed with a book. They were listening.

    "Goblin king, goblin king, take this child of mine far away from me."

    "Where'd he learn that rubbish?" the short, fat one asked, turning to the others.

    Another goblin, with long, thin arms and a large nose, spat on the floor. "It desn't even start with 'I wish'..."

    "Shut up! Shut up, all of you." Their master, the Goblin King himself, shoved through the crowd of goblins, taking up the crystal. Walking back to his throne, he sat and gazed int the crystal. Some of the goblins followed.
  3. A beeping sound filled the kitchen for a few seconds as the food finished reheating, the teen walked over to the microwave and took out his plate of food and headed back up to his room to read his book. The book had been his favorite thing, having Sarah read it to him as often as he could, it had been hers before but she had given it to him for a birthday gift one year before she had moved out to go to college. 'I never read it anymore anyway... once you live the book, reading it just isn't the same.' She had told her younger half brother. "What did she mean she lived in..." Toby mumbled to himself as he ate one of his egg rolls.
  4. Jereth turned the crystal in his hands. Maybe he wasn't going to say it.
    "Did he say it?" one of the goblins asked dumbly. There wwas a chourous of 'Shut ups' and shushes from the others, one of them pushing the one who'd spoke off the ledge he was sitting on.
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