Restoring Faith in Humanity

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    Sometimes, it can be hard to look at the state of the world and all the bad things that happen every day. However, there are still good people out there, who are doing good things for the sake of being kind. And I think that this is something worth remembering.

    Here's a little compilation to that effect.

    Do any of you have a story about an experience like one of these that made you feel a little better about the world? If so, please share with us!

    Also, yes. 8D I was surprised and pleased and heart warmed by how many people donated their time and money to help me move my brother out of Georgia to come live with me and Gibs. It was an amazing thing that helped changed our lives, and it's something we'll never forget.
  3. Aw. That article was really cute. ; - :
    This week, I read a local article about a man who was going to a job interview and waiting at a train station. A woman turned away from her stroller for a moment and it rolled onto the train tracks. The man jumped onto the tracks just as the train slammed on it's breaks. The train was able to stop just a few feet away from him. He rescued the woman's baby, but consequently missed his interview. When he was interviewed by the local news, he said he wasn't a hero. That any one else who was there would have done the same as him.
    The next day he had another interview and got the job as a custodian at a private school. His hourly wage was $9.50.
  4. I cried about the old lady and the tip. That one really touched my heart!

    People are generally good, they just get lost in their life pursuits and develop a kind of social ignorance, where they don't see the plights of other people. Most of the time, the news will rarely cover suffering children in Africa or homeless families in New York City, but when it does, or when people come across tragedies, they feel compelled to do something.

    And that is really, in my opinion, at the very bottom of our hearts, the quiet voice that reminds us to care for one another, because we are all, in the end, the same human being~~
  5. The old guys volunteering to repair the Fukushima reactor reminded me of
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    Spock sacrificing himself at the end of Star Trek 2

    No idea why. ._.
  6. ;_;

    Oh my gosh....why do you always post things that make me cry? x(

    I loved the one with the Church members apologizing, the one man who hugged them seemed so happy about this.

    The one about the Japanese elders broke my heart, I love old Japanese people! ;_;

    The grocery store one was the CUTEST heart-warming thing to ever enter my mind (even more so that kittens! D:)

    The elderly lady one made me tear up ;_; I've had one lady who has sadly passed away now say something similar to me when I was working at the Chinese restaurant as a waitress, I cried that night ;_;

    You know what? I loved ALL OF THEM. >:'(

    I'm so flabbergasted that I can't even think of a moment that made me love the world x'(
  7. I restore faith in humanity.

    That's why I spent the last 6 years and got $260 grand in debt to get an MD at the end of my name.
  8. Wow. That was amazing that those two men risked there lives to save that animal.

    I've never actually seen anyone stop to help an animal.

    But, seeing this article, I see that there are caring people who care about the well-being of others.

    Well, I don't think this matches up but:

    There was a time when I went to the store with my grandparents and they went to a separate store.

    There was a lady carrying some groceries to her car, but was having trouble holding the bags.

    I walked over to her and offered my assistance and helped her out.

    She thanked me for the help and ended up giving me a few dollars as a thank you.

    I told her that it was okay, but she insisted that I keep it. Eventually she talked me into taking it. I wasn't expecting anything at all.

    It just felt really good to help her out and that was enough satisfactory for me to help her and it made me feel really good.
  9. That certainly helped to restore some of my faith in humanity. Now I feel like there are people who are not acting out of their self-interest, but are willing to help others even if they have nothing to gain. Sure, it might be only a faint hope, but at least it is hope. And as long as there is hope...