[Resolved] First post of roleplays gone??

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  1. Uhm. I fear I may have missed the memo indicating that the first post of the roleplays would be deleted? And replaced with a star?

    This is really upsetting considering the massive amount of useful information I, as a GM, store in my original post :(

    Is there anyway to get that information back? I'm seriously so upset that all that is gone. It's going to take me weeks to gather all the information and rewrite all the character sheets all over again.
  2. If you look at your RP, you will see a tab called "overview" The first post of your RP was put there. Just copy the information back or leave it as is. But the information isn't gone!
  3. No posts have been deleted, when we moved over the roleplays to the new system, the first post got put into the overview tab. You can copy it and past it back into the first post again (copy it when in editing mode as coding information will be lost otherwise.), and then you can edit the overview tab to your liking or leave it as it is.
  4. Oh sweet arceus!
    Lol thank you so much. I had a BIT of a freak out there. I guess I should have known that you all wouldn't delete our info in such a way.

    Thank you for the quick and useful responses!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.