Return of the Dragon

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    • Plot

      The dragons went extinct over a hundred years ago, an organisation called "Halo" dictated that they were fowl beasts that needed to put down. Unbeknownst to them, the dragons were fairly prepared, their eggs hidden, so that one day they might rise again. Now, a group of children has come across a clutch of eggs, the very same eggs while at summer camp. No two eggs are alike, and there are just enough for each child to have one.

      Which will you choose?


      Water - Synren
      Wind - NoDayButToday
      Shadow - Batty

      • Name: (What is your character's name?)
      • Age: (How old is your character?)
      • Gender: (What is your character's gender?)
      • Element: (What element is your chosen egg to be?)
      • Talents and Abilities: (What is your character good at? What special things can your character do?)
      • Appearance: (What does your character look like? Try to include things like how tall they are, how well built they are, what colour their skin is. You may use artwork here.)
      • Personality: (What is your character like? Are they the sort the punch your face in for looking at them funny? Would they spend all day prancing around trying to find the end of the rainbow? Are they shy? Obnoxious? Sweet?)
      • Biography: (This field is important. It is where I shall be gauging your literary skill, so try to avoid being concise here. I don't want your character's whole life story, but a few important points, enough to make at least one nice paragraph. )
      • Other: (Anything you care to add?)

      Character Slots
      1. Batty
      2. Synren
      3. NoDayButToday

    • • No god-moding, power-playing.
      This one is a given, but I always feel the need to include it. If your characters ability/abilities require some minor power-playing, make it known under the 'Other' field of your character skeleton.

      • Single character limit.
      One character per person! That's it, just one!

      • Ask before killing.
      If you wish to kill a character, send a private message to the character's owner and ask for permission to do so. Even if they have posted somewhere in this thread that they are okay with their characters dying, you should still check with them about it. They may have a plan for their character at that point in time, you never know. Better safe than sorry.

      • Literacy, past-tense, and third person
      I expect in character posts to be in paragraph form with proper grammar, as few typos and possible, and well thought out. As few one liners as possible, if I feel that too many one liner posts are being made by and particular person, I will talk to them about it via private message. Past-tense and third person writing is a requirement, you will be messaged if you fail to post in one, the other, or both.

      • It is my job to make sure rules are upheld.
      All though I do appreciate the gesture, I would appreciate if you didn't call people out on rule-breaking. I will not be talking openly about someone's misconduct. Unless I end up having to leave for a period of time and leave you in charge of making sure that rules are followed, please refrain from mentioning any breaks.

      • I reserve the right to reject your character if they do not live up to the standards of the rules.
      If not all the fields are filled out, fail to verify that you have read the rules, or is rife with typos and grammatical errors. If your character is rejected, do not remorse, it doesn't mean that that particular character can never get into the role-play. Just read over the rules again, read over your post, and see if you can find what is wrong and fix it.

      • Quotation
      Post a quote by your character at the top of your character skeleton to prove that you have read and agree to the rules. You only have to do this once, but it would be neat if you did it for all of them, if you are making multiple characters. Witty quote are preferred. I like laughing.

      • Romance!
      By all means, should you find a soulmate for your character, go for it! Heterosexual or otherwise! Just keep the naughty bits to yourselves, in, say, a one-on-one thread, or PMs.

      • Use the skeleton provided.
      I have made the character skeletons the way they are for a reason, so any alteration of them or using a skeleton of your own creation is not allowed. You may, however, edit the aesthetics of the skeleton however you like, as long as the fields are all there and filled out.

