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    A Science-Fantasy Dating Sim



    The first thing I should mention is that I'm fairly new to 1x1's, but that I doubt it will require from me much more than a group roleplay. I'm confident I can organize one well. That being said, the way this 1x1 is structured will ultimately need me to be both a partner and a GM at the same time. If you're looking for a 1x1 in which both players equally dictate the plot and setting, this is probably not the roleplay for you. As the GM in addition to my partner status, I will be playing a large number of NPC's, as well as a set of my own "true" characters; that is, 6 heroines.

    More or less, I expect this to pan out as if it were a "group roleplay with only 1 player in it." If this prospect doesn't interest you, once I again I stress that this is probably not a roleplay you want to join, for both our sakes. In this 1x1, you (my partner) will be playing as a male or female character (I can do straight or yuri pairing) who's found themselves offered a spot in an exclusive academy for particular reasons. To facilitate freedom for your character, I won't (as GM) force you to take any specific actions, but rather will be purely reactive to your character's decisions, controlling the world in such a way as to react to your character. Despite this freedom, I must stress that the main point of this 1x1 is to be reflective of a 'dating sim'; that is, playing a character that will inevitably end up in a relationship with another individual from among several. That being said, this 1x1 is meant to have romantic focuses, but will certainly be also heavily focused on the science fantasy aspect of the setting.

    To summarize, you will be playing as a male or female in a futuristic fantasy world whose romantic options are one of six heroines. During the roleplay, I will be controlling the setting in response to your character's actions, introducing adventure/action components to occur alongside romance. Basically, if you've ever played a dating sim, just imagine me as the program and you as the player. It's as simple as that!

    If this interests you, please shoot me a PM with a minimum 500 word example post of anything you'd like, though I suggest it be a reflection of your abilities as a roleplayer. ;)
    From there we may or may not be able to start a partnership for this roleplay. Should we begin, I will flood give you further information on the setting. Note that I will not be doing this with multiple partners separately; I will only take one partner. Please do not be offended if you were not selected. I would also like to note that I prefer players who are flexible in their schedule but are nevertheless eager to post as fast as possible (while nevertheless maintaining decently-sized posts). I'm thinking a post every 2 days is preferable, if you can meet the speed.

    Thank you for any interest!

    The Heroines:

    Name: Ramie Demucurio
    Age: 16
    Year: Sophomore
    Height: 5'5"

    Ramie is a lost soul amidst the successes of her peers. Admitted to the DCA solely because of her blood relation to a royal family, Ramie is nevertheless a cut below them in skill and intelligence. By no means lazy or incapable, Ramie seemingly requires more effort to achieve the same success as others, lending to a rather poor opinion of her from her peers. She tries hard regardless and attains meager success. Ramie believes herself cursed to be irrelevant to the world.

    Despite her lack of academic ability, Ramie displays an affinity for magic of the destructive kind. She is known for her ability to blow up just about anything given enough energy and the willingness to do so. Still, beyond said ability to obliterate something, the applications don't extend very far; she's a one trick pony currently, which doesn't help boost her image with her peers.

    Name: El-Azi "Azzie" Noussad
    Age: 17
    Year: Junior
    Height: 5'8"

    Hailing from the Western Kingdoms, Azzie carries a strong accent and an even stronger fondness for her home. Grand-daughter of the current King of Virdjiha, she nevertheless acts much more like a peasant's daughter than royalty. She is boisterous and tough, charging through the academic years with endless energy and a conviction to succeed through sheer willpower. Despite her greatness, she lives a simple life, actively averse to all things fancy and aristocratic. This, coupled with her status, puts her at odds with many other students who adhere to a more noble lifestyle.

    Azzie is a summoner, materializing entities of all aspects of the world to do her bidding. Though she is aided by such magical beings, Azzie herself is more than capable of holding her own, especially when it comes to fisticuffs; she is exceptionally strong, a fact many have unfortunately learned of first-hand.

    Name: Valensa Vindraemel
    Age: 18
    Year: Senior
    Height: 5'9"

    The picturesque achiever and noblewoman of DCA, Valensa serves as an authority figure among the student body, both by election and by admiration. As the student body President, Valensa heads a great number of aspects of the academy where student life, entertainment, and enforcement are concerned. Beyond holding the highest position in the council, she is notably also the highest-scoring student in the Academy. Cool and mature, she ever represents the academic bar one can pursue.

    Reflecting her exceptional study habits and notoriety, Valensa is known for being a master of countless magic domains; there are few things she cannot do at least decently. Countless attempts have been made by disgruntled competitors to belittle her ability to do a particular spell, only to find her able to pick up on it within mere minutes of encountering something new.

    Name: Tome Kaman
    Age: 15
    Year: Freshman
    Height: 4'11"

    Tome is a niche celebrity within the community, known for her involvement in family affairs that went towards the development of the first global communication magitek device. Not surprisingly, she is fond of magitek studies, being a magitek engineer of sorts, but moreso a thinker rather than a doer. She takes pride in her imagination and ability to solve problems, but has proven easily flustered when it comes to pointing out her lack of construction ability. Tome has a hot temper that ultimately works to her advantage when it comes to competition.

    As previously explained, Tome is exceptional when it comes to the mechanisms behind solving various problems using magitek, but falls short when it comes to using her hands to put together the idea into a physical, functional reflection of her thoughts. Fortunately, with a wealth of engineers in the Academy, she doesn't find it too difficult to have her ideas eventually realized.

