Return of the Dancer

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  1. Iwaku Members,
    Your Iwaku Dancer has returned! My time that I have taken off I feel has not been too long I hope, but any case I am back. I missed a lot of you indeed and I am making this very short since I am sure it's not a big deal. (T.T)
    I have good news and bad news as well;


    • I will temporary not be doing banners or any art as I do not have my equipment.
    • I may be back but my replies or activity may be slightly slow.
    • Eh it's personal. The good news is only being shared with friends.

    Now that I am back...What should I do first? :3
  2. Gypsy!!!!!! It's you!!!!!
    Welcome back, tbh I didn't even notice your disappearance.
    *head explodes from Iwaku channel related goodness*
  3. Haha it's okay but thank you. :)
  4. Welcome back, Gypsy! Maybe we'll roleplay together sometime!
  5. Aaaalll of the roleplays!