      • Feel free to update your characters skeleton.
      In fact, I encourage it! As the game progresses, you may update your character sheet so that it better reflects their development. If your character gets some new scars, add that in to their appearance. Did your character get some fancy new toys that do fancy things(Or nothing at all)? Throw that in other. If your character goes through a life changing experience, add to their biography!
    • Mae Kyte - Played by Batty
      Fina Alexandra - Played by Synren
      Lhant Abel - Played by NoDayButToday

    Mae Kyte.png
    Mae Kyte
    • Age •
    • Gender •
    • Element •
    • Talents and Abilities •
    Mae was born with magic, quite a rare gift these days.
    • Personality •
    A cheery little girl, making the best of her alienation from the other children her own age. She has been known to smile in the faces of what would normally scare children, and has been given lessons in this children should never know of. Through all her optimism, when she is alone at night, she often breaks down an cries.
    • Biography •
    Being born with magic, as soon as she turned five, she was shipped off to one of Halo's branch offices, and from there passed on to one of their magic mentors. At first it was exhausting, and she could not keep up with what she was being taught. She was assured that this was normal, and to just keep trying. So she did. She tried, and tried, and tried, and eventually it became easier to do what was asked of her.

    She still got summer breaks, like the other children, though it was more like she just spent less time training, and did not stop all together. This summer, she was sent to camp with a small group of children by her parents, in an effort to try and giver her a normal childhood experience.

    • Other •

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  1. "I will protect you!"

    • Name: Fina Alexandra
    • Age: 12
    • Gender: Female

    • Element: Water
    • Talents and Abilities: Weak healing magic.

    • Appearance: Pale skinned with long, wavy white hair. Wide, deep blue eyes, reflecting the color of the ocean. She has soft features and a timid demeanor.

    • Personality: Shy, quiet and timid. She rarely opens up to anyone, finding difficulty in trusting others -- however, she does not like to be alone. Tends to put the needs of others over her own, she has become a 'nanny' to her group of friends. Affectionate, loving and considerate. Strong sense of duty, justice and defining right from wrong. Cautious and well spoken. Positive, optimistic.

    • Biography: She was born with an innate magical ability to heal the sick and wounded, though her power is very limited -- potentially by her young age. She became well known in her small village, and works in aiding the local apothecary/medicine woman. Combined with her growing knowledge of medicinal herbs, her talents are in high demand among her neighbors.
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  2. Quote: " You call this eggs! And why is my toast not Peru brown . THIS IS SANDY BROWN! SAANNDY!

    Character Sheet• Name: Lhant Abel
    • Age: 10
    • Gender: Male
    • Element: Wind
    • Talents and Abilities: He is a mean cook. Has many skills from being a farmer.

    • Appearance: Being a farmer from birth he is much stronger than he looks. Height: 5'3. Weigh: 130
    • Personality: He is very loud, curious, and friendly. Also very prideful of his skills as a farmer and a cook.

    • Biography: Just your ordinary farmer boy that lives with his Uncle Rin all his life. His uncle also owns a motel and has Lhant cook their meals. Lhant enjoyed his life taking care of the farm , cooking for the people also talking with them, and tending to the garden. That all unfortunately changed. Uncle Rin passed away with no reason to why. Lhant was taken by the closest relative Hilda his strict scary cousin. Lhant wasn't able to deal with the culture change. He see and ad of a summer camp and persuade Hilda to take him and she only agreed just to keep him out of her house.

    • Other:
    Writing Sample: A Magician Stays for the Night (open)

    ((This has a bit of Southern Slang))

    Tuesday 6:58 pm

    Uncle Rin smokes a cig while reading an old car issue. A young woman with a long burgundy cloak arrives at his front desk. Rin looks up surprise wearing a thick cloak in the middle of June. "Uh October hasn't come yet sweetheart" he joked. " I need a room for the night" she said bluntly. "Alright, let's see uh" he said while clearing his throat. He scans through his list to see if there are any available rooms. Her ominous presents was creeping him out. "So what's the cloak for? It's like the summer ain't you hot" he asked just to make small talk.

    "No. I wear because I have to . "

    "Uh-okay . Oh! here is a room. I'll have Lhant help you with your bags."

    "No need I didn't carry much. Just tell me where it is."

    Rin looked at her confused seeing that she doesn't seem to have anything but herself. He was about to ask her another question, but there was something about her made him feel unease .