    Name: Perina Nirjev
    Age: 15
    Year: Freshman
    Height: 4'19"

    "Strongest queen yet to sit on a throne!" or so says Perina Nirjev... Orphaned at birth, Perina was taken in by the Dean of Students, and essentially grew up on the DCA campus. She is rowdy and loud, and even moreso haughty and confident. While no slouch when it comes to the magic-slinging scene, she still has a long way to go, something Perina is both in denial of and completely prepared for. She is prone to getting into fights, often being the instigator rather than an innocent participant. Subsequently, she frequently gets into trouble, and despite her desire to be recognized and regarded, her tomfoolery instead earns her a general dislike among her peers.

    Beyond a general ability to replicate basic spells and wield a sword with greater skill than a majority of Freshman, Perina displays a remarkably... unremarkable fighting prowess. Faculty whispers, however, seem to insinuate a hidden power within Perina that she has yet to realize.

    Name: Midda Englass
    Age: 16
    Year: Sophomore
    Height: 5'4"

    Descendant of the Dimension Assassin King Rorakk Bizonnvet, it's no surprise the blood of secrecy and darkness runs heavily in her veins. Midda is playful and mysterious, oftentimes seeming up to no good regardless of what she is doing; it's an often-spoken rule by the students that her being alone, 'means that something is up'. The myth doesn't always hold up, but nevertheless persists due to the eventual "calamity" that befalls some important student. Indeed, she is a prankster, and an incredible one at that. Midda takes "donations" from students wishing to see someone pranked or messed with, a task Midda takes seriously and always completes.

    Rumors abound about the true nature of Midda's powers; some say she can control the very shadows around her, while other claim she can take the form of a spirit, free to traverse the academy grounds without restriction. No one truly knows besides Midda herself, a secret she keeps sealed tight.
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  2. Eyyyyyyyy, is there going to be any supernatural elements to this at all, or is this going to be pure date sim?
  3. It's not pure slice-of-life.
  4. But does that mean that I can make a character who has the ability to see how many times someone has masturbated during the entirety of their life? :3
  5. W-what.
  6. Jack-o-vision?
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  7. I am interested in this. :) I'm going to send you a PM.
  8. Oooooh, I didn't know who made this Interest Check thread's title into the OOC and moved it in the appropriate forum. Thank you, whether you are Asura or a CV/Staff! :D

    Alright, just gonna put MC's profile here~


    Full Name
    : Lenneth Vexia
    Nicknames: Len, Lenny
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15 years old
    Profession: Student
    Affiliation: Divine Calm Academy
    Hometown: Tundaria City
    Marital Status: Single
    Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

    Light Gray
    Eyes: Brown
    Voice: Soft, high-pitched, cheerful
    Complexion: Fair
    Height: 147 cm / 4'10"
    Build: Slim

    : Polite, quiet around strangers, but talkative with family and close friends
    Hopes: Reach the top of "The Tower", Live up to her family's expectations
    Fears: Shaming her family name, Syringes
    Likes: Gardening, flowers, quiet places, magic
    Dislikes: Loud people, medical equipments, rain


    Magitek Warrior: The Vexia family is known for their expertise in combining magic-smithing with martial arts, especially using their self-crafted enchanted magitek weapons and equipments to augment physical prowess with some offensive spells. Lenneth specializes in wielding a pair of magitek lance and shield.

    Living Saint: Legends told that the Vexia family was formed by the union of a mortal man with a Valkyrie. Whether it's true or not, one thing is clear. Once in a few generations, with a random line of succession, a Vexian will be born with a fraction of the Valkyrie's divine blood, these people are dubbed "Living Saints". The Vexian who reached the tower's top is one. As a "Living Saint", Lenneth possesses natural affinity to the Holy element, inherently sharper speed and reflexes, naturally heals faster than normal, and can activate the unique "Awakening" power at will.



    Lenneth unleashes her divine heritage, her hair takes on a bluish tint, irises lightening to crimson, and a perpetual light blue aura surrounding her body. When awakened, Lenneth gains superhuman strength, speed, and agility. Through her equipments, she can use her lance to fire destructive arcane beams and shield to create barriers around her. All these perks come with a catch however, Awakening rapidly drains her energy and prolonged activation will cause her to black out, even dying in extreme cases.

    A quiet girl from the Vexia family of magitek smiths and combat mages. Lenneth was chosen to enter the DC Academy due to her manifesting the divine blood running in her family. She wishes to live up to the expectations put on her shoulders, especially to her parents. Vexia is a diligent model student, often found in the library or magitek lab, learning new things. Occasionally, she wonders how her life will turn out if she wasn't a Living Saint, but no more than that. She was chosen, it'd be a shame to waste her potential. Her greatest goal is, of course, reach the Tower's top and meet the Legendary King.


    Extra Stuffs:

    1. Would you say her family expects her to enter the tower, or is Lenneth's wish to do so solely her own?

    2. Does Lenneth enjoy fighting in any sense, or is she much more the type to participate in fighting solely for honor's sake and to succeed?

    3. In terms of physical strength, speed, and affinity for magitek creation/operation, which would you say (in order of best to worst) is her strongest aspect? Can you give each characteristic a letter grade, A,B, and C to show the order of her expertise?

    1. More of a mix of both, but leaning towards the former. The expectation also fuels her own desire.

    2. The latter, she's fighting for a higher purpose, not for fighting's sake.

    3. Hmmm.. Let's see.

      Magitek Operation: A
      Speed: A
      Strength: C
      Magitek Creation: C (Her family didn't want her to focus on creating equipments to maximize her potential)
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