Retro Styled Cyberpunk and large scale politics.

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    Singularity City, Formerly Chicago.​

    So what is Singularity city? The setting is a retro-Noir thing, aka you have all the aesthetics of old pulpfiction; Tommy guns, men in trenchcoats and old car aesthetics in a world of robots, railguns, gaus guns and vibro blades. Its titular city is the main setting and a melting pot of the worlds buisness elite, scientific top brass and political backstabbers. Aswell as being a modern day failure of distributing wealth. Imagine a city of gold built on the lower levels of poverty. The further up you are, the richer and more well off you are. You as players are from all sorts of places, all gathered in the city for your own purposes. I am keeping this Adept-Advanced becouse the game demands alot of your own initiative. The crew won't be all gathered at one place all the time, but rather I see this being very individual story telling efforts aswell as the regular get together of characters.

    "Singularity city was created as a UN led social experiment in a world that’s on the verge of a new world war. This super advanced metropolitan area was built to last. Started in 2025, this monster of a city is now a international hotbed for spies, Intelligence organizations, hackers, riggers, organized crime, scientists and regular old folks trying to make a living in the worlds most advanced city. Welcome to your home. Doesn't matter if you are a newly arrived defense contractor working for one of the Massive Corporations that pretty much own the upper levels, or a thug That's running with the Gangs on low and mid level. Or if you're a spy who spent far to much time in modern day Babylon. You are home. Welcome to SC kid, I hope you brought yourself a trench coat, because Chicago used to be rainy this time a year."

    The rp will be dealing with everything from large scale politics (The world is stuck in a new cold war.), the emergence of progressive AI an a whole sleugh of other things. And all sorts off charachters are wanted and needed! IF there is interest, I will post what I got so far.
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  2. I am quite interested in this!
  3. Interested, I have an alarming interest in anything Cyberpunk and it looks like you are going for a Film Noir aesthetic which is another genre that I am very enamored with.
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  4. You've got my interest. Cyberpunk AND Noir in one RP might just be too much for my little heart to handle.
  5. The idea of playing a character that's in the Singularity City Police Department comes to mind. My character would be a younger officer that quickly gained rank in the SCPD. Probably an undercover cop. His last partner was in bed with one of the crime lords, so he killed him. It was put off that he died in the line of duty, of course. If someone wants, they could be my new partner or I could just be a solo cop. Do I get a flying car?

    Outside of work, he's deals in assassination and/or hits, but only against those that are affiliated with the organized crime rings.

    Anyways, he would be sleep deprived. Always a chip on shoulders. Complete asshole by nature -most of the time. He will probably smoke herbal cigarettes or something, too.

    What do you think?
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