    "When you walk out of here head left. Then turn right by the chicken's den keep down that path until you see a green house. At that point you're almost there . Keep following the path into a forest and there will be a cabin lighted up for you . Room 0023. "

    " How much?"

    "$42.57. Now if you need anything our phone numbers are on the walls so you can reach Lhant and he will tend to you" he said while bending down at front desk where the room keys are stored. When he notice room key 0023 was missing he rose up and saw the correct amount of change on counter, but the woman gone. "What the hell?"

    Same night 8:24pm

    Lhant was finishing up his tomatoes he heard the phone ring and rose to answer it. " Hello" Lhant song. "Hey kiddo we have a guest at Room 0023" Rin said still confused.

    "Wow really they'll be only one in there."

    "Yeah I know, I can't seem to find the keys to that room. I was gonna tell 'er, but when I stood up she was gone . I don't know how she is going to get in, but I need you to help her. Oh, and uh be careful she is an odd one." Lhant giggled at his concern then respond "I'm sure it'll be okay. We've had weird, stupid, crazy, evil. Odd doesn't seem so bad." Uncle Rin let out a long sigh then answered "I guess you're right."

    " I am right Uncle Rin. like always. If anything happens we'll just laugh about it later."

    "Oh shut up boy and get going."

    Lhant hangs up the phone and takes off his gloves also the shirt that he wears when gardening. Existing out of the greenhouse he looks to the right. Nothing but the radiant moonlight shining on the trees ,crops, and the dirt road that leads to it. Grabbing his lantern he check in his pocket to feel for the keys. Pulling out the replica sets of room keys he checks to see if he has Room 0023. Once he found it he stuffs them back into is pockets light up the lantern and whistle on his way into the forest. Finally reaching to the cabin he noticed the door was left wide opened. "What the-?" Running closer to the cabin the door suddenly slams shut once he reached to the steps. This scared the pants off of Lhant so much that he almost tripped on the stairs. He heart begins to beat fast. Lhant slowly walks up the stairs. Opening into the living room going into the closet to grab some blankets as an excuse to visit her room.

    "Okay I don't thing odd was a good word to describe her. Scary , yeah scary sounds much better." Walking down the hallway of rooms he hear movement through the door at the end on the left hand side. That was indeed Room 0023. Softly knocking on the door it seemed to open a bit when he applied more pressure. "Oh boy" he nervously said. Opening into a dark room. "What?" it was silent like an empty room. Lhant quickly cuts on the light walking casually into the room. On the bed he saw a long cloak, a book, and three little bottles filled of black liquid. Lhant drops the blankets on the bed to pick up one of the bottles. He closely examined it. Nothing seem to happen it look like normal black ink until something moved inside. "Woah" he yelled then he covered his mouth looking around trying to find a place to hide. He spotted the wooden window at the far end of the room. Lhant to that window trying to pull it up. He was so nervous he didn't think to unlock it. The bathroom door opened coming out was an african woman with a towel around her body. The woman looked at Lhant with a blank stare then looked at the blanket. "What are you doing in my room!" she yelled while clutch her towel . Lhant look back screaming in horror. "So pervert comes in pint sizes now?!" Lhant jumps from the window hold both of his hands together. " I'm sorry mam. I just came here to help. Uh enjoy your stay at the Abel's Motel." He runs passed her towards the door before he could reached for the knob the left arm extended behind him pulling him to the ground. He turns his head and notice that no one was pulling him which is odd because he was being dragged. Seeing the woman with her arms crossed with an angry look on her face. Lhant welled up tears fearing that this will be the last thing he sees. " AAH LOOK I'M SORRY I CAME HERE TO LET YOU IN THAT'S ALL I SWEAR!"

    Lhant was flung into the air still screaming and crying. "Stop yelling!" she demanded while losing her bun so that her dreads could fall. Dropping him on the chair Lhant tried to silence himself as best he could. The woman extended her hand. Confused Lhant quickly looked at his left hand and notice that he still had the bottle. The tiny glass bottle floated from his hand and into hers.

