Resurrection of Our Lives

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Resurrection of Our Lives
Bodies may decay but our souls will live on for eternity, filled with hope and desire, our souls will kindle within darkness. Now, the world we once resided in, has perished leaving us no where to go. No body to occupy, nor land to step foot in; it was all taken away before anyone could foresee it. We tried to find answers but failed and were left clueless with not even a hint of what could have happened. There was not an explosion, no warfare, nor any sort of chaotic event. It was gone without a trace, within a blink, and not even a hint.
Countless Souls floated aimlessly in Astral Space as many years passed with no where to go. Memories from numerous of lives floated without a home and begun to die themselves, slowly fading as it never happened. We begun to panic, cries of the Souls echoed through Astral Space and some begun to become nothing more than a small flame of their once humanoid form. When we thought it could not happen, it begun. Souls becoming a small flame, then get blown out to never exist again. Impossible we thought, but we were proven wrong and just to think we were eternal, we died.
Astral Space was quiet, peaceful, beautiful, and yet it was empty. Not a single soul nor dying flame of a Soul that was once alive. It was the end of something that was once considered impossible. An end to everything that we could have remembered. But when we ceased to exist, a new age came. An age of creation just like the moment mankind came to existence. Souls that were 'dead' were actually live, yet our memories were never recovered. The thought of Earth never came to mind nor the moments we had as Humans. Upon awakening to a new minuet, a new life; we saw a world of wonder, colors and unimaginable terrains. There we learned we never died but....Resurrected.

In Resurrection of Our Lives, you are a Soul that has been resurrected into a new world. There is no memory of your past life or existence, things you enjoyed or what you looked like. Your Soul is based off the idea of the current, modern you however no longer matters as you are now to create a new form and way of living in this odd world. You have the freedom to create anything you wish with no limitations other than the power of your mind. Will humans exist once again or will this new world be filled with species of all kinds? Can this world exist in peace or will you bring it to chaos with your devious plans?

Each player is set up in a small part of this "New World" to begin building, creating and exploring. It is up to each individual player to work together or separately to develop this world from lifestyles to governments, and from species to relationships within another.

Key Points:

- Each player has the freedom to design and create their own species using a Species Sheet and Character Sheet of their own. As long as the species is well developed and contain enough information for the other players to understand, there is no such thing as too much or too little. Each New Species needs to be approved by a GM before using.

- Character hold no levels, however civilizations do. If you have successfully created a civilization, you will start at Level 1 and go to a Max of 5. Each level describes the progress of your civilization and how well it has developed.

- Everything is in the power of the Players Imagination.

*This is not a legitimate SS/CS, please add proper detail when doing yours.


Species Identification: Shòu Rozkwit
Other Names: Beast Flower

Brief Description: From a glance, an innocent flower. But in reality it is a seductive beast. Hold no civilization and are rather seen to be stray from their own.

General Appearance: ---

Notable Details:
- Coloring is a pastel lilac or a vibrant red.
- Pointed Fangs on Petals.
- etc

Average Life Span: 10-15 Years

Average Size: 3'0"

Strengths: ----
Weaknesses: ----
Traits: ---
Shared Skills: ---

Playable to Other Players: Yes/No

Then you may proceed to making your CS based on this SS. However I will be looking for actual details in your SS.
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I'd just like to say, that was a stunningly beautiful and slightly chilling description, and you are very talented.
Second, I also like the idea. Sign me up!


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