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  1. Hey everyone. I'm not new but I ended up having to take a break (or I suppose disappear) for a while due to my mental health. I'm feeling much better now though, and don't want to spend all my time sleeping, so I'm looking forward to starting up some role-plays and maybe continuing some old ones if my partners are up to it. ^_^

    A little recap: I'm Vega, I love Alice in Wonderland, I collect stuffed toys, and am moderately obsessed with cats. I'm hoping to eventually take a course to become a veterinary technician (because despite my love of cats, I love all animals and want to help them.) Also I have a horrible memory thanks to various obstacles in my life and I frequently forget to do a lot of mundane things. Pretend I'm a fish, okay!

    I'd especially love to try some GW2 role-plays, though I'm not sure if anyone else plays the game, much the less role-plays it. I've started playing again and forgot how much I loved it. I hope you've all been well!
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  2. Welcome back! O_O
  3. Glad to see you've returned!

    Now, never EVER leave us again!
  4. Glad you are back Vega and feeling better. I didn't know you before but Welcome back!
  5. Good to have you back Vega <333​
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