Retired, Now Returning

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Vi The Vicious

Original poster
Hi there!

I'm a retired role-player (been doing it since I could type, I think) and it's been years since I've gotten back into the writing/roleplaying game. I used to lurk around the Moon-Wings forum.

You can call me Vi. (Pronunciation: "Vee") and if you could go ahead an forgive me for any role-playing or site faux pas that will eventually happen, that would be great. And I never mind criticism, suggestion, or even insult. We have to learn somehow. And if I want to expand my writing ability and unleash my creativity here I'm definitely going to need it! :)

I'm twenty-years-old and whether I'm male or female I don't think really matters. I enjoy stories involving conspiracies, alternate realities, paranormal, apocalyptic, etc. etc. Crime is a favorite genre of mine as well as anything dealing with religious aspects (existing or non-existing)

I usually play strong female leads with bad habits and good hearts or male characters that are much like silver-tongued bards with charm and finesse. I want to mix and match my types of roles I get into and expand my horizons on that front. I'm kind of tired of following an oh too annoying formula.

If you'd like any more info I guess just PM or something.
Well hello, Vi!
I'm Kitti, dressed up for Halloween is all; it's nice to meet you.
I'm sure no one here will be terribly aggressive in correction of any poor habits. Everyone has to learn, as you say, and we are as gentle as we can possibly be. That said, if you've any questions, we would be more than happy to help you out.

I note that you've completed the resume, so that's all taken care of (good job!) and after that, all I will say is that I recommend that you take a look around and get to know the place. We have labels that are fairly self-explanatory. One quick advisory, general has out of character conversation and is a marvelous place to get to know others here. :]

Happy playing!
Welcome back to the world of roleplay, Vi!

I'm sure you'll greatly enjoy your time here. I'm relatively new but have found this site to be wonderful. While I may not be able to provide you with as much information as more senior members, if you ever are looking for a roleplay partner, drop me a pm :)

I'm sure you'll get comfortable here in no time.
Hello Viviviveeee. >:3
Hi Vi, I'm October! Welcome back to the community. Hope you enjoy your time here, and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask.
I'm Fluffy, or Andi if you prefer. :D I'm pleased to meet you. Holler at me if there's anything I can do for you, all right?

One of my usual hangouts is the Writing/Art section of the forum. Have a look at our challenges for vocabulary, post themes and poetry! Feel free to make a showcase, too. We'd be delighted to see any drawings or writings you create, or have created. <3

Any questions? Please ask!
Hey Vi, I'm Ozzie! If you like paranormal, alternate reality, and apocalyptic type RPs, you might like something I'm running; or alternatively, you might be a good mesh with me if you're open to one-on-one stuff. Feel free to PM me!