    "This would have done you more harm then good kid."

    "Please don't eat me demon I didn't mean it. I was just looking at it! Until you open the door I did not know I still had it in my hand! I can cook- yeah. Anything you want! My cooking would taste way better than me! Honest!"

    She cover her ears as the boy was screaming trying to save himself. "Ok-ok be quite. " She starts to laugh at the boy. Finally calming she look at him puzzled "You act as if you've never seen magic before." "I haven't" Lhant says trying to hold back the tears. "Wow, well I guess when you live out here you wouldn't know. Crazy, that is truly sad kid." Lhant looked still scared also confused at this magical woman. "Uh- Ms. Demon are you gonna kill me?" The woman chuckled at how cute the scared little boy was. " No of course not ! But if you call me demon one more time I will make you drink this stuff." Lhant widen his eyes at her horrifying threat. She paces the floor while looking at him then stops and smiles. " You did say you can cook anything. Ok make me a Currywurst and French Fries, and your life shall be spared. She made Lhant stand and draw his arm out to shake hands with her. "Call me Shanice." "I'm Lhant." Shanice walked over to grab her cloak "Well Lhant led me to the kitchen."

  3. Are you kidding! I've been dying to role play as a little kid. I just hope that we can start soon.
  4. Two questions!
    Question 1: Is this roleplay still open?
    Question 2: May I pose as a pet Dragon instead of a human if the RP is still open?
  5. Yes it is still open, but I cannot answer the second question. You should pm the game Master I think its @Batty
  6. Yes, you may!
  7. Thank you! Would you like to make me my CS or do you need me to make my own?
  8. You can make your own if you would like.
  9. @Batty Okay! Would you prefer me to be one of the element dragons that you have provided?
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  10. That would be preferable, unless you have sonething neat in mind, in which cass I would love to hear it.
  11. I have an Idea for a different Element @Batty :

    "Types" of Dragons:
    - Light:
    Light Dragon's are designed for speed and agility. These dragons body's are slick and proportionate to their wing span allowing them to stay in flight longer. The bones are more hollow than normal allowing better altitude. In the Flight or Fight response Flight is their best option, these dragons are skilled in the art of flying but lack in the skill of combat.

    - Leaden
    Leaden Dragons are designed for Strength and Durability. These dragons have large body's with harden scales, their body's are larger than their wing's by their tail links and their bones are heavier and harder to cut through. In the Flight or Fight response Flight is their best option, these dragons are skilled in the art of Combat but lack in the skill of flying.


    Dragon "Type":
    - Light:

    Light Dragon's are designed for speed and agility. These dragons body's are slick and proportionate to their wing span allowing them to stay in flight longer. The bones are more hollow than normal allowing better altitude. In the Flight or Fight response Flight is their best option, these dragons are skilled in the art of flying but lack in the skill of combat.

    Date of Hatch:
    March 20th

    Power, Notable Features and Ability's:

    Steampunk Dragons have an ability to manipulate things like clockwork and small metal objects such as keys or silverware. Occasionally when in fear a Steampunk dragon is able to manipulate larger metal objects to protect him/herself from what ever they are attacked by, often time's a Steampunk dragon is known for their clockwork like wings or their clockwork like body's.

    Appearance and Egg form:
    Zeldas body looks like:

    [​IMG] Body span from head to food is 140 feet

    Zelda has clockwork wings that look like this:
    [​IMG] Wingspan from tip to tip is 140.2

    When a Steampunk dragons is in their egg form they cover their body's with the back of their wigs leavening them to be cushioned, when hatched the metal along the feathers will break away as they grow older and their wings grow.

    Zelda, although she's a light dragon, has a weakness to her wing's, her wings can rust and become sensitive disabling her from flying or fighting.

    Human Master:
    - Username:




    Favorite Memory:
    (I can fill this in once I know my Master.

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