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Rethras' Frontline: Fretklosh Beginnings

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Dolkvier, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. The Beginning.
    As the title suggests, this shall be an RP about the beginnings of a Fretklosh. Now, what is Rathras, and what is a Fretklosh? To answer the former, let's start with some world creation. 'Rethras' is the equivalent of 'terra', so the name itself means "Earth", or "land". Anyways, Rethras is a land home to a fairly peaceful people, a rich kingdom, and a diverse selection of races. It has its dangers, but most of it was handled by extremely skilled adventurers/soldiers! Well, you see, none of these people knew much about this ancient, but arcane practice known as "magic". It was something that was practiced in lands elsewhere. Rethras and her people were given the worst official introduction to magic in history. You see, the term 'Fretklosh' means "Magic War", with 'klosh' meaning magic and 'fret' meaning anything denoting to conflict. A massive force of magi invaded Rethras, and absolutely sundered the coastline. We're going to start out during the very beginning of this invasion of magi.

    Problem: I'm still developing all of this. But all I can say is that the magic is brutally effective, and that there shall be a fairly diverse selection of races. An array of vile magi as well as benevolent magi shall be made for this! Maybe. Anyways, y'all interested? You can offee help, if ye like.



Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.