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  1. So thank you for checking out my request thread dear stranger, now since i have nothing else to say i will get to the important bits.


    1, Typical roleplay rules such as to godmodding, mary sues/gary stu's etc you should know this already.

    2, I expect you to be able to play both male and female seriously too many of you play females only heck i prefer playing females too (being a female and all) but i can still play a male character not as fluidly as a female one but practice makes perfect.

    3, I like romance so there will be romance in roleplay's but wont be centered around it, i also dislike "love at first sight" i want relationships to slowly form and have some flaws.

    4, At least have basic grammar if you haven't noticed my grammar isn't very good so you don't have to be perfect just make sure i don't have to spend 10 minutes re reading your post because i couldn't understand it.

    5, I don't really care how much you post but i'd appriciate it if you post more than once in a day but this is not a requirement i can understand we all have have lives.

    6, I don't really play canon characters but if you so wish to play a canon character of a fandom rp go ahead.

    7, Oh nearly forgot this but no one liners

    Now on to the next part.

    ♥ = Craving
    * = has a plot for the Rp
    ? = Unsure about this one but sure we can do it if you want.


    Assassin's Creed - ♥*
    Sonic The Hedgehog - ?
    The Lion King
    My Little Pony - ?
    The Hunchback Of Notre Dame - ?
    The Elder Scolls - ♥

    Not really specific pairings or plots but i'd like to do them.

    Modern Fantasy
    Horror (never tried this but worth the try)
    Grimdark (one of my favorite genres honestly).

  2. Still needing people.
  3. Hey, I would be interested in a Role Play in the Grimdark genre... In fact I've been looking to start one.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.