Return from my absence Looking for 1x1 partners

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So after a long summer of moving and starting two new jobs and starting school I finally have a break from it to join a few roleplays. I am only taking a select few partners because I do not want to be overwhelmed so come get it while it is hot.


Semi literate. You don't have to be the next great american author but I lose interest if my partner doesn't seriously try. Just spell check and descriptive writing. Keep it interesting.
Postings must be a few paragraphs.
Romance with some hot scenes I don't want smut to take over the plot.

I will always be a woman character and prefer mxf pairings.

Possible pairings (If you have an idea please don't hesitate to offer I am open for collaborations my pairings is just a base by no means is any of my pairings in a set plot)

Vampire X Human
Demon X Angel
Human X Human
Elf X Human
Elf X Other Magical being
Fox X wolf

Fandom pairings:
Draco X OC
Sesshomaru X OC
Tris X Four
Angel (Buffy/Angel) x OC

Just pm me if interested. Again if you have your own pairing idea please go ahead and offer. You may want to do something that I had intended to list but forgot to.
Not open for further replies.