Return of the Cbox!

  • So many newbies lately! Here is a very important PSA about one of our most vital content policies! Read it even if you are an ancient member!
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After discussions and working out new solutions we now bring you back the cbox WITH SOME MILD CHANGES!

The Cbox is currently located in GENERAL!
Lag has been a major issue. We're hoping that moving cbox in the General will help reduce how many people are loading up the cbox while lurking on the Iwaku Index. If lag is still a big problem, we'll be leaving it only through the "Cbox" link up in the navbar until the forums next upgrade.

There are some changes to the Cbox rules!
We want the cbox to be newbie and member friendly for the majority of Iwaku members! We're asking all members to cut out all that rapin' and overly sexual conduct in the cbox. We also insist that you use the ignore feature and avoid hashing out fights in the cbox. Our staffies will be monitoring things more strictly, so if one of our Color-named people ask you to cut something out, do it or get hit with a bootstick. (You'll find the rules listed in the "R" button of the Cbox.)

We have changed the cbox channels around!
As an experiment we are trying different cbox channels.

Main Channel: Is our default chatting area.
Counseling: So you can complain about your life and get help from chatters.
NSFW: If you REALLY have to be all sex chatty or have to bitch at each other.
ChatRP: Where chat RPing is hosted.

We'll see how this works out for awhile and make adjustments when needed. :D

Thank you everyone for your comments and participation in our cbox discussion! And your patience while we worked everything out. <3
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I hereby swear to follow these rules and do my bit in enforcing them.

*starts shivering*

Just don't take it away again
Prepare for the "steam-box" to get a whole lot more steamy now that it's a channel specifically for that kind of behavior....seen it happen before.
>_> *Stays the heck out of the NSFW box*

Thanks to mods and staffs for working magic tricks with the cbox. Maybe this way Iwaku can have its cake and eat it, too.

C......C-.......C BOX :) I MISSED YOUUUUU.
Jumi disapproves of this thread. Though Jumi knows he has no actual power. : (

Hopefully the set up will work out better.
Oh god...finally, I can survive work again....THANK YOU!!!!
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