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  1. Hello! I'm back! I've recently returned from a rather long hiatus. So those of you who knew me from before now, you may remember that I was absolutely blooming with enthusiasm and ideas. I'm older now, however, and I've been digging for gold without taking the time to go easy. Now I am left mostly idea-less, and so I'm taking a new approach at roleplaying.

    Starting now, I will be taking any request for any roleplay of any kind for any person of any age. Whether you have a pre-made character or not is irrelevant, and I'm even willing to do inappropriate things as long as it complies to the rules of this beautiful site. I'm not only highly articulate, but I am very resourceful, and I can quickly learn the ropes of whatever role I take. I do have limits, however, and I won't always be on.
    I have three big rules:
    1. No surprise bad. If you want to have an inappropriate RP or moment, warn me.
    2. 5 stories, 15 strikes. I am limiting myself to five role-plays, with three strikes for each. If any rules are broken by any member of a group RP or the admin themselves, it's a strike.
    3. Do NOT tell me how to write. I have been role-playing for over five years, I'm good at catching my mistakes. I make a strong habit of utilizing the font colors, so if a color I use bothers you, I can handle being told so.
    I am here for you, but I have my own rules.

    "Oh no, you're meeting all of my STANDARDS!" - Papyrus, UT

    If these rules are not a problem, feel free to message me here, or shoot me a private message.
  2. Welcome back to Iwaku, Necropolis :) Glad to have ya back!
  3. Thanks! :]
  4. Hey there Necropolis, welcome back! It's always great to see people returning :D I gotta say, I admire your ability to organize and express exactly how you're going to approach things this time around - personally, I'm terrible at that sort of thing, so good for you XD I wish you the very best of luck in your search for new partners and ideas!
  5. Thanks, and thanks again!
  6. Welcome back!! Hopefully no role plays around here will ever get three strikes...yikes! However it's important to have personal limits and bravo for putting yours out there. HAVE FUN!!